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When Emily goes to an MCR concert, it ends unexpectedly after she gets kidnapped by the band. After they drop her off she sneaks onto their tour bus, how will this ordeal end for her?

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A/N: Thank you all for the input on how to approach this story, this is the last personalized story I'll be doing for a while. I hope you like this Gerardsvictim22 if you ever see it!

Lol this is totally random, but the description of your hair in your application thingy is the exact same as atomickilljoy’s. The description matches word for word.

Just a funny observation I thought you should know.


Emily was having the time of her life at a My Chemical Romance concert despite the fact that her best friend had backed out last minute, leaving her to go alone. Thankfully she was next to a nice group of teens, she herself was only twenty-one. They chatted animatedly throughout the concert.

Halfway through she had to use the bathroom. When Emily came back she heard from the people next to her that My Chemical Romance announced that they were signing things behind the venue at the end of the gig.

Since they were Emily’s favorite band she freaked out. There was no way she was missing this once in a lifetime chance. As she enjoyed the rest of the gig, she anxiously anticipated the ending.

The second their encore song was over, she bolted out of the arena and out into the darkness of the night. She walked to the back to try and get a good spot in the line, knowing it would be huge. Emily was surprised to find that no one was there. It was just a dark alleyway. There was no line, no bodyguards, and no band.

Emily was very suspicious and decided to get out of there as quickly as possible. As she turned to leave, disappointed in the fact that the kids had tricked her, a hand suddenly clamped down on her mouth and the reek of chemicals invaded her senses as she inhaled. Emily tried to scream but was dragged away further down the alley. She saw the silhouette of a van before she blacked out.


When Emily regained her senses, it was pitch black. She had a blind fold on. As she tried to move she found she was unable to do so. Her arms were tied behind her back and her legs bound together at the ankles. She could feel a hard metal floor beneath her. From the sounds she could tell they were still driving. At least they had left her in an upright position.

“Who are you?” she asked tentatively, fearing they’d duct tape her mouth sooner or later.

“No one special,” a cheeky voice responded back to her. She swore it was familiar, she just couldn’t place it.

“Oh shut up Gee, I think she deserves to know where she is.” A voice somewhere up front said.

‘Gee?’ she thought. Then it hit her. “OH MY GOD YOU’RE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!”

“Maybe…” a third voice said from somewhere beside her.

“So, what did you kidnap me for?” Emily asked excitedly. She couldn’t believe her favorite band had decided to kidnap her. She felt so special they choose her.

“For some serious business,” a fourth voice said from the front of the vehicle with a laugh.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe this is happening!” Emily said in sheer excitement. “I love you guys, I’ve followed you since Bullets, I’ve been to every one of your shows in my area! I even got Mikey’s autograph at a Black Parade concert!”

Since she had the blind fold on, she couldn’t see the band’s expressions. They looked around at each other and Frank cocked an eyebrow from the passenger’s seat up front.

“So, what’s your name?” The voice she assumed to be Gerard asked.

“Shouldn’t you know, you are my kidnappers after all.” Emily said teasingly.

Gerard frowned. “Actually, no. We don’t. We just kind of picked you up off the streets at random. Well, we did have some inside help with getting you into the alleyway.”

Emily suddenly had a flashback, the kids standing next to her at the concert. While she went to the bathroom they had to have conspired against her. “My name’s Emily,” she said in a crestfallen tone.

“Nice to meet you Emily!” A voice she assumed to be Mikey said. “We’re going to untie you now. Don’t try to run away.” He said jokingly.

“Yeah…we’re in a moving vehicle going at speeds of sixty to seventy miles per hour. If you jumped out, or attempted to jump out, your chances of survival are fairly low.” The last voice, Ray she assumed, said in a matter-of-face tone.

“OH, I wouldn’t DREAM of leaving you!” Emily said. “I love you guys! Can I just hang with you from now on?” she asked as Mikey cut her bonds away and removed her blindfold.

“Erm….yeah…not really, sorry…” Frank said, “We have to get back and get to our next state. We just had some time to kill.”

Emily was disheartened. “But you guys are my idols!”

The guys awkwardly looked away.

“I told you this wasn’t a good idea!” Ray said from the driver’s seat as he slapped Frank upside the head. Frank in return, slapped Ray back. “Ow! What was that for!”

“For slapping me,” Frank said defiantly.

“Well you deserved that one!” Ray said irritably.

Gerard lurched forward and took control of the wheel as Ray and Frank started an all-out brawl. As they swerved into the opposite lane a few car horns honked and headlights blinded them. Gerard regained control with a screech of the tires and Mikey broke Ray and Frank apart. Emily just laughed in the back of the van.

“Yeah…” Gerard said awkwardly, “We’re just gonna loop back around and take you back to the venue.”

Emily frowned. She didn’t want this to be over with. For the twenty minute ride back to the venue she just talked the whole time. About herself and how much she loved them, all the merchandise she had from them, the concert tickets, her friends who liked them, etc.

By the time they finally reached the venue, the band was a bit tired of her talking, but they just grinned and bore it.

“Well, Ms. Emily, this is your stop.” Frank said as he opened the back door of the van. She got out excitedly and hugged each member of the band in turn.

“We’re gonna go drop the van off. It was nice seeing you!” Gerard said with a small wave as he got in the driver’s seat.

“Likewise!” Emily said cheerfully. She stood and waited until the van was out of sight, and then sprinted for the back of the venue. She knew their tour bus had to be there somewhere.

When she spotted it she looked in the window discretely. The driver was missing, probably using the bathroom.

She pulled hairpin out of her pocket and picked the lock on the tour bus door. She snuck in and re-locked it from the inside. Emily frantically looked around, searching for a place to hide. She just opted for one of the bunks. She went for the one on the bottom. There were more bunks than they needed, so she took one of the empty looking ones.

Once she was comfortable, she waited. After around twenty minutes the driver got in the bus followed by the band. They were chatting and laughing about something. Once they all got settled in she felt the bus start to move. She was going on tour with them!

After about an hour or so of driving Emily found she really had to go to the bathroom. She couldn’t hide forever so she decided to come out. As she walked towards the front Mikey was the first to spot her. He let out a high pitched scream and jumped a foot in the air, surprised.

“Why are you here!” he shouted, “How did you get in?!” he added with disbelief.

“I…uh…I picked the lock to your tour bus and have been hiding in a spare bunk for the past hour or so.” Emily said in a shy tone.

Gerard just stared at her. He called to the driver and gave him directions. “Look,” he said turning back to her, “there’s a Wallmart right up the street. Do you have a phone on you?” She nodded, “Good,” he said, “because we don’t have time to take you all the way back. We’re going to drop you off in the parking lot, you can call someone to pick you up, right?”

She nodded, “Yeah my friend actually lives up this way. I’ll just crash with her tonight.”

“That’s good,” Frank said as they pulled into the parking lot.

“Well. It’s been fun! Thanks for kidnapping me!” Emily said happily, “This was the best night of my life!”

The guys looked at each other with odd looks on their faces, “Yeah…” Ray said, “it was…really something.”

As the driver opened the door for her, Emily hugged each of them one last time. They gave her encouraging waves and smiles, and then she departed. When she left the guys just laughed in disbelief.

“This has been one crazy night.” Mikey said as he sat down and whipped his phone out.

“Definitely tweet worthy,” Frank said jokingly to Ray.

Meanwhile, Emily was in the parking lot of Wallmart. She had finished calling her friend and was sitting on the curb. There was a piece of fabric in her hands she couldn’t stop looking at. She didn’t really want to steal it, but she thought she should have something to remember this night by.


-My Chemical Romance concert, one day later-

Hey guys,” Gerard said anxiously to his band mates as they were getting ready for their gig, “where’d my concert shirt go?” he asked as he frantically searched the tour bus.
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