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Because why not? :)

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Hello :)

Okay, so now that I have a lot of free time on my hands I decided to write personalized one-shots (I can do a few more chapters if you want me to though)! I will do any genre from horror to fluff but- I'm sorry to say- I won't do smut. I'm awful at it and it really isn't my style :/. But I will write fluffy Frerard or Frikey or whatever :). I will do any of the following bands:

- My Chemical Romance
- Green Day
- All Time Low
- Black Veil Brides

(etc, etc)

I will also do crossovers to combine a few bands :) I will also do Killjoy stories too!

So, here is the form! :)


Killjoy name (if you want a Killjoy one-shot):


Your character's looks and personality:

Your character's dislikes and likes:

Band(s) you want:

Genre of one-shot you would like:


Pairings (optional):

I will get round to doing ALL of those that audition so don't worry about not having yours chosen! :)

- Sara xoxo
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