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Someone stop my heartbeat. (Song poem thing. R &R?)

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Stomach's churning with all these
Endless possibilities
Someone stop my somber heartbeat
Drown in the greying blue sea
Incinerate my restless soul
In a bed of dying flames
Eat my flesh with the
Ferocity of a cannibal carnival.

Paint another grotesque image on
Your war canvas
Blood split so many times
Like there's no tomorrow
Reality, acceptance and life are a street away
But I've chosen fear, horror and solitude,
Death being my curtain call.

A/N: This was MASSIVELY inspired by CosmicZombie. If you're reading this:

Lucy, the way you put words together has never failed to amaze me. You're one of my biggest writing idols- up there with J.K Rowling and all the rest. Your work is just breathtaking. Every lyric, every story, everything. Your writing- your writing means something to me. It inspires me- it makes me want to work harder, to be able to write like you. This is extremely sappy, but it's 2 in the morning and I'm naturally sappy.

So yeah. Have fun doing whatever you do with this.
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