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Chapter Seven - F**k

by xXEmoEeyoreXx

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My fingers sought out his messy dark hair as his hot tongue explored my mouth. A feeling that I was making a grave mistake overwhelmed me and I pulled back, breathless. What the hell was I doing? His moist lips found my neck and he began to suck and lick. The smell of his hair was intoxicating and I knew that my self control was withering again. Did I want this? Well that’s a stupid question, of course I wanted this; my body was purring in satisfaction.

“Aidan” I drew out, moaning when I felt his crotch grind against mine. Without thinking, I lifted my hips and wrapped my legs around his waist, pushing my chest against his.

“Shhh, be quiet Juliette. Everyone else is sleeping, love.” For some reason, when he said that, everything snapped back into place. In one quick movement, I shoved Aidan to the side and leapt from the bed.

The look he gave me was one of complete bewilderment; I doubt he’d ever really been rejected before.

“What the fuck, Juliette?” He demanded quietly. His hand reached for his jeans as he tried to rearrange himself, not too discreetly might I add.

“No, don’t even give me that. You know damn well why I am actually here! I’m not sleeping with you.” One of his eyebrows raised and he slowly sat up.

I stood about eight feet from the bed with my arms crossed over my chest, shoulders defiantly straight.

He took several careful steps towards me until he was so close he had to bend his head down to look me in the eyes. His height was astounding. He quietly reached for my hair, twirling a ringlet between his fingers, a look of deep thought on his handsome face.

He took a deep breath before opening his mouth. “I like the hair, it suits you.” I glanced down at his hand which was still caressing a lock of my new auburn red hair.

His soft tone took me by surprise. Since he was being civil I decided I would be as well.

“What happened the other night?” I asked gently but his eyes immediately hardened and his hand left my hair like it was on fire.

“Get out.” My jaw dropped but I stood my ground.

“No.” He narrowed his eyes but still didn’t touch me. I was curious to see how far I could go before he forcibly made me leave.

“Don’t fucking push it and get out of my goddamn room!” He seethed, turning and walking towards the door.

“Not until you tell me what the fuck you were thinking! How dare you just take advantage of me like that?!” I yelled at him.

He laughed and approached me again, this time backing me into a wall. He held his face close to mine with a cruel smile adorning his features.

“I didn’t hear a fucking protest. You wanted it and that’s why you’re pissed.” He quickly unzipped my jeans and forced his hand down beneath my panties. I gasped as his palm caressed my mound while one finger stroked my slit. His free arm was placed across my chest, pinning me to the wall. In an instant, my body was alight with desire once more. I cursed aloud as my hips bucked on their own volition.

“You’re already so wet, you want this. You want me.” He taunted, pinching my clit. My head began to swim but somehow I managed to push on his shoulders.

“N-no, Aidan-“ I gasped as he plunged two fingers inside of my core, effectively making me cream even more. My body betrayed me as my pelvis began to grind against his hand.

“Tell me you don’t want this and I’ll stop. I’ll stop and I’ll never touch you again.” I don’t know what clicked, maybe the prospect of never feeling this again, but as soon as he uttered those words, I smashed my lips against his.

He groaned in my mouth and added another finger while I sucked on his tongue. I could feel a slow trickle of juices on my thighs and decided it was time to take control. With all my strength, I shoved Aidan off of me and as soon as we were separated, ripped my tank top off. My shorts followed along with my thin panties a moment later.

Aidan watched intently and caught me easily when I jumped into his arms, my now bare crotch rubbing against the thin material of his sweats, right over his ever growing bulge.

I leaned my head back as his mouth found my neck, his teeth nipping at the skin playfully while his hands rested on my ass. My back hit the mattress softly and my fingers shot for his pants, pushing them down as far as I could before he tossed them aside.

I watched closely as he leaned back to look at my body. My eyes fell victim to his arresting muscles and I stared, completely unashamed. My mouth began to water as my eyes slid from his midsection to his erect cock. I imagined how it would feel in my mouth, what it would taste like. I wanted to run my teeth over the veins that were bulging and tease him until he came.

Lost in fantasy, I cried out when he dipped his mouth down onto one of my aching nipples, sucking harshly as his fingers played lightly with my wet folds. My back arched up into him as my fingers gripped his soft hair. With each tug at my breast, my hands responded similarly in his hair.

My core began to clench tightly at the feeling of his hard member rubbing against my thigh. He was so close, but not close enough. His fingers were at my entrance but he just kept teasing me, pushing one in to the first knuckle and pulling it out again. Heat flooded me as he suddenly took hold of my hips, kissed my lips roughly, and lined himself up at my entrance.

He looked me square in the eyes, nibbling on my bottom lip as he slid into me. My eyes rolled back into my skull and I moaned at the intrusion, wrapping my legs around his waist and lifting my hips to pull him in deeper. He moved his hands to either side of my head and buried his face in my neck as he began a slow, steady rhythm.

I grabbed his face and brought it to mine, interlacing our tongues while he filled me. I could tell his pace was too slow for him and I felt the same way.

“Faster, Aidan!” I moaned out and he willingly obliged. Our breathing began getting heavier and heavier as he pounded into me, stretching me and making me cry out in immense pleasure.

My finger nails dug into his shoulders as a familiar feeling filled my body. He cursed, covering my mouth as I screamed his name, cumming violently around him. My frame shook and twisted as I rode out my orgasm. Aidan’s eyes were squeezed shut and he was gasping for air as he shot off inside of me several times, cursing quietly the entire time, his hand still over my mouth. I couldn’t help it though; I’d always been loud when it came to sex.

He pulled out and collapsed beside me, completely out of breath. I smiled and closed my eyes, my body still humming happily. After a few moments of dead silence, I eased off of the bed and headed for the bathroom to clean up. I looked back to see him flopped lazily over the mattress, his arm over his face.

I flicked on the light and glanced in the mirror. My eyes were immediately drawn to my legs. I stared at the thick liquid that was oozing out of my core from walking. It took several minutes before my eyes widened in horror and I realized why I was oozing. We hadn’t used a condom. Fuck.
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