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Chapter Six - Muffled Answers

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“You are such a whore, Juliette.” I smiled as I listened to Jayden tease me. I had just told him about what had happened with Aidan and his first response is an insult. Typical Jayden.

“I learned from the best, Jay!” I countered, hearing him laugh.

“I don’t know why you are even thinking about being concerned or worried. I saw the picture you sent me, nice job by the way, and if he had jumped me… I’d still have him tied to the bed.” I snorted at this; yet again, typical.

“Yes, well, I’m not an opportunistic pig like you.”

“Juliette!” He gasped. “How dare you call me such a vile term!” I couldn’t help but laugh as I began to twirl my hair through my fingers, examining the dead ends.

“I miss you, Jay. You’ll have to come out here and visit!” I heard a loud noise in the background and what sounded like Jay dropping the phone.

“Jay? You there?” I asked, rolling my eyes.

“Yeah, yeah, sorry. I miss you too, obviously. Look, I have to go, Ross just got here and he’s umm… he’s-” My eyes widened as I realized hat he was saying.

“Gross, Jay. I don’t want to be on the phone with you while you have your dick down his throat. Go have fun, I love you!” I ended the call before he could reply and ran my fingers through my hair. I really was getting tired of the dull brown, dying it was always a possibility. Deciding to go to town and get some dye, I grabbed my cell phone, ID, and some cash and walked down the stairs.

Drew, Aidan, and Brock were talking quietly near the front door. It was like they were sharing secrets and it sort of pissed me off. But in the end, this wasn’t my house and their conversations were none of my business.

“I’m going into town for a bit, I’ll be back soon.” I called over, reaching for the doorknob.

“I’ll take you, I have to go anyways.” A throaty voice said from behind me, making my stomach knot and heat shoot straight to my core.

“I don’t need a ride, thanks thought.” I said, brushing him off and opening the door. I didn’t make it far unfortunately, barely through the threshold before his arm looped around my waist and pulled me into his hard body.

“Stop being so goddamn difficult and take the fucking ride, Juliette.” I closed my eyes, momentarily enjoying the feeling his commands brought upon my pathetic body. Snapping out of it, I spun on him.

“Fine, just get your hands off of me!” I hissed, walking towards his bike. He chuckled humorlessly and grabbed my hips, stopping me immediately. One of his hands wound through my hair and pulled my head back. I gasped as his lips pressed to the soft skin just beneath my jaw. He opened his mouth but didn’t do another thing, obviously knowing what his hot breath did to my flesh.

“I don’t think you really want that, little one.” He whispered before letting me go and straddling the bike. I glared at him and wrenched the helmet out of his hands, putting it on before getting on behind him.

The ride to the general store was uneventful but that’s probably a good thing. When we got there, I tossed the helmet at him and stalked off into the store, heading straight for the hair dye. I scanned the shelf for several minutes before finding the one I wanted.

Smiling, I quickly grabbed the box and made my way towards the checkout counter. The small, elderly lady at the register shook her head at me disapprovingly.

“This won’t look good on you, you know. You should really just leave your hair alone.” She reprimanded. Already in a bad mood, I didn’t bite my tongue.

“And you should really just mind your own damn business.” I deadpanned. She gasped and muttered something about ‘young women these days’. Tossing her the money, I took the box and left.

I walked into the parking lot to find Aidan sitting on his bike, shoving something into his inside jacket pocket. Without a single word, he handed me the helmet and once I was on, he drove off towards the house.

We both entered the house silently, walking in different directions. I walked into my bedroom, grabbing an old shirt before going to the bathroom.

As I dyed my hair, I thought about Aidan and his odd… quirks. I couldn’t believe I still hadn’t talked to him about the other night. What was stopping me?

The possibility of it not ever happening again. A voice in my head told me. I scoffed, no; it was the possibility of losing the roof he provided. I couldn’t care less if he never touched me again.

I plugged in the hairdryer and decided to talk to Aidan as soon as I was done.


Deep breath. Just take a deep breath, Juliette. I was standing in front of Aidan’s bedroom door, building up the courage to knock. It had taken me several hours to finally approach his door. Scolding myself for being such a child, I brought my fist up and pounded it against the door loudly. I held my breath, waiting… waiting for nothing apparently.

Growing frustrated, I knocked again, louder. I knew he was in there; I had been up for hours waiting for him to come out.

“Aidan! Open the damn door!” I yelled not caring how late it was or if he was sleeping. It had been three days since his dominant little show in my room and I wanted answers.

Just as I was about to knock again, the door swung open revealing Aidan in low slung sweatpants and sleepy eyes.

He glared at me, “What the fuck do you want?” He snapped venomously. His eyes softened a bit as he looked me over, but I was too wrapped up in my anger to notice lust overtake his features.

“What the fuck do I want? You’re kidding me! I want to know what the fuck you were thinking attacking me in my room the other day! God, you are such a fucking asshole!” I whisper yelled so that none of the other guys heard.

He ran one hand over his face, sighing heavily before pulling me into his room and slamming the door closed behind me.

“What are you doing? I want some answers dammit!” I snapped, turning to look him in the eyes. His eyes were closed and he was pinching the bridge of his nose.

“If you know what’s good for you, you will go put some fucking clothes on.” His voice was rough and strained. I glanced down, looking at my shorts and camisole. While it didn’t cover everything, I didn’t think it was slutty or anything.

I glared at him defiantly, “No, stop trying to change the subject and answer my fucking questions.”

His eyes snapped open and he stalked towards me slowly. The look in his eyes, the look of nearly animalistic lust, made my body quiver and my core dampen.

“Aidan, stop. Stop and talk to me so that-“ I was cut off as he grasped my waist and literally tossed me onto his bed. Before I could even comprehend what had happened, his strong body loomed over mine and his mouth was at my ear.

“You’re a dirty little cock tease, you know that?” Slowly, painfully, he began to grind his covered bulge into my core, wetting it further. My breathing hitched and all rational thought escaped me as I attached our mouths, kissing him passionately.
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