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Chapter 23

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Recap: After mourning Genkai in their own ways, the fight between Team Toguro and Team Urameshi started. Kurama defeated Karasu.

“The winner by total gross out is Kurama!” Koto announced. The girls danced in the stands and Kurama kneeled, apologizing to Yusuke, confusing the team leader.

“And the announcement says the official winner of match one is Karasu!” Juri corrected.

“What?!” Yusuke mirrored everyone’s thoughts as he approached Juri. “I got a bone to pick with you! How does a dead guy win?!”

“I’d like you to remove your hand.” Juri replied to his physically aggressive gesture.

“Yeah, well, I’d like you to remove your head from your ass, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon!”

“He lost because he stayed down for a ten count, you jerk!” She smacked his hand away angrily.

“Are you kidding me?” Botan yelled.

Fury gripped the team heavily.

“Two more to go! Two more to go!” The crowd chanted in response to Team Toguro’s win.

Yusuke stilled his rage and helped Kurama up and out of the ring.

“Shut up, that’s not even that clever!” Kuwabara yelled to the stands surrounding them.

Banter exchanged between the elder Toguro and Kuwabara before he threatened them. “When I get my wish, I’ll make sure each of your friends dies.”

Shizuru beat the demon in front of her down angrily and each girl followed suit.

“Like your species is just so awesome, scaly!”

“Your horns have been our way this whole time!”

The elder Toguro stepped into the ring, but was intercepted by Bui. He lumbered into the arena, steps cracking the ground. Hiei fazed seamlessly to appear across from him. They stood at noticeably different heights, but it was no reason to under or overestimate either warrior. Bui formed a giant axe from thin air.

“How’d he do that?!” Botan questioned, alarmed.

Hiei threw his cloak off, preparing for the battle. Bui leapt into the air easily and attempted to hit Hiei. It was only that, an attempt, as Hiei easily flit away. Bui began flailing pieces of the ring around with his axe as it stuck into the sections; they landed everywhere, destroying rows as they collided. Hiei’s Jagan opened menacingly and he prepared his fist of the mortal flame. First, he broke the axe with it and then he caught the axe and made it completely disappear when it was redrawn.

Bui began to remove his armor, each piece denting the ground significantly. He removed his mask lastly to reveal a human looking face with a purple scar between his eyes. He rose with his green power unleashed from its previous armored prison.

The two exchanged blows back and forth, often cancelling the other out or dodging successfully, until Hiei made one of Bui’s moves backfire into him. It pounded him into the ground, cratering it easily, but Bui stood, relatively unharmed. Hiei began to unwind the wrappings from his arm. Both Komeko and Shizuru got goosebumps from the power both fighter was emitting and were prepared to run if need be.

Hiei openly admitted to his dragon being relentless. Tendrils of its power weaved into the stadium and Shizuru began to feel very cold. Komeko sat rigid and unmoving, but felt the power washing over her heavily, nearly suffocating. Much like last time that Hiei unleashed the dragon, gleaming black lightning erupted from all around the island. The dragon rose menacingly.

This time, the power was far more focused. It felt like Hiei had control. It engulfed Bui and his screams were audible. The blood red coated dragon pushed his green energy around the ring violently. Sections of the audience crashed down and mashed into other areas. Nearly half the arena was demolished when Bui actually stopped the dragon.

“I hope you don’t think that dragon is completed!”

Hiei laced more of his energy along the dragon, which began to move around as it had before, easily pushing Bui’s heavy form. Komeko stood with the girls as the dragon circled past them, avoiding them clearly in a demonstration of the expertise Hiei still maintained. The dragon burst from the stadium walls and continued its assault on Bui, whose mind was elsewhere. Surprisingly, green demonic energy turned the dragon from its target and it enveloped Hiei.

“Did it just eat Hiei?” Kuwabara questioned.

“A victory.” Bui laughed.

He landed back in the ring and cackled. Komeko growled at the supposed win, but perked up when the clear scent of burning ash filled her nose. An explosion of light produced Hiei behind Bui. He was back.

“This brings up my next attack. It’s a little different.” Hiei glowed with the dragon’s energy.

“What a bad ass.” Yusuke commented.

“Something gigantic is still here. I can’t explain it, but I feel it.” Shizuru said.

The mark from Hiei’s arm was gone and most of them noticed it.

“Only I have had the ability to understand its dark potential, because now I am the dragon.”

The blows Bui landed did not even register for Hiei and he froze at the reflection of the dragon in Hiei’s Jagan. He moved fluidly to beat Hiei, throwing him around like a ragdoll; nothing fazed Hiei in the slightest. Bui turned manic as Hiei defeated him with a few crippling blows. Hiei won on the count of ten, tying the teams.

Hiei began to shake unsteadily and announced that he would need a good amount of hibernation to recover. He fainted and snored slightly while the boys chuckled at his threat to kill them if they didn’t beat the Toguro brothers.

Since the current stadium, especially the ring, was predominantly destroyed, the match was called to pause until it could be fixed.

Komeko kicked her feet up and rested them on the wall in front of her for a short breather. Her black high-rise shorts and waist-tie light blue denim half-shirt clung to her skin in a comfortable manner. She sighed as her free blowing hair drifted around with the breeze from the now open stadium. Her stomach rumbled softly, but she chose to ignore it while she could just relax her previously tensed muscles. Fighting in the dark tournament was relentlessly taxing, obviously, but watching people you cared for was almost just as much so.

She reflected briefly about when her feelings came to be so intense for the group. She was brought in to protect their loved ones and help them out when she was needed, but the near week they had spent together here had made her realize a few things. She cared quite deeply for the girls she helped protect and admired their resolve to stick by their friends. She had also developed even more respect for Team Urameshi as fighters. Her last realization was a bit more mind boggling to her. She knew she had developed feelings for one of them and it was getting stronger the more she was around him.

A sigh floated past her soft lips and Botan’s shadow cascaded over her form. She looked up quizzically at the deity.

The girls entered the room with the rest of the team members. Shizuru backed her brother up to the wall and held him there.

“Alright, baby bro, what are you going to do when you fight this Toguro freak?”

“Back off, sis. I’m just a little nervous, that’s all.”

Yukina’s presence helped renew Kuwabara’s confidence. They were interrupted by a loud reverberating stomping sound as it filled the room and everyone rushed outside.

“Holy hell.” Yusuke said, astonished.

“What is he doing?” Botan questioned.

They watched the younger Toguro carry the ring from the old stadium to the new one step by step. Six hours later, the match was set to begin.

Juri stood in the middle of the ring, ready to cater to the audience. Hiei was awake now and his attitude was much the same as before. Shizuru worried in the stands, cigarette lit and smoking.

“In case I don’t live, take care of my cat.” Kuwabara mentioned as he stepped into the ring.

Yukina was equally as worried as the battle began. Kuwabara used the hilt that Suzuka gave him to form his spirit sword. The power boomed forth beautifully, sparking enthusiastically. The floor beneath them cracked subtly and Kuwabara’s sword struck purchase into the elder Toguro like butter. However, the demon just melded back together easily after pinning Kuwabara with his malleable body and drawing his decoy back.

“I can move my vital organs wherever I please.” He announced.

This was what made Komeko’s attack useless. He would have just moved his brain or anything in the way when it happened. Instead of dodging externally, he moved things around internally and took the pain he received as consequence. She narrowed her eyes at the demon and put all her hope into Kuwabara. The elder Toguro deserved to die just like Karasu did.

“Genkai is dead. She has been for two days.”

Komeko stilled. Botan wept quietly. The shoulder monkey’s fingers pierced Kuwabara’s chest, but withdrew to form a mocking puppet story to explain what happened to Genkai.

“Is it true, Botan?” Keiko questioned.

Kuwabara’s rage filled him and fuelled him steadily. “I’m gonna kill you. You better know that.”

The elder Toguro made his move and shot his hand at Kuwabara. He blocked the advance with his spirit energy and shredded the demon with a newly formed attack. It seemed like he had thrown spirit daggers instead of a sword. Blood pooled around his torn body, but he began to reassemble when Juri hit eight.

Pool gone, he stood, captivating everyone in a terrible way.

“Slimy bastard.” Komeko mumbled. “He’s so ugly.”

He melded his body into different shapes continuously to show its dexterity and ability to relocate his organs. Kuwabara drew his sword from a distance as his opponent formed his own sword out of his arm. The power from the hilt grew and expanded into a more net like shape.

Fear crossed the demon’s face and he screamed with Kuwabara’s attack. “Spirit Flyswatter!”

The elder Toguro disappeared and the win was given to Team Urameshi. Kuwabara left the ring and he was beyond pissed as he struck Yusuke directly in the face. No one had told him about Genkai’s death and he was personally insulted about the whole issue. He thought that perhaps his team had laughed at his unknowing situation. He was corrected easily enough.

Yusuke explained his denial for the situation and apologized to Kuwabara for keeping Genkai’s death from him.

“Urameshi, win this.”


The tension was beyond tangible in the air as Yusuke and the younger Toguro approached the ring.
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