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Every Little Thing

by GealachGirl 2 reviews

This is a story about the bond between Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross, and how it evolves through the ups, downs, and disasters that start in high school and continue when they hit success. *Rydon*

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Hey! Here’s my new story, but you probably guessed that. I have a few things to explain about this story before I actually start posting it.

No this is not a high school story. Yes it starts in high school but that only lasts for five chapters. Here’s the thing, I’m taking the clichéd “in the life” story and putting my own spin on it. I’ll spare you the box/Rubix cube analogy.

You’ll notice that each chapter is a song title and I add the artist right after to show you that I don’t own the song. I didn’t write the chapter to the song. I planned the whole story out and chose a song that would go with each one. I picked the songs either based on the lyrics or the title or the subject. There are some that fit into the songs really, really well but that’s accidental if it looks/sounds like a song fic. I really tried not to do that. Another thing about the songs is that they kind of take on POV’s. They may be one person’s or they might be both. It’s either Ryan’s or Brendon’s. I’m going to make a playlist on YouTube for this story and I’ll update that right before I post the chapter so if you care, you can take a listen there (and I do recommend that you listen to the songs because I just think it makes it cooler but that’s my opinion.) I’ll also link the playlist at the beginning of the first chapter.

The songs and the poetry are not mine unless I say somewhere that they are. Trust me, they won’t be.

The timing for all of this worked out really well, too. It could be better, but it’s pretty good. Here’s the biggest reason why I’m doing this story now: School starts up again on Thursday and this year might be a bit of a handful so I won’t have as much time to write and I really hate making people wait for updates. I have most of this story written. I have about four and a half chapters left and I’ll hopefully finish those in good time. In order to make this story last for the school year I’m going to post two chapters a month. I’m also thinking about alternating it first and third week for one month then the second and fourth week for the next month then back. I’m not sure why, but I thought that this would make things interesting. I might forget, then people can yell at me. Let me know, too, if you don’t like that method and want it in a more regular pattern.

This is Rydon. Everything that I do that involves either of those two is going to be Rydon at some point because they’re meant for each other and only each other, in my head of course.

I will be working on other things while I post this story but not having them active takes some of the pressure off and I really don’t need any more pressure. So when I’m done with this, I’ll hopefully be able to have something new for you guys. Fingers crossed.

A note on the first four (maybe the fifth) chapters: I wrote them last year when I was still improving at my writing so they’re short and they aren’t really my best works. I tried to go back in and improve them since I wasn’t going to completely re-write them (too OCD) and I think that they’re better, not perfect, but better. Just bear with the story. Once it hits the sixth chapter it improves in my eyes.

So, yeah, keep your eyes out. I’m not exactly sure when I’ll post the first chapter, maybe next week. I’ll work it out. Thanks for reading and for sticking with this if you choose to do so! Also, thanks for the support for The Gilded World, in my opinion it’s my best work so far and I’m so psyched that the first chapter is green! Stay tuned.
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