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frank and gerard finally meet.

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oh my god guys im so so sorry for keeping you hanging like this, im not going to give you any lame excuses but im sorry okay. So you guys voted for gerard to keep the kiss from sarah and that is what we shall do c: by the way i havent spell checked it or anything so there could be punctuation/spelling mistakes..enjoy!
[*Frank's POV:

It was about 7:40..7:45 and I was already at school, what the hell, man? School doesn't start for another hour and Gerard's making me go in because he wants to talk. Oh great.

I lift the cigarette, that's carefully balanced between my two fingers, to my lips and take a drag, savoring the taste. As i exhale I can see two figures emerging from the fog, I instantly recognize them as Mikey and Gee and my stomach turns, anticipating today's talk.

I stub my cigarette out on the rusted gate and start to walk up to the two brothers and wow, Gerard's looking different. He's not dressed in his usual clothes that Sarah chose out for him. He's being who he was before he met her, oh my god, I've missed this Gerard and as he strolls up toward me I can't keep my eyes off him. The way his too tight skinny jeans cling to his legs are just too tempting, his Iron Maiden shirt which gently grips around his torso and his hair which has been left to it's own devices and is sticking up in all directions really finishes off this look hes got going on. And to finish it all off he's wearing his leather jacket. All I can think to do is stare and bite my lip as Mikes and Gee walk forward, a small smirk playing on Gerard's lips.

"Hey Frank" Gerard said with the smirk still on his lips.

"uhhh...hiya, whats with the whole.." I pointed to Gerard's whole outfit.

"He wants to impress you" Both me and Gerard looked toward Mikey as he smirked just like his brother did.

"Mikey..shut up"

"OW!" I looked down to Mikey's foot as he started rubbing furiously. "Jesus, Gerard, not too hard next time, yeah?"

"Mikey, go meet your girlfriend, Frank come with me please?" I nodded and turned around to walk into the school with Gerard next to me.

"OKAY GERARD, BUT NO FUCKING IN THE BATHROOM!" Gerard turned around and shot his younger brother a death glare.

"Sorry 'bout that, I don't really want to fuck you in the bathroom." A part of me was disappointed if I'm honest.

As I walked following Gerard the silence between us became more and more awkward, I could tell he wanted to tell me things just as I wanted to tell him things, and ask him things. Just as the silence became the most awkward silence I have ever endured, Gerard hooked his arms around my shoulders. I looked up at him confused but when I saw him smile I couldn't help but grin too, maybe this talk wasn't going to be as bad as I thought it would be.

We continued walking, we were definitely headed toward the bathroom now, the place where I had first showed Gerard my injuries. Gerard opened the door again like the did yesterday and I sat on the sinks again while he locked the door. He sauntered over and put both of him hands either sides of my thighs once more and looked down at his shoes. It took all my strength there and then not to push my hands into his hair and kiss him but I don't think that would be okay.

"Frank, I"

"Stop, just stop. I know what you're going to say. 'I have a girlfriend', blah blah blah, 'the kisses last night were just an act or something', I'm sorry but I don't regret them one bit, they were perfect and I wish I had more but I know you don't like me that way bu-"

My words were cut off by his lips, they came crashing down and I immediately started to relax and kiss back, almost twice as hard. My hands snaked around his neck and pulled him closer and his hands moved their way underneath my ass and before I knew it I was being pushed against the wall with Gerard holding me up by my ass, gently squeezing now and then. I wrapped my legs around his waist and I ran my tongue along his bottom lip, wanting access. He opened his mouth and both our tongues fought increasing the heat and passion in the kiss.

My hands made their way into his hair and started to run through Gerard's hair gently pulling at the soft strands. I unhooked my mouth from his and brought my lips down the his neck, and I gently started sucking and nipping at the flesh there, hoping to leave little marks. Gerard started moaning and the sound was magical. He started squeezing my ass again which made me moan onto his neck. My hands went to the front of his shirt and ducked my hands underneath feeling the warm skin that was there. My hands feeling all the muscles twitching with each of his movements.

I could feel Gerard's erection pressing into the side of my legs and it turned me on more. My hands left Gerard's chest alone and they went down to his massively tight but bulging pants and I started to palm him through his jeans, earning me the huskiest moan I have ever heard.

"You look so hot in these pants." I moaned as he started kissing me again but with more force than ever before.

Realization washed over me when I realized what we were doing and where.

"mmm, Gerard, Gerard."

I only received a moan in response.

"Gerard, Gee, look where we are."

He reluctantly opened his eyes and looked around.

"Ugh, Frankie, I don't care."

"I do, come on if you really want to do this we can do it at my house, mm, okay?"

"Fine but I can't wait look what you've done to me."

I bit my lip and looked down at his bulging pants and giggled, biting my lip.

"You're so cute when you giggle, Frankie"

He kissed me again and put my down on the floor, we walked over to the mirror and we both looked so messed up. Our hairs were all sticking up in different directions, my shirt had ridden up my body and both of our lips were swollen and red. Gerard had 3 hickeys on his neck, oops. And both of us were sporting raging boners.

"wow, Frankie, wow."

"I know how you feel, Gee."

I swear, we stood there for a good 15 minutes just getting over the shock that had just happened.

"I knew these jeans would be a good idea today." He said and smirked.

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