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Gerard, You Belong With Me

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Frank loves Gerard and Gerard loves Frank but Bert is cockblocking again Based on You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

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A/N: Little idea I had while watching Taylor Swift videos (judge me). I don’t own the idea, video or Frank, Gerard, Bert or Quinn and I certainly don’t hate them. Please R&R and enjoy :3
PS I apologise for the lyric references, I know they’re cheesy but come on!

“Oh come on Bert, it was just a joke!” I can here Gerard shouting through the open window. He rakes his long, pale fingers through his messy black hair exposing his annoyed face. His arm drops heavily to his side as he presses the ‘end call’ button on his phone and throws it on the bed, dropping down beside it facing the window. He rubs his face roughly with both hands before looking up at me and smiling weakly. I realise I have been staring and quickly look down. I see an old writing pad and pen lay on the floor, pick it up and start to write “Are you ok?”

I turn the pad around to show Gerard, a concerned look on my face. He bends backwards and reaches down the other side of his bed and also grabs a pad and pen and starts to write. He turns the pad around and rolls his eyes, making me giggle, I read the pad and see “Tired of drama” and boy does he get a lot of that.

He has been dating his boyfriend for a year now, the captain of the cheer squad, Bert McCracken. Bert new I loved Gerard but still decided to take him for himself. Not only that, he rubs it in my face. He’s not even good to Gerard, he takes advantage of him then throws him away and he always has a problem with something Gerard has said. He just doesn’t get his humour like I do.

I look back down at my pad and write “Sorry :(”, turn it around and shrug. I feel so sorry for Gerard sometimes, he deserves better, he belongs with me. He belongs with me… OF COURSE! I look back down to my pad and start writing again but when I look back up again, he has closed the curtains, I have lost my chance to finally tell him I love him. I sigh loudly and put my pad and pen on the bed beside me when Dig Up Her Bones by The Misfits starts blasting out of my iPod dock. This song is my JAM! I stand up and start dancing around, shouting the lyrics as loud as I can and don’t stop until it ends when I flop back down on my bed and see Gerard looking at me and laughing through a small gap in his curtains, he is smiling properly for the first time I have seen in a while, exposing his small coffee-stained teeth that just makes him even cuter. I smile apologetically before he closes his curtains again. I lay down on my bed dreaming of life where Gerard is mine and Bert has pissed off to Mexico. If only…

The next morning, I’m sitting at the bus stop outside my house reading when Gerard emerges from his house looking lost in his own little world. I look back down and concentrate on my book, my jet-black fringe falling back in my face and blocking my view. I sigh heavily then hear a chuckle next to me. I look up to the space beside me to see Gerard has occupied it. He is smiling softly and when I am fully looking up he reaches forward and slowly moves my hair out of my face. I look into his brown eyes and take in how sparkling and full of life they are. We start to talk about anything that comes to mind, it is so easy yet it is something I’ve never seen him do with Bert, they’ve either been silent or Bert is raping his mouth and almost on cue, Bert turns up in his shiny red convertible.

“Hey babe, get in” Bert shouts over. Gerard sighs and stands up. He turns back to me

“I’ll see you around Frank” He says but I can only wave back before Gerard turns back and gets in the car. He goes to kiss Bert’s cheek but Bert turns his head and holds the back of Gerard’s head almost to keep him there. Bert looks at me over Gerard’s shoulder as if to rub it in more and my heart drops. I roll my eyes to show my disgust and he pushes Gerard back in his seat and drives off. I sigh deeply and return to my book, hoping to forget what just happened.


It’s Friday night and I am in the bleachers with marching band cheering on the mighty Belleview Buccaneers, well everyone else is, I’m watching Gerard play, he’s a great football player and the crowd erupts when he scores and wins us the game. Of course Bert starts showing off and starts doing back flips and again everyone cheers, except me. Bob, one of the drummers in the marching band nudges me.

“Are you ok dude?” He shouts over the crowd “You should be happy, we’ve just crushed the other team”

“I am” I shout back “It’s nothing, I’m just tired”

“Oh ok” He replies “Come on, we gotta play again”

Our playing signals the end of the game and a final cheer erupts on the field as the other players pick Gerard up and parade him around. I see Gerard get down and walk over to Bert laughing but his face soon falls when he sees Bert flirting with Quinn, another guy from the team. My mouth drops wide open, who the hell would cheat on Gerard? I feel sorry for him as he walks away, rubbing his hand through his hair and shaking his head.


I decided to skip the school dance tonight to study; I had no one to go with anyway. I look up and see Gerard walk into his room wearing a black suit. He looks so handsome; I wish I could tell him that. He picks up his pad and pen and I do the same. He writes for a minute then shows me. “You going tonight?”, “No, studying” I reply, shrugging. Gerard looks sad and replies “Wish you were!” I giggle as he stands up and walks out of his room.

I look back down to my chemistry book and see a note from a few nights ago

‘I love you’

I’m going tonight. I’m going so I can tell Gerard the truth.


I walk into the dance in my best suit and eyeliner creatively smudged around my eyes. Gerard turns around, sees me and freezes. I didn’t think I could have that effect on him. My palms are sweaty and I’m shaking slightly as I walk up to him. I look anywhere but at him to try and calm myself down but it doesn’t work. I look up to see Gerard starting to walk but is soon stopped by Bert. He grabs him and starts to rub his arm but Gerard just pushes him away

“I’m sorry, I have my eye on someone else and I have done for too long” He says moving back and walking towards me.

“What?!” Bert shouts, disbelief in his voice.

I ignore him and my urge to turn and run back home and unfold my piece of paper slowly. Gerard reads it and smiles. He then remembers something and reaches into his blazer and pulls out a note that says the exact same thing to mine. I smile back and we both drop our paper on the floor, almost forgetting they are in our hands.

Gerard holds out his hand to ask me to dance and I accept. He pulls me close and holds me like we have never been apart. I can see Bert over his shoulder storming off in anger that I got Gerard. I smirk and look back at Gerard who is smiling down at me. We inch closer and closer until our lips finally meet. My eyes flutter closed as I melt into Gerard, who I can finally say belongs to me.
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