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'Smut warning!' Link wants to give his wife Midna a surprise! MidnaXLink MidnaXVaati LinkXVaati.

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This is a filthy smut, so if you don't enjoy reading sexual things I suggest you don't read any further. This is set after the events of TP Midna didn't break the mirror and is now living happily with Link as her husband as king and queen. Just thought I would get you started. Enjoy :)

I gently but quickly run up the spiral staircase, holding my dress from the front so I make sure I don't trip over. It takes a while before I get to my bedroom where my husband Link is probably waiting for me. He spends all of his time in the room, unless he has to do his king duties.

We are at the very top of the tower in the palace so it does take a while to get to the top.

I eventually get to the top of the staircase when I reach our room. I open the door and shut it quickly before slowly sliding down the door and landing on the floor, with my hands connected to my face.

"Bad day hunny?" I look over and see Link sitting on a chair in the corner of the room reading a book about sword skills.

"You know I hate conferences and today we had it about taxes, its so boring!" I moan in frustration.

Link puts the book down and comes over to me sitting down beside me and he strokes the hair out of my face. I lean my head onto his shoulder and sigh.

"I missed you today."

"I missed you too, but I have a suprise for you."

"oh?" I raise my head.

"Yeah, but I have to give it to you later, I have to finish it off."

I rest my head onto his shoulder again and he kisses my head before he wraps his arms around me.

"I am really tired after today, do you mind if I sleep and then wake up to my suprise?" I look up at his eyes.

"Sure hunny, you go ahead."

I walk over to the bed before laying down and gently falling asleep but just before I drift off into a slumber, I hear Link..

"Goodnight, I love you." He kisses my lips and then I gently fall asleep.


I wake up and I look at the clock curious as to how long I have asleep. I have been asleep for an hour, that's not too bad. I look around when I find that Link is not in the room, where could he have gone? I was about to stand up when the force of handcuffs on my wrist keeps me down.

Why do I have handcuffs on my wrists.. I am a little freaked out. I want to know what is going on.

Just after I finish figeting and trying to break free the door opens.

"Oh, you are awake." Link says as he walks into the room.

"Link, what is going on?"

I have a worried expression on my face.

"Midna, you know the last time after we had sex that you said you wanted to try something different?"

I can only nod, Link knows what I like and dislike so I know that whatever it is, I will probably like it.

"And I know you like me being dominant."

"What are you trying to say?"

I give him a look.

He walks over to me and bends over to whisper in my ear.

"Hunny, Today is the day where you get the pleasure of feeling 2 people." he starts to gently kiss and nibble at my ear which makes me moan.

What did he just say? I am going to be feeling 2 people? What does he mean? him and another person are going to do things to me? I have never done that before, what if it is awkward? I can't, that's not fair on Link.. but he put this all together.. and besides who is going to do it?

"So I have no say in this then?" seeming strong on the outside when on the inside I am worried.

"Nope, but I know you will like it because I know a lot about you, so I know that this is going to be fine."

"But, who is the other person?" I raise my eyebrow at him and he grins evily.

"Come on in Vaati."

Vaati?! No, he can't be serious. Vaati is my friend from the Twilight Realm who has had a crush on me since school, what if he takes it to far? I don't know about this..

Vaati walks into the room with a grin on his face as I lay there vunrable.

"Hello Midna, I have been waiting a long time for this."

Is this actually happening? I know Vaati, he might take it a bit to far. He is different from the Twili's he comes from another Realm but he lives here now and instead of having blue and silky green skin, he has light purple on his hair and body hell, he even wears purple clothes.

But the thing that is going on in my mind is that, how the hell does Link know him? I haven't really told Link about my childhood very often so I never mentioned Vaati.

"Link, how do you too know eachother?"

"Well you see.." Link begins "I was walking through the fields whilst you were at work and I came across Vaati picking flowers for his mother, so I decided to be friendly and we got chatting, it turns out he really likes you a lot and I know that he has had a crush on you, so I got the idea and said that he can have his way with you which made him happy."

"But won't you get jealous of mad?"

"No, I know you would never betray or cheat on me and I was the one who brought this all together. As long as Vaati is a good boy and doesn't go too far then it will all be okay, right Vaati?"

He nods understanding.

"Okay, so now you know Vaati, what is going to happen?"

"Silence, you only talk when we tell you to. You may moan or pant of heavy breath and even scream our names, but no talking." Vaati cuts in.

"And if I refuse?" I smile at him knowing that he really justs wants to pounce onto me right now.

"Well, then we will have to take things to drastic measure."

Vaati was about to jump onto the bed when Link turns him around and stares at him.

"First rule, make the person you are going to make love to, horny." Link says and then he decides to kiss Vaati.

I know exactly what he is doing.. he is trying to turn me on! He knows I like it when the same sex boys get it on, and now he is taking this to his advantage how dare he!

Link violates Vaatis tounge with his own as they both battle for dominace, Link wins of course. Vaati moans into Links mouth as he starts rubbing his crotch that is erect from behind his pants.

They are doing this in the middle of the room whilst I am laying on the bed staring at them with lust in my eyes.

Link kneels down, breaking this kiss as his saliva is still lingering on Vaati's lips. Link undoes Vaati's zip and then pulls his trousers down, gaining attention from me as I look at his throbbing erection sticking out really big.

"Wow, your big." Link must have read my mind. I can feel myself getting wet just watching Link grab hold on his member is making me hot. Link starts massaging his member on the tip with his thumb, and after a few seconds his erect member was in Links mouth as he was swirling it around in pleasure.

I hear Vaati moan from under his breath, he is sweating and panting.

Link moans into Vaatis cock as he sucks all the way down to the tip and then back up again, creating a friction making him and Vaati only want more.

So Link decides to start making a rythem.

"F-fa-aster." I see link taking in his commands as he starts to lick even faster sucking around the tip.

"L-link, I am go-onna-"

He stopped as his seed flew into Links mouth, bucking his head up and staring at the ceiling moaning as he came, Link took in everything happily. He moved upwards and slowly kissed Vaati on the lips, that was hot.

They turn their attention to me now.

"Are you turned on?" Link and Vaati tower over me.


"Really, I think you are because your lower half says so." Link starts touching my area and tickiling it with his fingers feeling behind my panties my wet secret.

I wince in pleasure.

He suddenly stops and heads towards the door.

"W-where are you going?" I don't want him to leave me alone with Vaati, he gives me the creeps sometimes.. I remember when he used to follow me back to my house afterschool because he fancied me and it freaked me out.

"I am going to wash up, I won't be too long. Vaati will take good care of you now but don't be too rough." he winks at me then walks away closing the door behind him, how could he?!

"My turn now!" Vaati's eyes filled with lust and dominance.

I don't say anything, I don't need to, because I am the one strapped down.

"Silent eh? I might be able to change that."

He jumps onto the double bed and then lifts up my dress and starts to touch my area.

"My, aren't you a wet girl." he slowly takes off my panties and chucks them behind him.

"What exactly are you going to do?"

"Oh, you do talk. Well.. I want to make you scream." he smiles like the cat from Alice in Wonderland and then looks down again moving his head aswell.

"I don't even need to prepare you, you are too wet."

He pops his head up and smiles at me before gently he pushes a finger inside of my area making me wince in pain, gently he starts to finger fuck me with 1 finger which slowly turns into pleasure, and it really was pleasure.

He then puts in 2 fingers first wince and then pleasure, it was amazing.

He starts to go faster now, and I take it all in. I can feel that he is enjoying this because I can hear him moaning my name as I grunt from all of the pleasure, he goes at an incredible speed now which is making us both incredibaly hot. Then he stops from what he is doing and starts to lick me.

I moan in surpise as he takes me into his mouth, he licks at me as I buck up my hips hoping for more, this was amazing.

I see him fluttering his eyes which means he likes this a lot.


After about 5 minutes of licking and finger fucking me, I finally reach my climax as I spill my juices into Vaati's mouth leaving me and him gasping for air.

He lifts up from me and moves over to place a kiss onto my lips. I take it in, I am still gasping for air at this point and then Link comes in.

"Have fun?" he smiles, how is he not mad or even jealous at this? Me, his wife is in bed with another man, I know he has made this happen but still he should at least take this into consideration.

"Yeah, she was very wet, I had to clean her out." he giggles a little.

"Well done Vaati, you may go now and here is your rupees."

Is that it? thank god. I didn't really want him staying much longer. Vaati climbs out of bed and over to Link.

"Are you sure you don't need me for anything else? I can take care of her even more if you want me to?"

I knew he would take it a little far, he wants to stay, I don't want him to though.

"No Vaati, this was what you wanted and you have got it now, so here are your rupees, take them."

He moans in anger as he snatches the rupees out of his hands and walks to the door.

"Bye Link."

he turns to face me.. "Goodbye Midna, I hope you had fun." He smiles micheviously at me before he walks out of the room shutting the door behind him leaving me and Link in a bedroom filled with silence.

"I knew he would take it a bit too far."

"Well, I thought he would obey orders." Link gives a sigh.

"Are you going to untie me then?"

"Oh, I am not done with you yet." He smirks.

"Oh really. Well then what are you waiting for hero?" I wink

I feel comfterble now, I am in my room with my husband like every night. I feel safe now knowing I have someone I trust instead of a person who was creepy.

Link wastes no time he pulls his shirt off showing his gorgeous pack and then he jumps into bed with me.

He starts to kiss me, and our tounges battle it out for dominace, of course he wins, he always does. He enters my mouth and I moan as he bites my lip harshly. I stare at his lush blue orbs that are gazing down at me and I smile. He notices me and suddenly feels strange.

"What? is there something on my face?" He looks at me curiously as he lays on top of me.

"No, you are just so beautiful."

He turns red in the cheeks and smiles.

He goes back to kissing and me, our tounges swirling around eachothers. I moan with my eyes closed as he suddenly sucks at my neck making hickys, I can feel him sucking harsly and I know I will feel them in the morning but I don't care, right now I am with my husband in my room and I love this feeling.

I moan out loud as I can feel blood running down my neck, he has sucked really hard.

"Want me to clean up?" I watch as he goes and sucks the liquid from my neck before it could hit any further.

I grunt as I feel his tounge around my swollen tender area.

forgetting my neck, he slowly drifts down planting little soft kisses until he reaches my chest. He stares up at me and he smiles. He moves his way to my breasts and starts to suck one nipple whilst flicking the other to make them hard, not like they weren't anyway. I moan in pleasure as I feel him suck at my nub. He reaches back up to my lips as we go back into our battle of the tounges, as he is fondalling with my breasts. I can feel his hot breath upon mine as his tounge wins and licks his way around my lips for entry which I accept.

This isn't fair. I feel annoyed that I am tied up like this, I want to touch him, feel his tender fit body. I need him, I need him inside of me, I can't stand not touching him now, I want more than this, I want to do things to him like he is doing to me.

"L-link p-please let me f-feel you. I say through our heated kiss.

He stops for a moment thinking if she should or not.

"Okay." he finally comes to the conclusion and takes off my handcuffs and throws them onto the floor before moving back into that passionat kiss. I feel happy now that I can feel his cool body and now I can have dominance over him, its my turn to pleasure!

I roll him over so that I am on top of him and I straddle my hips.

"W-what are you doing?"

"Its my turn to pleasure." I stare into his blue eyes which makes him smile devilishly and kiss him again. I can't help but feel his tone chest gently moving my fingers tenderly around it. then I start to kiss his chest softly which causes him to moan. I trail down kisses and then suck on his already hard nubs until moving down further placing more kisses on the way down. I
get to his pants and grin which causes me to look up at him. He just pulls his head back in pleasure as I take them off. He is now completely naked which I don't mind.

I stand up which he gets confused at.

"Going somewhere?"

"I am going to give you a show you deserve." He smiles at me not knowing completely what is going on.

I slowly unbutton my dress as I pull my dress straps down off my shoulder. I give him a look trying to be sexy for him, which I can see is working as his member is rising more than it was before.

I casually slip my dress of and throw it across the room as I watch Links eyes filled with lust. I then undo my bra strap and fling that across the room aswell making me completly naked.

I take out my metal hair peice and whip my hair around the place whilst I close my eyes.

"Ready?" I ask.

"Oh yeah."

I pounce onto the bed with Link and I sit on top of him. I move my way downwards to his really hard member and I start to touch it, stroking it and teasing him harshly.

He moans in anticipation, making me want him more, so I decide now is the time to take him into my mouth, and begin to suck the tip, licking my lips at the taste of him.

I start making a rythem pacing up and down as I go from the top to the bottem trying not to gag when I hit the bottem, I moan into his member as I start going faster and faster until..

"Midna i'm going to.."

He lifts his head back and grunts into the air as he spills his white liquid into my mouth.

I move up slowly and kiss him passionatly.

"Your welcome." I smile micheviously at him and he smiles back.

We stop the kiss for a minute for us to look into eachothers eyes, I am still laying on top of him.

I lean against him and I stroke his bangs out of his face.

He kisses my nose sweetly.

He picks his hands up from the bed and puts two fingers together.

"Suck." he orders and he dont refuse, I begin to lick and suck on his fingers bobbing up and down tracing my saliva all over his wet fingers.

"You are so sexy. I can't stand it!" He says whilst I suck away at his fingers.

He takes them out of his mouth and I get ready by laying down and opening my legs, I know what he is going to do next.

I only nod as he sticks one of his fingers into my area caressing it with his every need.

I moan in excitement as he goes faster making me moan and breathe heavier.

he finally takes his finger out and he forces it to my mouth, I lick around it, taking in my juices as he readys himself into the position with his crotch at my area.

I nod reasuringly at him and he pushes himself in which makes me grunt in suprise, I love this, this is what I have waited for, him inside of me is an amazing feeling.

He thrusts in and out casusing heavy breathing from both of us. He moans out my name and I moan out his in response.

His thrusts get harder and faster now, making us both pant in the heat of the moment.

"Ahh L-link" I scream his name whilst he goes deeper into me.

"I- ungh I love you s-so much." He says as he grabs my leg for something to hold on while he goes faster.

He eventually reaches his climax again as he cums into my area leaving him lifting his head up into the air moaning.

He reaches over to me and kisses me pasionatly before collapsing onto the bed, both of us breathing heavily.

He takes it out of me and I put the cover over our cheasts and I snuggle up to him, reasting my head onto the crook of his neck, I reach up to kiss his nose gently and I place my head back onto his cheast.

"T-that was the best suprise ever. Thank you."

Even though he got Vaati here, he didn't need to go to much trouble, he was all I needed to get through the day.

"Anything for my princess, I love you so much."

"I love you too."

We kiss eachother lovingly before falling asleep in eachothers arms.
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