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A/N: Hey guys x3 this here is an MCR one shot (no shit :o) and I gotta clear some shit up:
WELL I'll only be working on stories on the weekends, since I don't get good internet connection at my dad's and I'm at my mom's in the weekends. So I won't relly post much stuff,I'm kind of a slow writer. Feel free to correct ny mistakes I made and criticism is welcome.


It was Halloween, and they had just finished trick-or-treating and egging houses, now ready for a night of drinks, games, and horror flicks. Heading to Mikey and Gerard's place along with Frank, Bob and Ray... they conjured up ideas of what they were going to play this Halloween- a kind of tradition between themselves they started a few years back.

~Frank's P.O.V~

While we were walking towards the house, I noticed the strands of toilet paper hanging from tree branches.

"Motherfuckers…" Gerard muttered under his breath

He led us into the darkened house, "Mom? Dad? We're home!"

While I was looking for a light switch, a figure dressed as the grim reaper appeared.
At least, I think it was. The costume was... unrealistic, to say the least. He wore cheap skeleton gloves, and a "cloak'' that looked like an old place mat. I guess I shouldn't have expected much, Mr. Way wasn't that great at costumes.

"You're here. Time to play a game." the voice boomed, making me jump a little.
We followed the 'grim reaper' down to the Way's basement, which was lit by a few candles, looking creepy as FUCK. This was going to be good.

~Mikey's P.O.V~

Looking at Gerard, I knew he was thinking the same thing I was. "Hey Gee," I whispered, "Did dad tell you he was doing all this?"

"No," he said, "But it looks pretty awesome. I would think he would tell us th--"

"We are going to play a game called Murder in the Dark." interrupted the voice of the 'grim reaper'

My attention quickly snapped from Gerard.

"I will be the judge, you will all be assigned positions in the game depending on the card you will receive. The ace of diamonds is the doctor, the joker is the murderer, and the rest are civilians." He showed us the cards.

He went on explaining the game to us. "This is a game of deception within a circle of friends and reading people in reaction to that guilt. When we start, take a look at your card and do not show it to anyone else. I will ask each person to choose who they think the murderer is, and the person with the most votes will be killed. Afterwards, I will ask everyone to bow their heads as the murderer chooses the next victim, and the doctor will choose someone to be saved whether it be the murder victim or not, they will not know. And so on, and so forth."

Niiice, I thought ,I have a great poker face. We had sat down at the round table in the room, and the candles had definitely set a mood. "Good atmosphere." I commented

"Yeah. Very romantic." Said Frank, the side of his lip twitching. No one else gave more than a grin at that remark, since we were all so eager to start the game, which was going to prove to be pretty scary, even for us.

"Ready?" Holding the five shuffled cards to his chest, our judge stood at my right. As we were sat around a circular table, it was Ray on my left, Bob across from the reaper, Gerard and then Frank, two places from my right (with the reaper between us).

With serious looks on our faces, we all nodded to start the game.

~Bob's P.O.V~

The dealer swiftly handed out the five cards. After we all got a peek at our cards and lay them face down in front of us, an eerie voice gave the first instructions to the players of the game.

"Everyone heads down, and close your eyes. Murderer- head up. Okay. Head down. Doctor, head up. Head down. Everyone, heads up." I guess he was seeing who everyone was.

"Give your suspicions as to who is the murderer." The dude said.

We were kind of caught off-guard at this, it was a sudden start after so much talking. I looked around at the guys.

To the left, Frank appeared to be as unsettled as I was. Mikey was silent, perhaps a tactic.
Gerard was looking... cocky. I inwardly sighed. He was overly confident sometimes. Ray was the first to speak and apparently was noticing Gerard's cocky-ness too.

"Gerard." Ray's soft voice firmly stated. A little too fast to jump on him (figuratively speaking), perhaps?

"...Ray." Mikey was second to speak.

I was convinced. Gerard was always confident, Mikey was being observant at choosing Ray, and Frank needed some time to get into the game.

"Ray." I said.

Frank spoke after me. "Bob." Maybe I was looking around too much and caught his suspicion. Gerard must have been waiting for us to make our decisions, and lastly spoke. "Ray."

"Ray. You are the first to be killed. Reveal your card." The dude in the death suit said. Ray flicked over the 9 of spades, showing he was innocent. "You are now dead." The few candles that were lighting the room flickered, and went out for a few seconds, then recovered their flames.

When we were badly lit once again, Ray was slumped back in his seat. He was always one for making things fun for the rest of us. And of course, the next to 'die' would follow Ray's example: the realism was making the game fun.

"Bow your heads and close your eyes." He paused as we did so after glancing around at each other. "Murderer- head up. Nod toward the person you are to kill... Alright. Head down. Doctor, head up. Who do you wish to protect from the murderer?
Ok. Head down. Everyone, heads up."

We raised our heads and he continued. "Last night at 9 o'clock someone was attacked by the murderer, but saved by the doctor. Nobody dies this time. It is time once again to choose who you think it is."

~Gerard's P.O.V~

I looked around at the guys, but Mikey's lack of eye contact caught my attention. His eyes moved quickly from me as I was watching him. "I think it's Mikey."
Frank agreed. "Same."
Bob looked up. "Frank."
Mikey sealed the divide. "Frank."

The grim reaper answered our question as to what was happening next. "A tie. No one dies. The murderer has escaped."

We all had fairly bland expressions until we received further instruction.

"Bow your heads, close your eyes."
We did so. "Murderer, who do you choose to kill?"
After a moment of silence, we heard "Doctor, who do you want to save? ...Alright."

With my head lowered, I waited for the result of this round. As an indication that my time playing the game was up, I felt a tap on my head. I couldn't help but flicker my eyes open for a second to look at the candles before everything went black as I closed my eyes again and lent back.

~Mikey's P.O.V~

"Last night at 10 o'clock someone was attacked by the murderer, but the doctor did not choose him to be saved." At this I looked at Gerard following Ray's example in his rendition of dying.

Still looking at Gerard, I heard a voice to my left ring out, "It's Mikey."

I felt a short flash of irritation in my chest. They always assume I'm up to something, just because I'm quiet. So what if I was observing my brother?
I guess Frank noticed how quick Bob was to speak and said, "Bob."
I glanced up to my left, and had to agree. "Bob."

He groaned and the soft orange light stuttered once again. Now Bob was leaning forward on the table, much like a bored student sleeping in class.

"Last round." The voice thundered.

~Frank's P.O.V~

His voice triggered something, I was getting really uncomfortable. It had been a long, weird night and I noticed the window was closed after seeing the candles flicker those three times.

"Mikey, let's stop. We know who we are. Let's call it a tie."

He looked up at me and seemed to be unsettled as well. "Okay man, good game."
I stood and made my way to the light switch, turning to look at the atmosphere with my hand now on the switch.

I flicked on the light. Silence.


The light in the basement now on, I gasped in horror. Mikey sat, scanning across the table which Bob was slumped on. Ray and Gerard continued to sit back in their chairs.

They were white. They were bleeding. They were dead.

Ray's lifeless eyes stared at the ceiling. Gerard's head was over to the side. Mikey sat in complete shock and disbelief. Tears started to sting my eyes as I stepped carefully over to inspect the bodies of my dead friends, just to be sure they were.

I grabbed Bob's shoulder and shook. "Bob? This isn't funny, man." My attention drew to Ray. I gave way to tears. "Ray..." I put my hand around the back of his head to lift it, then gently closed his eyelids out of respect. I couldn't believe it. I grabbed Gerard's shoulders and looked at his unmoving face. Had this been a joke he'd be laughing by now. Out of all the times he'd tried to scare me, this is the one that stayed with me forever. The hauntingly calm expression has permanently been burned into memory, because that was when I realised that this was no joke. They were really gone.

I started sobbing at the still image of Gerard. "Gee, don't do this!" My vision was blurred by tears and I looked up at Mikey across the table, tear tracks glistening on his cheeks in the candle light. "Mikey..." I cried. He was my only link to sanity at this point, and he had tears streaking down his face now, too. "This can't be happening."

I gave one last ditch effort to end my pain. "Guys, if you're trying to freak us out, you've succeeded. You win. Joke's over, you can tease me about it for the rest of my life. Just enough's enough."

They still didn't move.

Mikey whined out, "Gerard... stop! Please..."

Terror struck my heart as Mr. Way appeared at the top of the basement stairs. Who was in the reaper suit?

"Everything alright, boys?"

My heart thumping, I managed to get out, "Don, this is the meanest trick anyone's ever played on me. It's my birthday!"

A look of concern came over his face as he saw how upset I was, and once again I realised that what was happening was real. I snapped my head to the left, and I could see that Mikey looked at me. I looked into the deep shadow under the figure's hood. Even though the light was on, it was like an abyss of darkness. From it came a low, resonating laugh.


Mikey directed a desperate, horror-driven scream at the figure. "Who the fuck are you?!"

It lifted its left hand, and the black sleeve of his coat fell back, revealing a skeleton of a hand, holding a large, bloody knife. With that, both Mikey and I sprinted out of the room as fast as we could. On the way out Mikey grabbed his dad's arm to have him go with us.

I quickly got into my car, and Mr. Way's calls ("Donna! Donna! Get out here! Get in the car!") summoned Mrs. Way. I fumbled with the keys, shaking so much I could hardly get it in the ignition, but when I did I hastily turned it and sped off with Mikey in my car. His parents got into in theirs. I sped away, and made it to the police station in less than two minutes.

Soon enough there were three cop cars outside the Way's house and we were in the station, shaking, crying, and pacing around in disturbance. I held Mikey's hand tightly in disbelief and horror, and as I did it felt like I was holding on to my sanity. I was on the edge of literally going crazy, and Mikey seemed to be mourning. I held on to my distraught friend because I knew he needed me too.

After about twenty endless minutes, an important-looking policeman regarded us seriously. We looked up at him for an answer.

"I am very sorry to say, the three in the basement were already deceased when we arrived."
We all let out our tears and sobs and cries at this closure. I put my arm around Mikey and gripped him firmly, looking back up at the policeman with tears streaking down my face.

"The culprit was caught, and we have been questioning him. He is a serial killer that America's police force have been after for a while, and thanks to your quick action he will claim no more lives."

The Ways stayed at a hotel that night. It was too much to be in the house, and I didn't blame them one bit. I don't think any of them got any sleep, either. I didn't, anyway. I couldn't stop crying the whole night. Three of my best friends died that night, and had Mikey not been there I don't know what I would've done.
One thing I never got, though, was why his hand was a skeleton, and how in hell he killed them without us noticing. Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me, but I'll never ask Mikey if he saw it too. We never talk about it, only try to forget that we ever played a game called Murder in the Dark.
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