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8 months later

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Next chapter I hope its better sorry I havent been on that much enjoy :3

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Miss me? IM SO SO SO SO SO Sorry I havent posted, I just started highschool and well its so much harder and busier but I will be posting stories hopefully long ones so um Here is the next chapter
"ugh..." frankie groaned as she finally got up the last step thanks to gerards help. She was 8 months pregnant and her stomach was big. Frankie entered the door of her and gerards apartment. Gerard guided her to their room and layed her on their bed. "Need anything?" Frankie nodded "chocolate" Gerard chuckled knowing it was her cravings. She then looked to the side of the room and saw the baby crib and the other baby stuff. They found out what they were gonna have. It was going to be a boy. It took them a while to choose a name until finally...
Flashback 3 months ago
Gerard and Frankie were laying on the couch cuddling and naming boy names left and right. "how about spots?" Gerard said as a joke laughing, Frankie giggled "we're having a baby not a dog Gerard" Gerard laughed "hahaha aww then how about Aaron?" Frankie paused "I like it, can the middle name be christopher?" Gerard smiled "Aaron Christopher Way" Frankie kissed Gerard "I love it." Frankie then felt the baby kicking "And baby seems to like it too!" Frankie put her hand on her stomach "Hi Aaron!" Gerard then crawled down to Frankie's stomach "hey son!" Gerard put his hand on her stomach to feel the baby kicking again. Gerard felt as if his smile was gonna split his face. "Mommy and Daddy can't wait to see you!" Frankie smiled as Gerard talked to her stomach. "Aaron must love your voice" Frankie said Gerard kissed her stomach then crawled back up. Frankie then layed her head on his chest.
End flashback
Frank munched happily on her candy bar as gerard massaged her stomach. When Frankie finished her candy Gerard stood up and took Frankie's. "Come with me" he said
Gerard was driving while Frankie stared out the window. "Where are we going?" Frankie asked. "You'll see." Gerard said putting his hand on her stomach. Soon enough they pulled up to a familiar place, the woods. They walked until they were greeted with the sight of a lake. Gerard then laid down a blanket Frankie sat down, Gerard sat behind her wrapping his arms around her. "Do you remember this place?" Frankie blushed knowing this is where both of them confessed their feelings for each other and when they first kissed. "yes" she said. "Those were good times" Gerard said smiling as they watched the lake. "Gerard! Look!" Frankie pointed "Where ?" Gerard looked around "Gerard help me up" Gerard took her hand and pulled her up Frankie walked a fast pace closer to the lake. "Right there!" Gerard looked and saw an otter he chuckled "look at him swim!" Gerard then hugged Frankie from behind. "You know im glad I met you" Gerard said "Im so happy I have you Frankie." Frankie turned to face Gerard "I love you" he said to Frankie "I love you too" she said back. Gerard leaned in, so did Frankie. Their lips touched. Gerard wrapped his arms around her holding Frankie close and tight, Frankie wrapped her arms around his neck.
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