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How MCR Saved My Life: The Claire Edition

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I broke a promise.

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Hi, my name is Claire, and this is how MCR saved my life.

I always remember one special date. March 8. One month prior, I had gotten a new phone. It could do downloads. I thought that was really wicked. But anyway. On March 8, I remembered a song I had really liked, called Sing. I downloaded it, then got Na Na Na. I started to really like this band. I got more of their music and hey, here I am now. But that's not where it's saved my life.

I've always been bullied severely. Always. I suspect it'll happen again in eighth grade this year. But yeah. I'm much stronger now, but a year ago, I was a mess. I couldn't get through it.

For a short period of time, I was bulimic, as you (probably) know. I stopped one day when my iPod began to play. "Would I lie to you, well, I've got something to say.." it sang. Hang 'Em High. I smiled and carefully removed my fingers from my throat and vowed never to do it again. A few months later, I'm still clean.

When my dad got drunk and started going all apeshit on me, I put on 'Helena' and cried myself to sleep.

When I didn't feel okay, I put on 'Headfirst for Halos' because it told me to think happy thoughts. I did.

When I took a blade to my hips, I'm Not Okay came on. I put down the scissors and smiled, sitting down on my bed and laying back, quietly singing alongside Gerard.

Whenever someone I love goes away, I put on Cancer.

When I tied a noose in my closet and put my head in it, I remembered those lines.

I am not afraid to keep on living.

I should add that no one knew about this. The harming, the sickness.

One day, I decided it would be cool to have a drink. So, I went down to where my dad kept all his alcohol, grabbed a beer and started drinking it. I felt so sick after about half of the can was gone. It was awful. I felt lightheaded. That was also when I left the deepest cuts.

But then I remembered. I wasn't afraid to keep on living. I could get over it.

My name is Claire, and that's how a Jersey band called My Chemical Romance saved my life.

Update: Five medium sized cuts. I broke two promises. And I'm about to break it again. Someone help me. Now.
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