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Although my story isn't as emotional or as heart-breaking as some of the others I've read, I think I'd like to open up to all of you :) So here's my story...

The first time I heard MCR was on a Friday night, at my Dad's house. I go to my Dad's every Friday and have done since I was two and my parents divorced. Yet again, my Dad wasn't spending any time with me, he was over the road at the pub with my step-mom. My older brother Ian was in bed and I can't remember where my older step-sister Jess but my other older step-sister Big Holly (I'm Little Hollie, she's Big Holly) was awake and on the computer while I sat on the sofa reading. I wanted to watch TV but she was playing her music through the speakers.

Over the last few months she'd been dressing in black clothes and wearing black eye-liner and while my Dad and Step-Mom were on holiday she had secretly dyed her hair black. I'd never heard of any of the music she was playing. And then she put on 'Famous Last Words' (not that I knew the title back then) and I started listening. Then I laughed. Big Holly looked at me and asked what was so funny and I said "Didn't you hear the lyrics? He said 'to change that pie'!"

Big Holly laughed and didn't correct me. Every Friday after dinner, when my Dad went out, Big Holly would turn on her music and I'd beg for her to put on 'the pie song' for me.

That was when I was about ten. A couple of years later, when I started Secondary School, I was really scared. For the first couple of terms I wasn't happy. Three girls came from my old school to my new school and we hung around as a four for a well, me, Olivia, Molly and Mel. But then Olivia made new friends and started acting like she knew everything and treating me like I was an idiot. It didn't matter that we'd been friends since we were five. She was bored of me.

For a while I hung around with Molly and Mel but they made friends with the popular girls who made it clear that they didn't like me. Every night when I thought about going to school, I'd feel sick to my stomach.

They couldn't even sit with me in classes because I was the only student from our Primary School to be in top set in Secondary School so I was stuck with a bunch of strangers. In Maths I was put next to a boy called Joe who made friends with another boy called Joe and the two of them started making my life miserable.

Then one RE lesson my usual seat at the back next to Zac had been taken by another student. I was too scared to ask them to move so I sat down in the second row next to a pretty girl with waist-length brown hair. I got my planner out of my bag and opened it to the first page. I can't remember why I did that but it was a good thing I did. The pretty girl looked at it and then asked "Your form tutors initials are MCR?" I nodded "That's really weird because my favourite band has the same initials, My Chemical Romance."

I'd heard of My Chemical Romance before. I remembered when I was a bit younger, sitting at the table reading a girls magazine (Go Girl or something?) and there was a small article that said 'Fans of MCR were worried when they logged onto and found a broken heart on the page. But the band have re-assured them that they're not splitting up, just giving the black parade a rest.' At the time I had said out loud "Who cares?" and then turned the page.

The girl told me her name was Jasmine and I shyly told her that my name was Hollie and for the rest of the lesson she told me all about MCR "And the lead singer is really good looking!" Jasmine said "His name's Gerard Way. I have a picture of him in my bag. And a picture of my dog." She took out a printed piece of paper with a photo of her dog and a photo of Gerard Way on it.

At the end of the lesson she went to hang out with her friends and I was alone again but I knew I really wanted to be her friend. I just didn't know how.

But someone else wanted to make friends with me. I hadn't really spoken to her face-to-face but when she put up her hand in class to answer questions I was really glad if she got chosen so that I could listen to her voice. She had a scottish accent and in my Primary School, nobody had had an accent so I thought it was cool that she had one. She found me sitting by myself in the hall one day and sat down next to me "You don't have to hide from everyone Hollie." She grinned. I was pretty surprised that she knew my name "My name's Raechel."

She noticed my arm-warmers (black with skulls on) and grinned "I like them! We should start a group. And we could call it... Ghost Paradox. But we call it GP around others so that they don't know what it's called." I know it sounds silly now but at the time I thought it was really cool.

After school that day, Raechel noticed Jasmine and said we should invite her to join the group and I agreed. Raechel asked Jasmine and she said she'd love to be in her group.

The main thing about our group though was that all three of us were MCR fans... Even though me and Raechel only knew one song by them! And Jasmine had written an MCR quiz for new people to take when they joined the group and me and Raechel didn't know the answers to half the questions! I knew who Gerard's wife was and his popularity status in High School but when Jasmine asked "What was their first album called?" Me and Raechel both said "The Black Parade."

So I guess at the time, we were both just fangirls.

But then when I went shopping with my Mom, I asked her to buy me a My Chemical Romance CD. She picked up Life on The Murder Scene and said there was no way so I picked up The Black Parade and asked for that instead. Nowadays if I asked for a new CD she'd hit the roof and the CD wasn't exactly cheap at £8 but she brought it for me.

For that entire weekend I didn't turn the CD off. I listened to it over and over again until my step-sister Jodie got sick of it and until I knew all the words to all the Black Parade songs. It was the first time I had ever really appreciated music.

Unfortunately there was something else going in GP. All of us would cut ourselves. Mostly on our ankles were our parents wouldn't see but sometimes on our arms too. And everytime we cut a new one, we'd show each other and compliment them. None of us thought it was a problem. It was just something we did to 'express' ourselves.

The only reason we stopped was because me and Jasmine had been watching MCR videos online and we watched all the ones where Gerard said that suicide and cutting yourself was bullshit. I looked at Jazz and said "We've gotta stop this. It's not right. We're just hurting ourselves." Jasmine agreed and we told Raechel. The three of us stopped cutting.

But the rumours didn't stop. Soon everyone believed that the three of us would only be friends with people who'd cut themselves. Luckily by that time we'd made a few more friends who helped get rid of the rumours and soon we were friends with nearly everybody. Except the popular girls who didn't like our taste in clothes or music and decided to hate on us for it.

So now I'm fifteen. Everyone at school is used to us now. We're not really called names anymore, not as much as we used to be. And the popular girls pretty much leave us alone now, unless they're feeling particularly bitchy.

GP broke up at the end of Year Seven and me, Jazz and Raech are still friends. Well I'm friends with Jazz, and I'm friends with Raech but the two of them are just civil around each other now. It doesn't matter though because I'm friends with girls like Lucy. I think in a way MCR brought me and Lucy closer. Lucy hates MCR and loves JLS. I hate JLS and love MCR. So every lesson we'd have joke arguments and Lucy nearly always won them because I'm terrible with comebacks. But she doesn't care that I like MCR and I don't care that she likes JLS.

MCR also helped me make friends on the internet. I wouldn't be talking to you wonderful peopel without them :)

So yeah, that was my story... It was really cheesy but I feel a bit better now I've written it :)

Love Hozzie
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