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Chapter 13

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Chapter 13.

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Gerard's POV:

I stood up and wiped my eyes furiously, a purpose strengthening my resolve. I somehow had to get to that place before the others get on the boat. I needed to go find my mom. 

I ran out of the bushes and into the road, running down it quietly, making sure to avoid being seen by anyone. It was difficult but I had to do it do that I could save Frank. My heart began to beat faster as I approached the centre of town. I immediately headed towards a police station. Mom always told me that you can trust people at police stations. 

I quickly found one and walked inside, heading straight over to the front desk.
"What's your name little boy? Are you lost." The police woman asked, bending down to meet my eyes. 
"I'm Gerard Way and I was kidnapped." I said quietly. The woman clapped her hand over her mouth and ran over to the desk, pressing a button so that some other police men came in. 
"They're taking the kids here!" I yelled, holding out the scrap of paper. One of the tallest police men took the scrap off me and read it quickly, pursing their lips. 

"Come on troops. Let's move out!" He said, running towards the door. I followed them quickly and one of them stopped me. 
"Sorry kid. You can't come." He said.
"But I have to!" I replied stubbornly, "I need to get Frankie." The man looked at his boss who shrugged unhappily. The man led me out, yelling to the woman at the desk, "Call his mom!" 

I get to see my mom again soon, and Mikey. Oh I hope Frankie is okay. 

The police officers all climb into a car and they switch on their cool flashing lights, pulling out of the station quickly and zooming away. 
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