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An Update

by detonationmouse 11 reviews

If some of you don't know, detonationmouse- my sister Allie killed herself.

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Hi. . uhh people of Ficwad. None of you know me so I'm going to cut to the chase: I'm Cian, Allie's older brother. I really wish I didn't have to introduce myself this way. Allie's dead. It took me a while to put this up here. Good thing she had her username and password written near her laptop.

Anyways, the police weren't able to get there in time. I go over that scene again and again wishing I could've done something. I swear, I tried to break down the door. No one, no one wants to walk in on their sister gasping her last breaths while the blood continues to flow down the cut on her neck. I can't live with that. We have an older brother Liam and he wasn't home. He went to fricken' Starbucks for fifteen damn minutes. He comes back and what does he find?

I don't know any of you. I haven't been brave enough to read her writing. But she talked a heck of a lot about you. Saying how you guys are so hilarious. I don't know how many friends she had on here, but for any she had, thank you for making her last days happy. Thanks for being there when her brothers couldn't. Allie was the happiest, yet shyest kid you'd ever meet. She could light up a whole room but not because she was funny. She just had this way, always asking the randomest questions. Can hippos be transvestites? . . .

She said MCR saved her life. That was a load of bullshit. I'm sorry, but I don't believe it. If it was true, Allie wouldn't be six fucking feet under. I miss her so much. How could she do this to me and Liam? He's mute Won't even look at me anymore. We did play Helena at her funeral. And we did have her wear that My Little Pony dress. I hope you all will remember her.

Allie, I love you so so much. I hope you're happy up there.

Cian O'Connot
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