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AUDITIONS! Inquire within.

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Auditions for a story!

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HI! Let me cut right to the chase! i had a BURST of inspiration for a story. It's kind of a musical so the characters will burst into ROCK songs. I'm not sure if I should include MCR members as characters, or Panic! or Fall Out Boy or etc. Yes, my OC(that is based off of my friend) Jennifer will be in it. So here's the plot:

Rock music has been banned nation wide.(The U.S)
15 year old Jennifer lives in a broken home, where music was all she had. It was the only thing keeping her going. When rock music is banned nation wide, the activist in her rises up. She organizes a protest( via Facebook via library computer)in Washington D.C, where only few had the courage to rise up against everyone and say(or sing) "We're not gonna take it!" She meets the protesters, and they spend DAYS protesting,without food. Their story of meeting up, organizing it, and jumping through hoops along the way is touching, comical, and just plain awesome. These kids are incredible.
This is their story.

I'm only taking a few people, plus a few bitchy people.
Here's the form:

Any Nick names:
Back Story:
Should I include any bands, if so, how?:
IF I were to include a romantic storyline with you and a band member, which one?:
Anything Else:

I'm just taking a few people, and for the band thing, if I know the band, I'll include them, in the way that most people say I should use them.

I'll try to get the results posted by tonight, so hurry!

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