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A Note From Me

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Just something to let you all know.

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Hi there.
Not that you'd remember me, but I'm Rachel.
You know, the author that did Violet Rage and what not?
Yeah. Me.
I realized I haven't posted in a while, and I feel that there is no true excuse for that. I just wanted to let you guys know some stuff about me that maybe you didn't know or needed clarification about.
-yes, highschool, old, probably do more than I should, including but not limited to;
-petting of cats
-and consumption of little food
-I write whenever I feel like it. That used to be all the time but now it feels like a hassle.
-I do other stuff, like scenery or photography, color guard, bike riding, thinking.
-Thinking isn't my best quality.
As for the... state of all my stuff, it might just sit there. I will say I'm sorry that some of anybody may have wanted to see those completed. It's just not possible for me anymore.
I'm not quitting Ficwad, no. Never. I'll still read and review from time to time but I won't be posting too much anymore.
I'm so sorry, guys
I never meant to.
It just happened and I can't stop it.
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