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Guess who isn't dead!? XD

by Tyranny 1 review

I'm aliveeeeeeeeeeee And back with a load of ideas XD

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So I won't explain where I disappeared off to for all this time, but I'm back now XD not sure for how long, but LE BACK BITCHES!

First things first, I really want to know if you would be interested in me posting my songs on here, I have a shit load written, though I'm not happy with them all, and I'd quite like to get some opinions on them :3

Heres the update on other stuff:
I've decided I want to finish off Put an X on the Floor where it is and focus on smaller, one shot stories so I don't annoy you all with my extreme lack of updating on time.
So yeah, I've got a hairdressers thing planned at the moment along with the rough idea for a student teacher fic :3
Should be fun XD

Lots of love killjoys, thankyou SO MUCH to anyone who read PAXOTF you're reviews and stuff have been amazing, honestly I can't believe people read it! XD You shoul have seen my face when I saw it on cosmiczombie's recs. LE FLAILING!

Love you all, keep running xxx
I'll try to get these fics written soon :3 and poems and songs or no? You decide :3
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