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inside of me

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something changed inside of me today.

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inside of this broken soul

for once, this isnt a poem, but just the cold, hard truth. today, i learned that i wasnt the only bulimic kid round these areas. the dude ive hated forever, willem, was bulimic too. and guess what caused it? peer pressure. hes not the skinniest dude round and everyones so fucking judgemental here. they think the whole world needs to be stick thin. he got called 'gay' by our pe teacher and he was so brutally criticized. thinking back now, i wish i was nicer to him. it's my goal this year, to be nicer to him. because i understand him now. i know what he went through.

i also learnt about his brother, bryan. about his irrational fear of hospitals and needles and how he was called a pedophile, just for talking to younger girls. he's a nice guy. he wouldnt hurt them. i know that he was in a bad accident and the doctors only made it worse and that he was so so so so so so scared of the doctors. i feel bad for ever thinking wrong of him, for all the times ive flipped him off, for every time ive been negative towards him.

today, i learnt that both are good guys and i actually really want to get to know both of them. i think that today, something has changed inside of me. something thats made me a better person. ive written this in the form that i think it needs to be written- plain, uncapitalied and ice cold. i hope it gave the effect needed.

claire, a better version of claire. x
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