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Sorry i left this soo long but here's full line up though most of you know what part you got...

Grave robber-Kittenm (since that was the only audition for the part lucky you)


Blind mag-mynerdyromance (since she has watched the film and knows the plot to it)

Marni way-Tmbfucks

Twin body guards for frank- ElectricBlackOut


I would like to thank all who auditioned though there weren't many but still i'll start writing the story soon but until then i'll leave you with a teaser...

In the not so distant future-An epidemic
devastation of the planet.Out of the tragedy, A
Savior emerges: GeneCo, A biotech company
that offer's organ Transplants... For a price.
Those who miss their payments are scheduled
for repossession and hunted by Villainous
Repo men (in this is Gerard way)

In a world where murder is sanctioned by law
and people are addicted to surgery,a
Sheltered young girl Named Shilo
Searches for the cure to her own rare
Blood Disease that killed her mother when
she was born.As she is sucked into the haunting
World if GeneCo, She learns the truth about
her family's Mysterious history and witnesses
the widely anticipated spectacular Event: The Genetic Opera.

That is all for now see u the Genetic Opera!!!
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