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Chapter Eight

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It was around one in the morning, and she no longer cared. Closing her eyes she listened to the smack of rain on the pavement.

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"Just take it easy, it'll be fine." he said to her. The young girl's hands were shaking, and her feet were sweating, but she managed to start the car and pull onto the street. "Turn here, NO NOT THERE!" she slammed on the breaks and straightened the car out. Her mind was racing with thoughts that had nothing to do with the task at hand, and it was about to cost her the most valuable piece of plastic she'd ever own. "Switch lanes, please." the man grimaced. Breathe, the girl mentally screamed at herself. Breathe and check your blind spot, so she did and executed a perfect lane change. About ten minutes later she pulled back into the parking lot and the man next to her stared at her. "I need to ask you a question before I hand you this slip of paper."
She looked at him.
"Can I have your autograph?"


It was raining and prom was the next day and she had no date and the old woman was getting worse and her mother forced her to go to school and she failed her license test when she told the man to go fuck himself after he asked for an autograph and she wanted to take a nap and she wanted to run and she wanted to get drunk and she wanted to disappear. "Screw it all." She ran out into the rain, ran into the middle of the street and started spinning in a circle, smiling and laughing to only herself. She ran barefoot all the way down the blacktop to stand in front of Main Street, absent of the many cars that usually occupy it's space. And there was just the rain on the ground, sparkling in the glare of the street lamp. Without a second thought she splashed her way right into the middle of the road and laid down. It was around one in the morning, and she no longer cared. Closing her eyes she listened to the smack of rain on the pavement. Times like this, times when the world was so beautiful, it was times like this that made her want to die. She would be alright if she died right there in that moment. If a car were to come and crush her, it would be okay. Nobody else was around to see her go, and yet she didn't feel alone. She soon began to play a game with Fate, daring it do send a Mac Truck her way, what she got though, hit her just as hard.
"What are you doing?"
She didn't have to open her eyes, the girl knew exactly who it was that stood above her. The boy said that someone had called to say they saw her running down the road laughing rather manically and was freaked out.
"Are you going to talk to me?"
The girl opened her eyes and smiled. "Do you love me?"
The boy stared at her. "Are you drunk?"
That answered her question. She never completely HAD him, and she was surprisingly okay with it all. It made her feel at peace. Knowing where she stood. It was a nice feeling. "Are we still going to prom?" she asked completely serious. Being direct was never her way, but today as she sat there hoping to die it all seemed so pointless.
"Of course we are." Simple as that. That's what friends were for.
The girl jumped up and kissed the boy until neither of them could breathe. It didn't matter that they were both soaking wet, and had nothing more to say. They had nothing to lose. Or did they? In a window, in a blue house, in the thirty feet behind the boy another young man peered through the window. He had shaggy hair, and was slightly overweight. He smelled funny and had almost no friends. His name didn't matter, and neither did his existence at that moment. The only thing that mattered was that his heart was breaking all over again. Unbeknownst to the beaten down couple making out in the street, hoping that in all their frivolity their troubles would somehow disappear.
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