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When I will update each story--so I have deadlines.

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So I saw this kind of thing from someone who writes MCR fiction and thought it was a good idea. Especially since I suck ass at keeping my stories updated. I have so many and I know a lot of you guys love them.

So what I'm doing is I will keep THIS updated with each story and when I will update it. It will give ME deadlines. And if I don't have them at that day, I will update this with a new deadline. Now that I'm back in classes, it'll be harder for me to update as often as I'd like.

Here are the stories.

Secrets - Monday, October 15th.

Last Resort - Wednesday, October 17th.

Wrong Time, Wrong Place - Friday, October 19th.

Assassination's Not So Easy - Monday, October 22nd.

Revealing Truth Hurts - Wednesday, October 24th.

Diaries Reveal - Friday, October 26th.

As it is, these are the dates. These are the dates BY which I will post said chapter. If I don't, I'm really sorry. But school is keeping me. Also, the weekend dates will be harder, as I do have work on both dates and my best friends like to party it up. I do too, so yeah, I can't just say no. CAUSE I LIKE TO HAVE FUN TOO! :P

Anyway, here you go!

Physical Therapy, Music, and a Switch is now OVER. It is complete. There will be no more to it. No... threequel? Haha. Yeah, no. Sorry to those who loved it that it had to end! I hope you enjoyed it! People Deserve to Die has replaced it in the line-up!

Escort Me? is now over (both versions). I gave it some thought and I cannot continue two of the stories I was writing. That includes I Love Your Hands and People Deserve to Die. I just have been having no fun writing them, at all. I realize that both were fairly popular, but if anyone would like to take the idea, be my guest. You may have it, but you have to re-write it from scratch.
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