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Coming Out

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As we near the end, the truth begins to come pouring out.

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So this is the last proper chapter. I'm going to write an epilogue, but that will probably only to be a short thing, just to round the story up. Sorry if you think this is a bit abrupt, but I don't know how to drag it out any longer, and it's getting a bit tedious around the edges to write. I don't know how I managed to write a story that was forty chapters long without getting bored...

Whatever though, I have a million ideas as to what to do after this, and hopefully, they'll be able to keep my attention a little longer than this one.

So here's Chapter 14.

Hope you enjoy!


Frank woke up the next morning curled up under the sheets and wrapped around his boyfriend. Their legs were entwined, and he had the older man held in a loose embrace, Gerard's head tucked under his chin.

The guitarist flailed for a moment - his awakening had been sudden and unexpected, instead of an easy slip into consciousness. Then he heard the electronic tones of the house phone, ringing several times before pausing, and starting again. Iero groaned, not wanting to move, but instead to sink back beneath the sheets and go back to sleep.

The phone - or more to the point, the person calling him - was persistent, and soon enough, Gerard began to stir, sleepily mumbling to shut the fucking noise up. Frank sighed, before reaching across the bed to the nearest handset on the small table next to Way's side of the bed.

"Hello?" He groaned into the device, rubbing his eyes with his spare hand and settling back on to the bed next to the singer.

"Hi, Frank?"

"Toro, this better be good, or I'm gonna fucking kill you."

"Wow, what's up your ass this morning?" There was a short pause, then a startled laugh when Ray realised exactly what he'd just said. "You know what? Ignore that."

"Will do." Frank laughed. Way gave him a questioning look, but he just smiled and shook his head. "What's with calling at this God-forsaken hour anyway?"

"Errr," The older guitarist hesitated, unsure how to put the news he was about to unveil into words. "Did you run into Lindsey yesterday?"

"Yeah, why?" Iero frowned.

"Some fan, I guess, heard you talking to her... let's just say that the Internet's gone a tiny bit berserk since then."



There was an awkward pause, during which Gerard stared up at his boyfriend, trying to figure out what was going on, and where the sudden expletive had come from.

"What are you going to do?" Ray was the first the break the silence.

"I dunno." Iero shrugged, a gesture that went unnoticed, due to the other man not being able to see him. "I'm gonna talk to Gerard before anything else, and we'll work from there."

"Ok. If I were you, I'd release some sort of statement, on the site or whatever, ASAP."

"Yeah, will do. See you, Toro."

"Bye Midget."

Frank snorted at the mock-insult and pushed the 'End Call' button, before collapsing back on the bed and tossing the phone away. "Oh fuck."

"What is it?" Way asked, shifting so he was lying half on top of the smaller man, head resting on his chest and peering up.

The guitarist couldn't help but leaning forward, and kissing the man's nose, before lying back again. "I think we've just been outed."

"What? Why?" Gerard's eyes widened in alarm.

"I ran into Lindsey yesterday." Frank began to explain, only to be cut off again.

"Lindsey?" The mention of his ex-wife seemed to shake the singer more than Iero's previous announcement had. "Where?"

"She was at an art show. I thought I'd... I dunno, just look in, see how she was doing."

Way nodded. "She ok?" His eyes were downcast now, staring at Frank's chest instead of meeting his gaze.

"Yeah, I think so. We got talking anyway, and she asked if we were together."

Gerard nodded again. He knew that the woman had known about his feelings for Iero and wasn't surprised for her asking. What he wasn't expecting was the next bit.

"I said yeah, and she said she was happy for us."

The singer looked up at that. "Really?"

"Yeah." Frank smiled. "She was worried about you, I guess. What you'd do. She was glad you've moved on and aren't moping."

"That woman is amazing." Gerard laid his head down sideways in the other man's tattooed chest, running his fingers over the lines of the artwork that decorated the skin there.

During the hush that followed, Iero laid there, pretending that his heart wasn't being squeezed by the singer's last statement. He thought the older man had moved on, and loved him now, but that simple sentence began to sow doubts into his mind.

"Anyway, what were you saying? About being outed?" Way asked.

The guitarist cleared his throat before carrying on. "Well, we were talking, about you and me being together, and I guess someone heard. I don't know the details, but Ray just rang to tell me that the Net's gone mad."


"Yeah, oh."

"What do you want to do about... people knowing?" Gerard asked, tentatively.

"I dunno." Iero sighed heavily, thinking about what the older man had just said in reference to his ex-wife. "We can deny it, if you want. I mean, shit like this goes around all the time; they can't have any concrete proof."

"I guess..." Way's sentence trailed off. Then he turned his head again, to look his boyfriend in the eye. He looked oddly determined. "Look, Frank, if you don't want to, that's fine by me, but I don't want to deny it, ok? I want to say that, yes, it's true, because it fucking is. I want the world to know I belong to you and everyone else can be fucked."

Frank blinked at the resolution in the other man's voice. Then a grin broke out across his lips and he leaned forward to consume Gerard's mouth. "You don't belong to anyone." He half growled, pulling back.

The singer smirked. "That's what you think." And he dived back in for another kiss.

Their tongues met in the middle, and Iero wasted no time to begin sucking the other's, knowing it was something he liked. Gerard whined slightly, but it was a sound of an encouragement, not of discomfort. With his mouth still attached to Frank's, he got on all fours and crawled forward, allowing the guitarist to stop craning his neck to reach him.

The younger man relaxed back, but reached up to hold Way's head and keep their mouths connected. Apparently though, the singer had other ideas.

The moment Frank collapsed, he pulled back, ignoring his boyfriend's whine of protest. That disagreement was quickly swallowed; the older man began to kiss his way down the other's neck, giving the skin there the occasional nip or suck. Soon enough, Gerard's tongue had made a wet trail down the throat, and he was now dragging his mouth across the guitarist's collar bone, just above the dark lines of the tattoos there.

Iero expected him to trek back up his neck from there, back to where he knew the singer felt comfortable. Again though, Gerard surprised him, this time by stopping just beneath the hollow of his throat, and burying his nose into the small pit there. Frank's breathing hitched at the contact and he felt the press of Way's small teeth against his skin as the older man smiled.

This wasn't over yet however, as Gerard proved by smirking, and continuing to lick, bite, kiss, nip and suck his way down the guitarist's torso. Frank watched with dazed eyes at the sight in front of him, trying his hardest not to let his body betray exactly how much this was turning him on. The sensations, on top of the view he had of Way's small, pink tongue lapping at his skin, was entirely too erotic, and the younger man didn't wish to scare the other by being too forward. The strain became too much though, when Gerard bit down hard on his hip, right over the swallow that decorated it.

"No, Gee, don't." He sat up, despite really, really not wanting to, and pulled the singer with him.

"I want too." The singer whispered huskily, climbing into his boyfriend's lap with no hesitation. "I'm sick of this. Of being scared, of you not being able to touch me because I'm holding back. I want this Frank, I want you."

"Are you sure?" Iero raised an eyebrow, despite his body just screaming at him to get on with it, do something, do anything.

"Fuck, yes." Gerard grinned and rolled sideways, so he was on the bed next to Frank. He was only wearing a thin pair of pyjama pants, and they hung around his body loosely, giving the guitarist a sight that was hard to refuse. "Do whatever you want."

No one in their right minds would ever say no to that, and Iero was turned on enough as it was. He dived in, claiming the older man's mouth greedily. Their teeth clashed painfully, but the kiss was passionate and loving, despite it's fierceness.

Despite his bold words, Gerard's heart was pounding in his chest. He was nervous and scared. Part of him, didn't know why he was doing this - it was still scared to open up. But at the same time, he didn't want to let that one night - as awful as it had been - over-shadow the rest of his life. And if there was one person he was willing to open up for, it was the man currently kissing him as though he was the sole source of air on offer.

"I love you." Frank broke the kiss to announce. "And I'm gonna make you feel so good. Just tell me if you want me to stop." Way nodded, the guitarist grinned, and then ducked down again so their mouths meshed again.

The older man gasped into Iero's mouth as he pressed his hips down to rub against the singer's. The tattooed hands were moving too, trailing over the pale skin on show and leaving burning trails in their wake. Gerard pushed their mouths back together, and reached up to wrap his arms around Frank's body, fingers dancing across the warm skin. Tentatively, Way arched slightly, so the friction in their lower regions was increased with the push of his hips. This time, it was the guitarist's turn to gasp.

They continued to grind together on the bed, mouths working at one another's, as though trying to consume the other man solely through kissing. The rest of their bodies' were at work too - hands exploring with less inhibition than ever before, and hips grinding together. Frank was the first to break away from the kiss; his breathing increased tenfold by the sensations in his lower stomach. It had been what felt like forever since he'd last got off with another person, and now, rutting his cock against the singer's hip was providing a delicious friction. He could feel the burning heat of Gerard's own member pressing into his groin, even if it was through pyjama and sweat pants. Why they didn't just sleep naked was beyond him.

Iero rolled his hips slightly to the side, so their two dicks slid next to each other, the shared heat and pulsing feeling delicious. The older man gasped, and stilled his hands in their movement for a moment. Then slowly, but with definite intent, he allowed one to drift down Frank's body, towards their groins. The singer watched his hand disappear into the pants that the tattooed man was wearing, then his wrist and he searched for Iero's cock. Upon finding it, he wrapped his hand around the hot, throbbing organ and began to stroke it.

His movements were slow, and it was doing interesting things to the guitarist's breathing, and his facial expressions. He was emitting strangled noises, breathe occasionally hitching when Gerard made some movement or another, and the look upon Frank's face would have been hilarious, if it wasn't so hot. Way whined slightly, pressing his hips up to grind against the shorter man.

This seemed to bring him back to reality, as a few seconds later, the singer felt a hand on his own dick. He hissed in pleasure at the added warmth and friction.

"You ok?" Iero asked, face abruptly worried.

"Yeah," Gerard replied through gritted teeth. "But I won't be if you don't do something soon."

Frank grinned, and pressed their lips back together for a brief kiss. "What, do you mean like this?" He asked, before twisting his hand and dragging his thumb over the head of the other man's penis. Way's movements faltered as pleasure spiked through him.


The guitarist smirked, and leaned down again for another kiss, still moving his hand and sending shots of ecstasy through Gerard's body. After a few seconds, he remembered that his own hand was still on Frank's dick, and he began to jack the younger man off lazily.

As it turned out though, he had to give up again after a few minutes, as Iero seemed to be determined to make the singer lose his mind completely. The younger man seemed unable to settle for a particular movement, or rhythm, and was changing technique every few seconds. Sometimes he was slow, then fast. Then he'd focus on just the head of Gerard's cock, then only his balls. Then his own thigh was in between Way's legs and was grinding down softly as he jacked off the organ almost violently. The only thing that remained constant was how his tongue remained in Gerard's mouth, swirling around in there, and exchanging spit with the older man - reminding him that he was loved.

It was all too much, and the singed felt warmth pooling in his lower stomach far too soon for his liking. He pulled his mouth away, trying to warn Frank, but this only resulted in the tattooed hand moving faster. Way couldn't help the small scream that came out along with his orgasm, and Iero revelled in watching the view in front of him.

The sight of the singer coming undone like that was one of the Goddamn hottest things he'd ever seen, and that, coupled with the knowledge that the beautiful noises emitting from that pretty, pink mouth were all down to him, just made the whole damn thing more erotic.

"Fuck." Gerard panted when he was finally spent. "Fucking hell."

"Yep," Iero agreed, bringing his hand up and out of the older man's pants. It was covered in cum, predictably enough, but this didn't bother him. Quite the contrary infect.

Making sure to keep eye contact with Gerard, he brought the hand to his mouth, and began to trail his tongue across the sticky substance that dripped from it.

"Fuck." Way repeated, watching the show in front of him. Frank just grinned, and continued to lick.

"Glad you enjoyed." He replied, not breaking the gaze they held.

"Oh fuck." The third time he said it, the man's tone was different. The guitarist frowned, wondering what was wrong. "You haven't cum yet."

Frank shrugged. It was true, and in all honesty, it felt like his dick was on the verge of dropping off, but he didn't want to pressure Gerard into doing something he didn't want to, even if it had been the older man who stuck his hand down anyone's pants first.

"You fucking martyr." Way rolled his eyes, guessing at his boyfriend's reasoning behind this. "Come here."

Without waiting for a response, he pulled Iero's head down for yet another kiss. He wasted no time in getting his hand back down the guitarist's pants either, and began to run his hand all over the member there. He was too spent to do anything as elaborate as what Frank had done for him, instead just jacking him off fast and rough. Iero didn't exactly seen displeased at this though - in fact he came after only a few short minutes.

“Love you so Goddamn much.” The younger man panted, after collapsing on to his boyfriend’s chest.

“Love you too.” Gerard said happily, pressing a kiss to the soft hair a top Frank’s head.

They just lay there for a while, basking in the after glow, and enjoying the feel of the other’s warm body pressed against them.

“I’m gonna go shower.” Iero said after a while.

The singer rolled his eyes. He was quite happy to just lie there for another few hours, regardless of the bodily fluids drying on their skin. But then, he had been told more than once that he was a particularly disgusting member of the human race when it came to personal hygiene. Remembering back to the weeks on tour he’d spend without showering, he didn’t think that the criticism was completely unfair.

Frank pressed his lips to Way’s forehead, before climbing out of bed and going into the ensuite. Gerard vaguely debated following him, but to be honest, he was perfectly happy just lying where he was.

After the guitarist was done, the older man took his turn under the hot jets, letting the sweat and cum of the last hour wash off and down the drain. He felt better than he had in months – mentally and physically. It was a relief to know that he was clean from STIs after what had happened, and it made him feel even lighter knowing that Lindsey was happy for him having moved on. Even if it was her who had pushed the divorce through, Gerard had still felt guilty for moving on so fast. Now, he was free of that.

And there was more than that. As he’d told Frank, when he’d started sleeping with all those guys, the singer had been looking for comfort, for love, for the feeling of being wanted. The last one was the only one he’d achieved with those hook-ups and even the, it was only lust for his body, or the fact that the men knew they were screwing someone famous. Somehow, he hadn’t expected it to be that different with his band mate, but fucking hell was it.

Somehow, it made the whole thing ten times more enjoyable knowing that the other man actually loved him, cared for him and wanted him for more than his body or status. And they hadn’t even actually had sex. Gerard laughed. The act was tame compared to most of the stuff he’d done over the last few months, but he felt giddy now. He was riding a high he hadn’t experienced since the first days of his marriage to Lindsey.

Pleased with himself, he got out the shower, towelled off quickly and went into his bedroom to dig out some clothes. Frank had evidently began cooking – Way could smell the delicious scents drifting through from the kitchen. Still with that stupid grin on his face, the singer pulled on a pair of jeans. He didn’t bother with a top, just skipped (yes, literally skipped) into the other room, where Iero was standing by a frying pan piled high with scrambled eggs. The dogs had been let out of their run and were scampering around in their usual excitable manner.

Gerard crept up behind his boyfriend, trying his best to contain giggles and stay quiet.

Then, when he was right behind the younger man, he clapped his hands on his shoulder and shouted: “BOO!”

Frank jumped out of his skin, and whirled round to seen Way’s laughing face.

“Dude!” He laughed when the adrenaline had lessened a bit. “What is with you this morning?” He asked, wrapping his arms around the singer’s waist.

“Just happy.” Gerard replied, grinning like an idiot. “I mean, I’m clean, you love me, Lindsey’s not pissed, I’ve just had the most satisfying sex I’ve had in over a year. And did I mention I love you?”

“No, you didn’t.” Iero shook his head fondly, smiling widely. It was great to see his boyfriend this happy, and it was infectious.

“Life’s just brilliant.” The older man laughed, dancing away to peer out the window. “And the sun is shining!” He sung giddily.

“Have you taken E or something?” Frank half joked.

“Hmmmm...” The singer put a finger to his mouth, pretending to think. “Not unless you gave me some.” Then he burst into giggles again.

“I’m dating a lunatic, then.” The younger man laughed at the ridiculous sound that was coming from Gerard’s mouth. “You hungry?”

“Starving!” Way said, sitting down on the table. “Feed me!”

The guitarist laughed again, and piled some eggs on to a plate, which he then placed in Gerard’s lap, along with a fork.

“I said, feed me!” The man said, crossing his arms.

“You’re kidding, right?” Frank raised an eyebrow. Gerard just shook his head. “Alright then.” He grabbed the fork and piled egg on to it. “Here comes the plane!” He laughed, waving it around slightly before pushing it in Way’s open mouth. “You are crazy.”

“Says the man pretending a fork is a plane.”

“Shut up. If there’s one way to get a baby to eat!”

The rest of the morning was spent indulging in equally idiotic activities, as well as some heated kisses. Both men felt high, happiness making them giddy, and act ridiculous. The stupidity only ended at one in the afternoon, when the phone rang again.

“Bonjour!” Way answered without bothering to look at who was calling. Thankfully, it was only Ray.

“Wha-? You know what, never mind. I was just wondering if you guys know what you are going to do yet about the whole... outing via internet thing.”

“Que?” Gerard was momentarily stumped, until he remembered the conversation he’d had with Frank this morning before the mutual handjobs.

“You know, everyone losing their minds slightly because they think they know that you and Frank are dating?” Toro hedged, waiting for the news to click. The singer sounded like he was tripping on something, Ray wasn’t about to accuse him. He knew the other man wasn’t stupid enough to do that, and even if he was, Frank wouldn’t let him.

“Oh, that thing.” Way replied. The next bit sounded distant, as though he wasn’t speaking into the microphone. “Frankie, what are we gonna doooooo?”

“About what?” Ray heard the younger guitarist ask, his voice faint.

“The rest of the world.” Gerard again.

“Fuck them all up.”

“There we go then.” That bit was directed at Ray again, who shook head impatiently, despite the fact he knew that Way couldn’t see him.

“Can you put Frank on?” He asked.

“Sure thing, Afro-man!”

There was a moment of silence, then Iero’s only slightly saner voice sounded down the phone. “Hi.”

“Is Gerard high?” The elder guitarist couldn’t help himself from asking.

“Nope.” Frank replied. “Unless I’ve missed something major, which I don’t think I have. He’s just lost it slightly.” There was a short pause, then; “Ow!”

Way had just hit his boyfriend over the head.

“Look, what are you two gonna do about the rumours?” Ray asked, tired of this conversation already.

“I think we agreed that we were gonna confirm the rumours. Let the world know.”

“Are you sure?” Toro bit his lip. It wasn’t the answer he’d been hoping for – he would be lying if he said he wasn’t worried about what would happen to the band’s reputation if the two did decide to out themselves. It was selfish, he knew, but he didn’t like to think that they might lose fans over this. He was also scared for the two men, Gerard in particular. Fuck only knew what sort of abuse the couple would get for this. But then, the fans had long been used to the idiots kissing and groping each other on stage. And Judas Priest had been able to get away with having a gay frontman without too much shit. Not that My Chem was anything like Judas Priest, but whatever.

“Yep.” Frank replied without hesitation. “Let’s face it – it’s not going to be that much of a shock to the world, is it?”

“True.” Ray agreed. “Well, good luck. That’s all I’m gonna say man.”


“See you.”

“Bye, man.”

“We’re coming out?” Gerard was sitting an inch from the guitarist’s nose, and had sprung the question the second that Frank hung up.

“Yeah, I think it’s for the best. And you said you wanted to this morning.” Iero replied.

“I do. And we’re going to have to tell everyone at some point.” The singer nodded. “But... we’re gonna have to tell our parents. They’d be pissed to find out from some magazine or something.”

“Ah shit. I forgot about that.” Frank groaned, standing up. “Come on, let’s get it over and done with.”

“Flip a coin to see who’ll go first?” Way suggested as he got to his feet.

“Fuck no. You’re going first – you only have one call to make.”

“That doesn’t mean it’ll be any easier!” Gerard protested.

“Sure it does.” The guitarist shrugged. “You first.”

Way rolled his eyes, but went to retrieve his phone, then sat down with his boyfriend at the kitchen table. He found his mom’s number, pre-programmed into the device, then hesitated, thumb over the call button.

“It’s ok,” Frank said softly, leaning in to kiss the older man’s cheek. “You’ll be fine.”

“Shit. Can’t we just leave them to find out over the website?”

“No – as you said, they’d be pissed.”

Gerard took a deep breathe, looking as though he was preparing himself to leap off the edge of a cliff. “Right.” He said, then hit the green button. The phone rang once, twice, three times, four, five, before his mom finally picked up.

“Hello, sweetie.” She’d obviously checked the dial number.

“Hey, mom.”

“How are you?”

“I’m good.” Way closed his eyes, and felt Frank’s hand rest on top of his, offering silent comfort. “You?”

“Yeah, I’m great thanks honey. I suppose you’re calling about you and Frank?”

“What?!” Gerard’s eyes snapped open in surprise. “I mean, yeah, but how did you know?”

“I’m your mom, Gee. I know everything.” The woman replied cheerfully.

“Ma, you know I stopped believing that at the age of nine.” The singer rolled his eyes, though relief was washing over him.

“I don’t know why honey – it’s perfectly true.” Way could hear the laugh in his mother’s voice.

“Whatever you say.”

“Glad you agree.” Donna laughed happily. “Well, give my best to Frank, and your father says ‘hi’. Or at least he would do if he was about.”

“Where is he?”

“On the bog.”

Gerard grimaced. “I wish I never asked. Does he know about... Me and Frank?”

“Course sweetie. He’s happy for you too.”

“’Kay. Tell him I say ‘hi’ back.”

“Will do. And Gee?”


“You realise this means you and Frank are gonna have to come over for dinner some time soon?”

Way groaned. “Mom, he’s been round for dinner a million times before.”

“Yeah, but not as your boyfriend.”

“Whatever. Look, we have to call Frank’s parents now.”

“Bye-bye sweet cheeks. Love you.”

“Love you too.” Gerard grinned, then made a kissing noise down the phone, which made his mom laugh.

“See you soon.” Then she hung up.

“Well... That went well.” The singer laughed.

“Yeah, I heard.” Frank giggled. “Your mom is insane. I can see where you get it from now!”

“Ditto. Although, I kinda already knew she’s bonkers. I grew up with her.”

“True.” Iero laughed. “My turn now, I guess.”

He’d already gotten his cell, with both his parent’s numbers saved in them. Nerves were creeping up on him, but he swallowed them down. He knew both of them loved him, and they were hardly homophobic. All the same, admitting that Gerard was his boyfriend to them was something he’d rather not have to do. It couldn’t be avoided though.

He found his dad’s number first.

The older man picked up quickly enough.

“Hi son.”

“Hey dad.” Frank’s voice came out a little thick, but he cleared it and continued to talk. “How are you?”

“I’m good, I’m good. What’s up, you sound kinda... nervous?”

“Yeah, erm, I just thought I should let you know that... I’m going out with Gerard.”

There was an awkward, tense pause, and Iero cringed internally, dreading the reply.

“As in Gerard Way?” Was his dad’s first response.

“Well, how many other Gerards do we know?” Frank cringed again when his reply came out a little more sarcastic than intended.

His dad apparently wasn’t offended though. “Point. Well, good for you son.”

“Thanks, dad.”

“Well, what did you expect me to say? That you’re gonna burn in hell? Or that I wanna be your chief bride’s maid when you get married?”

Frank cracked up, all tension gone with his father’s dry jokes. “Well, obviously the bride’s maid one! I bet you’d look epic in one of those dresses!”

“Right back at you Frank.”

“Thanks, dad. For... you know.”

“Actually acting like a parent?”

“Pretty much.”

“Love you kid, don’t forget it.”

“I won’t. Bye.”

Gerard smiled as Frank hung up. “Well done.”

“Phew!” Iero collapsed back into his chair. “One down, one to go!” He let out a nervous laugh.

“Yeah, nearly there.” The singer smiled. “Come on, let’s go.”

Frank picked up the phone again, this time to find his mom’s number. This call was slightly less straining on his nerves, but only just. The conversation was easier though – like Donna, his mom seemed to be expecting the news, even if she didn’t put the words in the guitarist’s mouth, as Gerard’s mother had done. She did however, also insist that the two men would have to come over for dinner at some point. Well, Frank supposed it could be worse.

Then the only ones left to inform was the rest of the world.

The rest of the guys already knew about them being together, and there wasn’t any other family close enough for it to be considered rude for them to not have been informed by the couple themselves. Lindsey obviously already knew, as did Jamia from a conversation Frank had had with her in the early days of his and Gerard’s relationship.

“So, what are we gonna put?” Way asked, as he sat down next to the younger man on the couch, clutching his laptop.

“I dunno.” The guitarist frowned. “I don’t want it to be some big announcement, after all, it doesn’t actually have anything to do with the band.”

“It is kinda... big though.” Gerard pointed out.

“Only for us.” Iero shook his head. “It’s none of the rest of the world’s business.”

“I suppose.” The older man gazed at the screen in front of him. It was open on the My Chemical Romance page, with a small white box open at the top, ready for one of them to type in the message that would reveal their love to anyone who cared. “Right.”

The singer flexed his fingers and began to type.

'Ok, so rumours have been going around about this for years now, so this news probably won’t come as any big surprise to you guys. Last night, someone apparently over heard Frank, and my ex-wife talking and decided to put what they’d heard on the web. I’m sure they meant no harm, but the rumours went viral, and right now, I’m here to confirm what she heard. Me and Frank are dating. If you don’t like it, go fuck yourselves.

xoxo G

“Well, that works.” Frank said, having read the message over the other man’s shoulder. “Yeah, I like it. One thing missing though.”

He grabbed the laptop, and added a small message to the bottom.

'And this whole thing is no one’s business but ours. It doesn’t affect the band anymore than the marriage to our wives did.


Gerard hummed his approval at the small addition to the post. “So publish it?”

Iero frowned, reading it back to himself. “Go for it.”

The singer clicked the button on screen, and the message transferred itself down to the website, free for anyone to see. Frank felt a small buzz of pride, and let a smile split across his face.

“Well, that’s it.” He said softly.

“Yeah, it is.” Way’s grin from earlier was back, and he ducked his head to press his lips to his boyfriend’s. “Now everyone knows. I don’t have to hide just how much I fucking love you.”

Frank leaned forward to capture the singer’s lips. The laptop was pushed aside, so the men could lie horizontally on the couch, and devour one another’s mouths. They remained this way for ten minutes, before Gerard pulled away.

“I wanna see what people are saying.” He explained, sitting up again, and grabbing the computer.

The guitarist huffed, but didn’t protest – he was interested too.

Way opened the reply section to the message, which somewhat astoundingly already had over a thousand responses. The two men to leaned forward to read the posts fans had made.


Was the first, imaginative one, posted barely a second after they’d published the message.

'I knew it! Congratulations guys – you’re perfect for each other!'

Frank couldn’t help but snort at that. After all, this person had never met them, how the fuck would she know if they were suited to one another. That said, he didn’t disagree.

'this is why i love u guys! ur not afraid to say wat the fuck you want and society be damned!'

'omg. Frerard is real!'

'well done! i love my chem whatever, but its great to know you guys are happy'

'I knew this would happen one day! Congrats, Frank and Gee!'

And on and on and on. Obviously, they didn’t read all of the replies; they were coming so fast that it would have been impossible anyway.

As they read on, Frank found himself becoming happier and happier. Their fan base was epic. Around ninety-nine percent of the posts were positive, and those that weren’t mostly said that the writer thought this was a stupid publicity stunt. There were one or two that were homophobic, but they were so vastly out numbered by the ‘congratulation’ and ‘well done's that those really didn’t bother Iero.

“This is fucking awesome.” Gerard laughed. “We have the best fans in the entire fucking world.”

“True, very true.” The guitarist replied. “You know what? Right now, I don’t think that life cold get any better.”

“You know what?” Way replied. “I couldn’t agree more.”

Nuns being outed.
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