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9. Art College

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Today is the day I officially move in with Annie. I would like to stay with Harry, but it's just too soon. We're not even a couple yet! We're just dating. But I'll visit because, I have a feeling I'll miss him. 
I'm just glad I didn't fully unpack because, phew, that'd be horrible. 
"it was nice having you around Edith." he says as we load his car with my stuff. 
"I like being around." I smile at him admirably. 
"do you have to leave now?" he says closing the back door. 
"I don't want to." we both meet half way and hug tightly. 
"let's do something before I drop you off."
"like what?" 
"I dont know! As long as we spend time together I don't care." he kisses my lips lightly. 
"um, let's just sit. And enjoy each others company." I say taking hold of his hands. 
"alright, that sounds good." he nods and pulls me up the stairs into the house. We sit and inhale and exhale at the same time and look at each other for a few minutes without talking. 
"you know, I just remembered, I use to have a septum ring." I brake the pleasant silence. That was a random thought. 
"really? That's so weird!"
"why is it weird?"
"I dont know, I've always found that peircing interesting and weird. Why'd you take it off?"
"well, I don't like remembering why, nor do I like to talk about it. Let's just say it got infected and the nurse had to take it off."
"ouch. Okay." then we stay silent again. I lie down and rest my head on his lap. He strokes my short hair and gives me a small head massages that make me relax and help me forget the thought of my past. 
"get up" he says tapping my head. 
"I want to lay down too." so I do as he says and he lies down. I lay down next to him and rest my head on his chest as he now strokes my bare arm. I hear his relaxed breathing and focus on his heart beat. I've been awake since 7am so I soon drift off into a light sleep. 
"hey Edith. Wake up." I hear someone say in my ear. I feel someone shake me and I open my eyes. It was Harry standing in front of me. 
"how'd you get out if I was on top of you?"
"I pushed you to the ground and your head made this loud thump on the floor. Then I picked you up again and threw you on the couch!"
"that's exactly what I was thinking." I role my eyes and giggle. "how long was I asleep?"
"like 45 minutes." he sits down on the other couch eating a bowl of oatmeal. 
"what time is it now?"
"oh.. Okay." I get up and stretch. 
"you're friend called. She was asking what time you're getting to her house. She said to call her back."
"alright." I grab my phone from the coffee table and call. 
"hey Annie. I guess I can go now.." I look at Harry who half smiles. "hold on, do you know where Toberman and Branch is?" I ask Harry. He nods. "okay, he knows. Bye." I hang up and plop down on the couch. 
"did you fall asleep too?" I ask. 
"yeah. For a while. Then I heard your phone."
"oh. Um, shall we go?" I get up and extend my arm. He grabs my hand and gets up, "I guess so." and we walk out of his house. 

In the car we drove in silence but we kept our hands together. And when we arrived, Annie was already outside. 
"how'd you know I was coming?" I ask as I approach her and give her a hug. 
"I didn't. It was coincidental. I'm just chillin outside like a villain."
"nice." this neighborhood isn't all bad. It's pretty decent but it's nothing like where Harry lives. There's only apartments here. The building isn't all bad either. It's a classy building. It reminds me of Paris because of the light burgundy color, the grape vines growing on the building and the lighting inside is fancy and romantic like. 
"help your boyfriend out! Don't be such a douche!" she shoves me and Harry hits his head on the car at the name "boyfriend." 
"are you okay?"
"yeah I'm good. You don't have to help its fine."
"aww." we hear Annie say as she takes a suit case with her. Harry and I blush. 
"it's okay, I'll help." so I also grab a suitcase and follow Annie with Harry carrying the other two smaller suitcases. 
"what floor is your apartment?" I ask her as we wait for the elevator. 
"the top floor. And it's a condo ahem." 
"look who's cool." the elevator arrives. We step in and listen to this lame elevator music as we wait to get to the top floor. 
"here we are." we step out and her door is just a few feet away. She opens the door and we go inside and we're invaded with the sweet smell of lavender. 
"wow, you have a cool place." her condo is big and I remembered that lavender was her favorite color and smell. Her house was the color lavender and she had pretty flowers all around. I set the suit case down and entered her living room. She has one big floral print couch and another smaller grassy green one and has a huge window that displays the whole city. She has posted vintage paintings around her living room. Her whole house reminds me of a garden. 
"this is your own place?" I ask and go inside her room. Her room is pretty, bigger than the average and is similar to her living room with a balcony. On the other wall next to the balcony is another door. 
"yeah, I use to live with a friend but she moved out so now it's all mine and yours. And if you step in through this door, is your room." She opens it up and it is another room with a bigger balcony and it is also bigger than average size but smaller than hers. The walls are red and it has lights hanging from the ceiling and it makes a pretty entrance to the balcony. 
"my friend painted it red. I dont know if you want to paint it a different color. Oh and this room has its own restroom."
"this room is perfect. Thank you." I hug her and soon after, Harry joins us in the room.
"wow, this room is perfect for you." he inspects the room and opens up a door opposite from the balcony to find a large closet. He walks to the other side and opens up another door that leads outside into the living room.
"perfect storage space too." he comes back and steps out into the balcony where Annie and I join him. 
"girl you have everything here Annie."
"I know." she says confidently. 
We here a phone beep.
"shit, I have to go Edith. I forgot I need to be at the studio. I'll call later." he kisses me for a long time. 
"aww." we hear Annie say again and that's when he lets go. 
"okay, do you want me to go downstairs with you?"
"I rather you not. Because then it'll be hard for me to leave."
"aww." and this time, I'm the one that says it and kiss him. We walk out of the room and stop at the front door. 
"goodbye." he says and hugs me once more. 
"it was nice meeting you." Annie calls as he steps out. 
"goodbye Annie." we head back in and go out to her balcony. 
"he's a sweet guy." she takes out a cigarette and lights it up as we take a seat on the ladder thats on the balcony. 
"I know." I sigh and look out at the sky. 
"okay so, we have a long day. I want to show you around New York."
"alright. What time?"
"let's go now. And then I want to show you where I go to school."
"you're still in school?" 
"yeah. I'm studying to be a professional photographer. I'm just working in a photography group slash window display artist kind of thing that pays well and gave me this sweet condo. I'm living better than ever. Have my dream job AND get to live with my long lost cousin. How much does God love me?"
"a whole lot!" I grin and high five her. 
"c'mon. Let's go." She takes another puff off her cigarette and throws it out as we make our way out of the building. 
"let's go walking. It's so much funner." she puts on her Lennon sunglasses and takes me into a store where they sell shoes. 
"this store is expensive."
"right? Let's go somewhere else. Let's go to Time Square." we walk out and we walk for another few minutes till we hit Time Square. We're surrounded by huge buildings and big screen TV's and taxis. There are taxis everywhere. And there is also many weird people. She pulls me next to this robot-ish guy and takes a picture. 
"thanks!" she says and high fives the guy. Then we keep looking up at the sky. 
"this place is so freaking cool." 
"I know right? That's why I came to live here. Let's keep walking." we cross the street and keep walking up the street and pass many restaurants and different kinds of people and shoes stores as well as art museums and modeling agencies, tailor shops, etc. it's just crazy here. Before I would always compare Los Angeles to New York. Now I see that they are completely different. 
We keep walking and going up, down, side to side, upside down many streets and we end up in the Brooklyn bridge. 
"wow, this is so amazing." I look down at the ocean and the horizon as the mid 2 o' clock sun shines through the city. 
"what are all these locks for?"
"they're like, promises and stuff like that. A lot of people get engaged and proposed to here."
"that's sweet. Where to now?"
"hmm," she checks her watch, "time to get the ferry to my art college."
"cool, perfect." we go down the Brooklyn bridge to wait for the ferry. 
Inside the ferry, there isn't many people. There is a couple talking at a far seat. A mother and a child looking over the ocean. Some pedestrians and a boy who caught my attention. He can't be younger than 19 but isn't older than 24. He has shoulder length jet black hair and is dressed in all black and from what I see, he is really pale. But I can't tell because he's sketching something on a notebook and I can't see his face very clearly because his hair is blocking the view.
"hey look." Annie says and makes me turn around away from the sight of this boy to look at something in the sea. 
"that bird is hurt." she points at it. It is sitting on the edge of the ferry almost falling. 
"aww poor bird." she puckers her lips in pitty. She's always had this thing for birds. 
The ferry comes to a stop and I turn around to exit. The minute the door opens, this mysterious guy steps out immediately. 
"let's go." Annie says and engages her arm with mine. We walk into the street and wait for the light to turn green and this guy is standing right in front of us. 
We keep walking up the street and take the same directions as this guy, just that he is a good 10 feet away. 
"here we are, my art college." we arrive at this big, very illustrated art college. We enter, just like this mysterious guy but he goes a different way so I lose track of him and eventually he's out of my mind. 
"what are we going to do here?"
"we're just going to pick up some stuff from my locker and some paint and a camara." we walk down a hall and stop in front of a locker. Down the hall, I see a young guy posting up some flyers. When he notices us, he comes running to us. 
"here you go." he says and gives me a flyer. 
"t'sup Annie. Coming to our gig next next Saturday?"
"hell fucking yeah. Oh and this is my friend Edith who WILL come with me. Edith, this is Josh. He also works with me and is my best bro in school. 
"hey." he says and shakes my hand. 
"nice meeting you. Is this your band, My Chemical Romance?"
"oh no, they're opening for us. Mine is The Rolling Junks." 
"oh interesting name. What genre?"
"post hardcore." he says tall and proud. "my brother is the singer. I play drums."
"that's cool. Can't wait to hear you guys."
"can't wait to see you there." he adds a winks. 
"oh shut up Josh. Get lost. She has a boyfriend okay?"
"don't matter. I can still try and get in her pants." I gasp. 
"excuse me?" 
"get lost Josh!" she shoves him and he leaves laughing. 
"don't listen to him. He's just a desperate douche. Don't fall for him."
"I sure won't. Fucking retard."
"wait let me see that.." I hand her the flyer. "My Chemical Romance is opening. That's pretty rad."
"who are they?"
"They're a fucking cool band. The singer comes to this school. I just don't know his name nor have I ever talked to him. I always forget his name. Gerd..something. I don't know. He doesn't really talk to anyone here."
"oh." I nod and we keep walking down the hall and enter a painting room where Annie grabs a bag of paint and then we step out into another room where she grabs a camera. She shows me the campus and talks about the school a little more before we head out. 
In the distance, I think I see this mysterious guy again ahead of us in the main gate stepping into a van. A short dude holding a guitar opens the door and he steps inside. 
"oh you saw those guys Edith?!"
"the one with the van?"
"yeah! That was My Chemical Romance!" she points as the van makes a right turn. The whole van is tagged with graffiti and on the side it says My Chemical Romance 
"that is the best name anyone can ever come up with." she says as we wait for a taxi. 
"that is a pretty interesting name. Can't wait to know what they sound like."
Annie was able to fetch a taxi for us and we step inside to head home. 

"phew, what a long day." she plops down on the couch with a bottle of water. 
"I thought you'd be into all this puck scene." I sit down on the arm of the couch. 
"I am. Why do you say?" 
"well I know you are but your house says a whole different story."
"dude, I'm a fucking artist. I can be creative with my house if I want. Sheesh! Besides, I also love vintage shit."
"I can tell. Well your house is beautiful anyway." we hear a beep coming from her laptop that's sitting by the window. 
"ooh! It's a video call from Carlos!" she says and sits down on the floor. 
"let me answer!" I push her and take her place. 
"hey Carlos!" I yell in front of the video camera and his face goes pale. 
"dude!!!!! Wow! I miss you so much!!"
"I do too! Oh Carlos!" I shed a tear just from the sight of him. It brings me back memories. 
"Edith! It's been so lonely without you."
"ugh I feel lonely without you! I haven't been waking up to your coffee smell."
"well pass me Annie! I'm going to tell her to brew coffee for you." he says angrily in a playful way but when Annie pops up on the screen, his face soften as well as his smile. 
"hey sweetheart." she says in a sweet voice. 
"hey darling. Ready to kiss?"
"of course." they both lean in and kiss the camera. 
"that's how you guys kiss?"
"it's the closest we can get. Shut up." she flicks me off and turns back to the camera with her pretty little eyes. I watch as they talk about their day and decide to join them. 
"mind if I join?" I ask and sit next to her. 
"not at all." Carlos replies and we all end our day video chatting about the crazy stuff that has happened. 
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