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Professional Griefers Video = JIZZZZ

by AlteredStateOfMind 7 reviews

I'm sorry, I just need to share my thoughts before my mind explodes. Let me know what you thought of the video as well :3

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Before you roll your eyes and virtually slap me, yes. I'm going to be that person. And I'm never that person so leave me alone and let me share my thoughts.

So, when I saw MCR's tweet today that the music video for Professional Griefers had been released, I literally squealed and simultaneously sobbed because I couldn't watch it right there and then. Longest. Hour. Of. My. Life.

Anyway, I watched it as soon as I got home and my thoughts:

I don't know about you guys, but I actually loved the song when I first heard it a couple months ago (when it leaked online). And that's saying something because I REALLY don't like dubstep, but I just think this song is so catchy and the lyrics are mind-fuckingly amazing. Most people are all "MCR's selling out and Gerard's going mainstream blahblahfuckingblah". I on the other hand couldn't disagree more. I think it's so awesome that Gerard decided to do a collaboration like this. It was risky, which is basically Gerard's definition, but I've seen nothing but positive feedback from people. This is great for both MCR and DeadMau5 'cause they're exposing their fans to something they may have never explored before. And if you try to analyze the lyrics the way I have been trying to for countless weeks, Gerard's kinda bashing the whole "dubstep party scene". I could be wrong, but that's one of the messages that came across to me.

Okay, so back to the video.

I love it so much. I think it looks amazing, and I love the concept. I feel like they might have used the whole UFC fighting thing to portray the way music genres "fight" amongst each other, in a sense. The way kids are always like "my music's better than your music" is very similar to the way UFC fighters have these pointless battles for brainless peoples' amusement.

I also love the fact that no one technically "won" per say. Even though it says that DeadMau5 wins at the end, the robotic cat (which was awesome, by the way) destroys his robot so it's kind of a tie.

Aside from my brain being all analytical and stuff, Gerard was so freaking adorable in this! He kept making all this cute facial expressions and using his crazy hand gestures like always, and augh. I'm gonna rewatch it a million more times just for that, haha.

So yeah, I wanna know what you guys thought about the video/song so let me know in a review :3

Hope you all are having fantastic days.


(oh and PS. MCR's new logo got me so pumped up for the new album. I can't wait!)
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