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Fool Like Me (Love Me)

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So what if Gabe Saporta crashes cars and blows-up mailboxes? GABEKEY one-shot. Read, review, rate and feel my love! :P

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Fool Like Me (Love Me)

“So, uh, um. Want a blowjob?”

“No! What I want, Gabriel Eduardo Saporta, is for you to stop /ruining my life!/”

Gabe’s sheepish smile evaporates like an oasis shrivelling into the scorching sand of the desert at the realisation of just how pissed Mikey is.

What causes the realisation?

Well, there are three points that spring to the forefront of Gabe’s fast-thinking mind. Firstly, Mikey refused his offer of a blowjob; something that his boyfriend has never before done. Secondly, his boyfriend called him by his full name instead of ‘Gabe’ or ‘Babe’ or any of the other numerous pet names that Mikey has bestowed upon Gabe since becoming his boyfriend two years ago. Thirdly, Mikey actually sounds and looks and smells (or at least Gabe thinks he does, but that could just be his imagination) /angry/. Not full of love, not caring, not happy, not even fucking robotic like he is ninety-nine percent of the time; just angry.

“That’s a little strong, don’t ya think, Mousey?” Gabe bats his eyelashes in a way that’s meant to make him look innocent and completely lovable, but Mikey just crosses his arms, glaring Gabe down so harshly that the older bassist is half-tempted to curl up into the foetal position to protect his vital organs from any shrapnel that an exploding Mikey Way might generate. “All I did was-“

“All you did?”

Mikey lets out a laugh, but it’s not the kind of laugh that makes Gabe think he’s off the hook like his boyfriend’s laughter normally indicates. It’s the kind of laughter that’s all brittle and stiff; the kind that makes Gabe feel like the oncoming apocalypse is coming on pretty fucking fast and right his way.

“/All you fucking did?/ You drove my car into a fucking tree, Gabe!”

Gabe winces at the fierce bark, the venomous hiss ironically reminding him of the sound that the engine of Mikey’s car made when it refused to start up again after making contact with the great big oak tree at the side of their driveway. He reaches out to put a placating hand on Mikey’s anger-shaken shoulder, but the younger quickly brushes it off.

Ouch, Gabe thinks, Mikey’s lack of want for his contact making his entire body sting more than that one time Mikey’s big brother threw him into a patch of poison ivy for something that Gabe can’t even remember doing. Or maybe he can, he just doesn’t want to. Back to the point, though; Mikey doesn’t want Gabe touching him and Gabe can’t handle that, can’t get his head around the idea that the love of his life is pissed enough with him to not want or allow his contact.

‘Ouch’ doesn’t even start to cover it. Not even close.

“Look, I’m real sorry about that, Mousey.” He tries to offer a little smile, but it’s soon shot down by the icy fire in Mikey’s narrow eyes. “I know I should’ve asked before I borrowed the Mikey-Mobile and that I probably shouldn’t have been drunk when I did, but I’m real sorry.”

His tone is strained by the weight his sincerity holds and he’s hoping, praying that it’s enough for him not to be sleeping alone on their couch tonight. Sleeping without his best friend and boyfriend snuggled up in his arms like his own personal teddy. No, not teddy; his own personal princess.

Um, prince.

After a few moments of a somehow dangerous silence, Gabe dares to look up from his bright purple Converse to see Mikey. Or rather, to see that Mikey’s massaging his temples as though he’s a trainee teacher in a room full of rowdy teenagers. In short; Mikey isn’t angry anymore, he’s despairing. And Gabe’s not sure what that means, which scares the shit out of him.

The elder gingerly steps forward a little, forcing Mikey to whip his head up and stop trying (in vain) to rub the tension out of his head. For his part, Mikey still looks pretty pissed, but Gabe knows him well enough to know that it’s a mask hiding the fact that Mikey’s lost, that Mikey doesn’t know what to do anymore. And Gabe hates that.

No; he hates himself for causing it.

“It’s not just that, though, Gabe.” The younger adult sighs, walking away to slump onto the couch where Gabe follows him like a lost little puppy on a stormy night. Gabe looks down at him with shaky eyes, begging to be told what else he’s done so that he can fix it and get to the make-up sex. Lots and lots of make-up sex. “You’re a fool, Gabriel! My dad warned me about people like you, to stay away from fools like you. Did you know that my mom hangs up whenever she sees it’s you calling?”

“That bitch.” Gabe mutters, then, “Huh,” because there’s nothing else he can really think to say.

It’s no secret that the entirety of the Way family, other than Mikey and occasionally Gerard, hate Gabe Saporta. Not just in the kind of way that potential in-laws should do, but in the kind of way that Gabe refuses to be left alone with Mrs Way through fear that she will murder him without any shade of mercy or remorse.

So the agony emanating from his torn-apart heart isn’t from the idea, or rather, the fact that Mikey’s family hate him; it’s from the idea that Mikey’s not trying to deny it like he normally does, the idea that Mikey’s using it against him.

Yeah, definitely more than ‘ouch’.

“You blew up my mailbox when you first met me.” Mikey deadpans, as though it explains everything that’s happened in the history of ever. “You fucking blew up my goddamn mailbox. I should’ve known you’d be trouble.”


“My mailbox! What made you think that was a good idea? What on Earth possessed you to-”

“Look, I was just kidding about that.” Gabe tries to chuckle, but at seeing Mikey’s expression it turns into a squeal of almost-terror. “Besides, I was madly in love with the boy across the street. I had to get his attention somehow.” He sees a flicker of a grin ghost across his beloved’s face, and so dares to add on; “Well it worked, didn’t it? You were blowing me by the time we’d managed to put out the flames.”

“Wow, I think we must be the most romantic couple I know.”

Mikey’s tone is so void of all emotion that Gabe doesn’t know whether to take it as Mikey laughing with him at the first memory he has of them being together, or whether he should take it as Mikey using sarcasm to convey how mad he is that Gabe only ever seems to mess things up with Mikey. Everyone says it, that Mikey should leave his ass because Gabe just doesn’t deserve someone as patient and kind and as all-round awesome as Mikey fucking Way.

He’s never thought of it like that. Always thought of them as equals, or at least on the same page. Not once has Gabe ever found himself questioning whether he deserves or is good for Mikey like he is right now.

“C’mon, Mousey. Don’t be mad.”

Gabe finally starts to breathe again, it feels like the first time since he crashed the car this morning, when Mikey doesn’t shrug off the arm that drapes itself gently around his angular shoulders. Angular, but yet oh-so-perfect for cuddling.

“I’m not mad, I just-“

Gabe lets out a wry laugh, accompanied by a look that clearly says ‘oh really’.

“Okay, maybe I am. But I think I’m allowed to be.” Mikey pauses, looking around the room for some form of approval from anything at all with regards to his anger. His big brown eyes settle on the worn-out old dog bed in the corner of the living room. “Hell, I didn’t even get mad when you ran my dog over with your bike. I’m making up for lost time.”

“I’m sorry.” And Gabe really is, because if there’s one thing he can’t stand it’s an animal in pain. “But he’s still got three legs, he’s gonna be just fine.”

“You know what my friends say, Ray and Frank and that lot?” Gabe shakes his head but isn’t nearly as scared as he thinks he should be; largely because his Mikey is now leaning against him, nestled into his chest, exhausted by the unusual exertion of being cross. “They say they can’t understand how I can be with you.”

“And what do you say?”

Mikey squirms to be looking up at Gabe’s inquisitive face, both pairs of deep chocolate eyes feeding off one another for forgiveness and apologies. Before any anger can flare up again, Gabe swoops down and plants a peck on Mikey’s nose, then moves onto his lips and lets it linger for a few seconds before pulling away so that Mikey can answer.

“That I know you aren’t gonna change anymore.” Mikey does nothing to stop the soft, almost sleepy, smile that claims his face. “I don’t even think that you can.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Gabe asks, half scared that this is Mikey’s way of warming up for dumping him.

No. Not his Mikey. He won’t lose his Mikey.

The thought, the very inkling, that he could possibly be facing losing the best thing to ever happen to him, makes Gabe bundle his boyfriend tighter in his arms, making it almost impossible for Mikey to breathe. It’s when Mikey doesn’t try to free his lungs that Gabe lets himself relax a little, but only a little.

“It means,” Mikey whispers, gazing at Gabe with his fucking pretty eyes that can make Gabe feel anything that Mikey Way wants him to feel. Right now it’s guilt. Guilt and suspense and pure thankfulness for having a guy like Mikey Way with a fool like him. “It means that I love you. God, you’re an idiot, but you’re my idiot. And I wouldn’t change that for the world.”

Gabe just stares, gazes, at his boyfriend. Completely awed and flawed by what he’s hearing, unsure of how to respond because anything he could possibly say would never even start to cover how lucky he feels to be him. All because he has Mikey Way. He’s blown up his mailbox, ran over his dog, crashed his car and many other things that only a fool like Gabe could manage doing, but Mikey’s still here. Mikey’s still with him, belongs to him.

Now if that isn’t love, Gabe doesn’t know what is. And nor does he want to know, because he’s perfectly happy thinking that this is it.

“What’re you thinking?” Mikey mumbles quietly into Gabe’s neck, feeling a little nervous about the stretching silence that his own little speech caused to swamp them in.

“That I know I’m a grown-ass man who still acts like an idiot and Lord knows that I don’t deserve you. He must have been in a good mood that day, when He let a guy like you choose to take a fool like me.” This time it’s Mikey who starts the kiss, heading straight for the lips and making it a chaste but passionate affair, like only Mikey knows how. Like how Gabe loves it. “I just got eyes for you.”

They sit, Mikey curled up into Gabe, like that for a good twenty minutes. Mikey thinks about all the things he loves about Gabe and about how they easily outweigh his idiotic (and somewhat hilarious) tendencies. Gabe thinks about all the ways that he could change to be what everyone thinks Mikey deserves and about how he’ll never make those changes because that isn’t /him/, isn’t the man that Mikey Way owns.

“So,” Mikey says when the silence goes from comfortable and sweet to ever so slightly dull and not-them. “Offer still open?”

“What offer, Mousey?” Gabe responds, gently trawling his slender fingers through Mikey’s dark hair like it’s a precious little kitten that needs protecting from the world.

“The blowjob one.”

“Always, Mousey. That offer will be open to you until I stop being a fool like me.”

A/N: So, a while back I got asked to write a one-shot based on ‘Fool Like Me’ by Cobra Starship. And, despite the long-ass delay, it has managed to materialise. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think!

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