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Final Fantasy XIII - 2. (fanfic)

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A work in progress. Fan fic.

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Our story being in a far off place, my name is Noel Kriss. I am from the far future 700AF. If you don't know what AF means then I will tell you, AF means After the Fall of Cocoon. Cocoon fell from the skies and was heading straight for my planet of Gran Pulse. Cocoon did not collide with Gran Pulse because a crystal pillar appeared within a matter of minutes from the collision.

Now on with my story.

700AF the world was mostly a dead place which is why the locals of my town called it the Dying World, I was full of energy, my friend Ciaus was training me to be a better hunter. And on this day I woke early, although you wouldn't have guessed that from the look outside, once I had pulled myself out of bed I dressed immediately, there was a knock at my door, but before I could even get to the door, crash, the door was sent flying from the frame and Ciaus walked in "Noel, are you still in bed?" he shouted, I rushed out of my room looking at Ciaus, I had to crank my head up a little to look him in the face. Well, most people did with him being 6"1, Ciaus's hazel eyes met mine before he spoke again, "its Yeuls birthday, we're going to be having a feast, I think its time to put your skills to the test." I looked surprised at him, not even able to manage to speak back to him, I nodded my head, that moment he turned around to face the door, well the hole in my house where my door was. His shoulder length lilac hair fluttered with the feathers on his headband from a breeze as he walked outside into the darkness.

I had to think where I would be able to catch a beast for the feast for Yeul, before thinking everything through I grabbed my folded up trident and placed it in the sheath on my back before placing my stiletto dagger in my leg sheath, these are my reliable weapons of choice. I pulled the door back to where it should be and not up against the wall, I turned around to see some of the viillagers talking, not paying any attention to them I headed out into the wastelands knowing that wild Greater Behemoths roam. I recently added an attatchment to my back sheath holding my trident, I pull a cord and it unleashes into the air where it unfolds and im capable of catching it. I quickly tested it to make sure it still worked, and no surprise it still worked.

Ciaus had named my weapons Flame Fossil because of the blades having reddened tips on the blade and trident. I headed into the wastelands keeping my hands close to my stiletto dagger and release cord, I walked slowly through the wasteland, I could hear a loud crunching of bones from ahead closely followed by the smell of blood. I pulled the cord releasing my Flame Fossil trident into the air as it extended to its half length as I grasped my hand around the handle.

In the far shadows I could see the outline of a huge beast, I wasn't sure if it was the beast I as hunting for or not, I took a step closer to the huge preditor as it was feasting on its latest kill. I was focusing on everything I had learnt from Ciaus, to control my breathing and to wait until the moment is right to attack if im not attacked before. That moment the huge beast raised its head from the dead carcus and looked directly at me. I could now see this was one of the many Greater Behemoths its extremely long ears that travelled down half the length of its body, its tiny piercing black eyes just inches down from its ears, the monstrous fangs filling its mouth just below its canine nose.

The great beast started pounding its way towards me, within a few seconds the Behemoth would be right on top of me. I had to think fast about my course of action. I started running straight for the Behemoth, once the beast was almost on top of me I slid down under the beast holding my trident up as I was sliding under the Behemoth. My trident pierced through the Behemoths flesh, once I came out of the other end of the Behemoths body I rolled up onto my feet, looking at the Behemoth as it collapsed onto the floor with its insides pouring out.

I was so proud of myself for my first solo hunt. I placed my Flame Fossil sword and trident back into the sheaths. With a flash of purple, there stood Ciaus looking directly at me before speaking to me, "i see you have found the main course for the feast. Dont worry about getting it back ill take it." I was so excited I wasn't shocked at Ciaus's sudden appearance. I spoke back full of excitement "Ciaus did you see it?" I asked him. All he did was was nod in reply before walking over to the Behemoth, he put his hand onto the Behemoths head and with a sudden flash the beast and Ciaus had disappeared.
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