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Casting Roles

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No, this is not an audition. Yes, it is casting. *Two Parts Added*

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Valerie Mottborough- emo Alice
Ria-Lize Mottborough- Val's sister, Zak's love interest
Gerard Way- Vampire Prince, aka The Good Guy
Frank Iero- March Hare
Mikey Way- White Rabbit
Ray Toro- That caterpillar dude
Bob Bryar- Gerard's bodyguard
Danilisia Trixie- Mad Hatter
Megan Holmes- Gerard's advisor and Val's love interest
Zak Raymond- Cheshire Cat, werewolf and Ria's love interest
Oli Sykes- Angel Prince, aka The Bad Guy
Hayley Williams- Tweedledum
Tay Jardine- Tweedledee
Austin Carlile- Oli's bodyguard
Pete Wentz- Jabberwocky
Kellin Quinn- Bayard (on Gerard's side)
Lorna Lee- Kellin's girlfriend

You won't understand this right now, and that's completely acceptable. Let's just say I have a bit of a story coming up and I felt like you needed to know who's gonna be who. And I might share a few lines from this fic:

"God, Valerie, don't you own any normal clothes?!"

"Reality can fucking fuck the fuck off and let me go back to sleep."

"Holy shit- Ria. Look at the dude."

".... How the hell did we end up in front of a mirror?"



Random 5:42 PM Update: So, I was listening to SWS today and decided Kellin needed to be in this and that I needed Lorna to be his girlfriend because perfection. Okay.
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