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This is what happens when Cian is angry.

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Hey people: suicide isn't a joke.

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Responding to Judge's post, I'm really angry. What he said. . . just. . .that makes me. . . upset. He's being biased and ignorant. For those who saw this and was like 'Da fuq? Allie changed genders??!', she recently took her life. The comment about killing yourself and getting over it, that set me off. I mean for fuck's sake! People need to think before they say something like that! I know I'm not perfect and I did say that MCR saving your life was bull. Coming from a kid who just lost his sister. . I mean they didn't. Whatever. I'm trying not be a jerk but it's true.

If this 'Judge' guy had something to back his claims or opinions up, I'd try to reason with him. But he doesn't which makes me wanna kick his balls in.

Violent thoughts aside I'm not doing this for attention. I introduced myself because I thought you'd want to know what happened. I appreciate the words, about you guys caring. And talking about the bullying and cutting being cliche and fake? No bro, for a couple years Allie and I have had to endure being thrown facefirst in lockers, being stomped on and hit, and being called many names that I'm not going to say. I'm not exaggerating I'm telling it how it is.

None of this is something to joke about. Self harm is serious. It's a cry for help. Suicide shouldn't be taken lightly. I can't tell you how much pain I'm going through. All I'm saying is that you should take a walk in that someone's shoes before you make comments like that. Suicide isn't something you can take back. It's game over. No retries.

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