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Alex finds it hard to resist the suspect.

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Hey guys, guess whos back ,with awesome news may I add. Brace yourselfs..I GOT YOU ME AT SIX TICKETS OMG WAAH DWHSKJNSDC,NSDsdergfqedfwqefg23fe Ahem..Anyway this is a little steamy and less cute, ooooh enjoy:-)

I sigh once more as I pushed the button for the elevator, tapping a stileto clad foot against the cold marble floor of the BAU reception area, I had been called in to interview a murder suspect, as I had been known to be one of the toughtest in the bussiness, like good cop bad cop..Without the good cop that is. I was hard on criminals for the simple reason they deserve it. I never really wanted to be involved with the police, but when I was 14 my bestfriend Jade got raped and murdered and the criminal was never found, I like to see it as doing her justice and I can't imagine myself doing anything else anymore.

I pulled open the heavy oak door to the detectives staff room and was welcomed by many greetings off my fellow work mates.

"Morning everyone" I smiled back taking a seat at my desk.

"Alexandria, Lets get down the buisness yes?" My boss Mr Mullens asked, in his gruff voice

"Morning sir, and yes thats why i'm here" I replied trying to be perky, you have to stay on the right side of this man and it is hard as he gets older he resembles my grandfather that forgets things, an awful lot I may add.

"Right" He mumbled flipping through files.

"Ah here we go. Franklin Anthony Iero, in for murdering girlfriend Alissa Plossie for cheating on him with college friend Gerard Way, he is in a band Penny Prep or something like that, went on tour with them come back and finds his girlfriend of two years and bestfriend in bed together. Classic act of passion and rage, the trail is tommorow he hasn't spoke to anyone we're trying to get him to plead gulity, i'll be easier on us" He gruffed squinting at the brown paper file.

"Yes sir, i'll get right on that" I told him, donning the same fake smile as before, standing up from my desk and smoothing my black pencil skirt down.

"Room 108" He said from the bagel table.

I quickly let my smile drop to a tired frown as I walked the dark empty corridors of connecting rooms, running a hand through my silky straight black hair, sighing. Again.

I stoped outside room 108 scanned the file and strighted myself out.

"Frank Iero" I announced walking in not looking up from the file.

The man in question stayed silent so I looked up. Fuck, he is beautiful, toned tanned body, inky black hair tattoos everywhere. Fuck, why did you have to kill someone, we coulda made a sweet couple. I shook all thoughts like that from my head as I remebered what he did.

"Was she pretty" I asked taking a seat opposite him in the dimly lit room.

"You're going to have to specify, honey" He answered a dark amused look in his green eyes.

"You know, your girlfriend before you killed her was she pretty" I asked.

"I didnt fucking kill anybody" He growled slamming his fists on the metal table.

"With a temper like that im not suprised you stabbed her" I said leaning back in my chair.

"Whats the point in trying to prove my innocence, you and everyone else wont beleive me anyway" He said casually leaning back on his chair.

"And you don't care, about being put in prison for life?" I asked suddenly curious.

"My girlfriend was my life, as you already know quite well shes dead there is no point in me even living anymore" He told me in the same bored tone.

"If shes your life, why did you kill her and if she felt the same why did she cheat" I asked him, a sumg look on my face.

A angered look flashed across his eyes, and I felt very scared but kept my face cool.

"Don't come in here thinking you know the whole fucking story, you don't" He hissed.

"We have time" I reminded.

"I was going on tour with my band Prency Prep we were amazed to have been offered a tour in the first place, anyway Alissa was upset we was going, but was supportive and my friend Gerard was happy too, he was a comic book artist but yeah anyway. I go off and have the time of my life, I kept in contact with her obviously and Its the classic story; I came home early and they were in our bed fucking, I was mad hell I was mad and I shouted at them both alot said awful stuff, but then I asked her to choose, between me and Gerard and she said me, she told me it was always me and I guess Gerard was in love with her and got jealous. He stabbed her and fucked off to another state leaving me to suffer." Hurt is all I saw and I wanted to let him and off then kiss him, but thats another story.

"Whats your name" He asked.

"Alex" I said without thinking, ooops that was unprofessional.

"Huh, suits you" He chuckled.

"Meaning?" I asked frowning

"Its fierce, like you" He whispered looking right into my eyes, and the butteflys that had been sleeping at the bottom on my stomach for a long time suddenly awoke and started flying around.

"We're here to talk about you not me" I stated.

"Are you single Alex" He asked again looking amused.

"Thats a very personal question" I told him feeling uncomfortable.

"So no?" He said a gleam in his eye.

"No, like you i'm single" I hit back.

"Oooh, have I hit a nerve" He said leaning towards me.

"You like hitting things dont you" I asked leaning foraward the same gleam in my eye.

And then he kissed me, and I kissed back and I don't know why because alarm bells should have been ringing but they were not, the kiss slowly got deeper and deeper. Frank stood up a hungry look in his eye he roughtly pushed me against the wall and carried on kissing me his tattooed hands pulling through my hair, he began to kiss my neck and I pulled his shirt over his head and he unbuttoned my blouse, he undid my bra and let his hands rest on my boobs, I bit into his shoulder and his hissed in pain he pulled of my skirt and then his own trouses and pushed me down on the cold floor my back arching into his body my hands roming bare skin, he bagan to take off my pants when my radio buzzed, fucking wrong time or what.

"Alex, send the suspect to room G15 please" A female voice came through.

He grinned at me and quickly got dressed, leaving me sat on the floor in my underwear.

"See you in court" He whispred before sauntering out of the room leaving me dazed and very confused as to if that was a dream or not.
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