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These cuts all tell a different story, looks like i wrote a novel about you on my arm.

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My heart will stop

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The kiss felt like a forever moment that I never wanted to end. But, our lives changed. We were different people and I had a girlfriend! I still didn't fully forgive him for he did either. Still, his mouth tasted sweet, his body was warm and hugging him i felt safe. I really don't know what i want at this point. 

The words just slipped my mouth, " I thought you found someone better? " my face was buried in his chest, as i can feel his head resting on my head. He grabbed my face and pulled it up to look at him. " I said that so you wouldn't wanna see me. Because my father wanted to hurt you. He found out that I liked boys. I couldn't risk you so i did what i could. " his eyes watered. " Where is he? " " He left long ago.." " Where's your mom? " " At home, with Mikey. " " So the house i was at.. Was it yours? " " Obviously Frank! Why would I bring you in a strangers home! " he laughed and curled my hair. 
" Why does it look like a whole family lives there? " 
" uh, because my mom and bro comes over.. And Mikey stays there on weekends when my mom has to leave for work. " 

I couldn't be mad at a beautiful face like his. I loved Gerard and old feelings were there. New ones too, It felt so much more complete having him in front of me.  I didn't need anyone else! " Wanna go to my house now? "
" Sure, " we walked quietly down the street until we reached a big dark blue house. " Gee, how did you get money for a big house? "
" When my grandma passed, she left me and mikey alot of money. I moved out after I turned eighteen. "
He unlocked the door and familiar smell of coffee washed over me. I was in heaven. I couldn't be happier!

I took of my jacket and shoes and made myself at home, than i looked for Gerard who was in the kitchen grabbing some food. " Gee? You lazy ass why are you still in school? " his face turned red as he looked at me. " Uh, I dropped out a year ago, and i came back and caught up on some work there. I'm done after Christmas. "
" Ohhhhhkaay. " i smiled and admired how this house looked so neat and put together. 

Then, I remembered i had a life at school! With people and " Where's my stuff? " I blurted out. " Uhm here, he walked to this cabinet and pulled out all my stuff and handed it to me. " Thanks, " " Yup.. "
" K, I think i gotta go.. "
Gerard looked up at me with a hurt expression.
" Why don't you just skip today and we can hang out.. "
He asked hoping for a yes.
" Gerard i haven't seen anyone since everything happened. I have my birthday to plan. "
" Oh.. " 
" I'm sorry Gee, you can come to the party though... "
His expression changed furiously at that. " YOU'RE STILL GONNA DRINK! After what happened! You would of died if i wasn't there to save you! " He snapped, as i jumped back. His eyes grew cold than soft. " I'm not yours to save Gerard! You gave me up long time ago! " i tried to sound calm, but my heart was breaking again.
Can a heart break after it's been broken?

" I told you why! I explained things, you don't believe me? " " I do, but still instead you gave me up through the worse of things! " 
" only because i was trying to protect you! "
" good protecting! I can't trust anyone because of you! "
" Frankie!! That was so long ago! Things change! People change! "
" Exactly! Maybe i'm not the person you thought I was!!" I grabbed the door and opened it and I felt a arm around me, I violently got dragged to the ground with a Gerard sitting on me holding my arms down. Wow, he was strong. 
" I let you out of my life once, there's no way i'm letting you leave again! " he held me down, and i didn't even try to struggle.

" I'll stay, if you promise not to let me go. " 
Gerard smirked, and kissed me. He let go of my arms but he still sat on me. We spent the whole afternoon exploring eachother's mouths and bodies. 

It hit the time of day where you feel lazy and need a nap, i fell asleep in Gerard's arms. My head rested on his chest, and i can feel his heart beat at a different pace from his snoring. I hugged him tightly. And drifted away quickly to sleep.

We must of slept a long time, but i didn't care i was so comfortable, until i opened my eyes.. And there was 3 body figures starring at us. I jumped up and ended pushing Gerard of the couch! " Oh my fucken gee! You ok? " " Ow, i never woke up like that before! " 
There was laughter over us as i looked back at the 3 people standing there. It was a guy with a large fro, and a skinny boy with glasses, a older woman with a welcoming smile. " Frankie is that you!? I recognize you from anywhere give me a kiss! " she grabbed my cheeks and kissed them and hugged me. " Mother Way? "
" Yes honey! I haven't seen for a long time. " 
I couldn't help but smile, i loved Gerard's mom like another mother. The boys stood there starring at me, i'm guessing the one with glasses was mikey, " Hi... " i said quietly. Gerard got up and walked over to mikey and the boy and gave them hugs. They all talked about stuff i wasn't sure of. Once again I was confused...

I sat there on the couch feeling like an out of place lost child. Then Gerard looked at me and brought the boys over to me, " Frankie, this is Mikey and Ray, Boys this is Frank. " " Hello. " i tried to show a small smile at them. They smiled big, and punched gerard and took some bags to these rooms upstairs.

" Uh gee what is this, a family get together? "
" no, they are gonna stay here while my mom goes out of town for workshops for a week. " he said as he gestured me to the kithen. I followed and saw mother way putting food in the cabinets and fridge. I sat down, watching her and gerard together. 

Then i noticed those boys coming as they looked at me and waved at me to come over. I got up and followed them to the living room. They set up a game console and asked if i wanted to play zombies with them. " Of FUCKinG COURSE! " i began to love this house, and few hours passed and we were already bestfriends. We had a lot in common, and i smelled food coming from the kitchen. Mmmmmm spaghetti! 

I peeked into the kitchen and saw mother way stirring a big pot of pasta, as gerard was adding sauce and meatballs to it. I'm just a happy camper ! 
I didn't even think of calling my girlfriend or friends or anything. I just enjoyed my day here, it felt natural being here with them. 

After dinner and all, we all talked about comics, and music. When me and Ray kept talking about all the different guitars and such. It was getting late, and mother way was leaving now. She gave us each a kiss and we waved goodbye. We all got comfortable and watched some movies. It was 2:36 a.m and the boys were falling asleep. " well i better get home i got up yawning. " " it's dark out frank! " " Yeah but we got school in the morning. " " just sleep here! " " i need clothes. " " we'll get up early and head to your place to get some, just sleep in your boxers! "
I looked at him, and felt a bit uncomfortable. " where do i sleep? "
" my room, i'll take the couch. " he suggested.
The boys went upstairs to their rooms and i walked downstairs to gee's room and got comfy in his bed. He grabbed a blanket, said goodnight and left. I was trying to fall asleep what felt like forever. I quietly got up and crept upstairs to the couch. I peeked over and saw gerard laying down but he was looking outside the window. Deep in thought..
" Gerard..." i whispered and he looked over at me.
" Frank? What's wrong?"
" You're room is scary... Come sleep with me? "
He giggled and got up and grabbed my hand and took me down stairs. I cuddled up close to him and hugged onto his waist and fell asleep. For only a little while..
I woke up to a whimpering gerard. I opened me eyes and looked at him. He was rubbing his fingers softly over my arm, which has all the cuts and scars. I flinched and pulled away. He looked at me, he must of been crying. " I..i..don't know what to say.. " i whispered. " me?" i looked away and rolled over. I was to ashamed to admit it. I didn't wanna see him hurt, and didn't wanna say he was the one who made me do that. I curled up to a a pillow on the other side of the bed and sobbed quietly. 

It was a while, before gerard moved closer and he pulled me closer to him and he spooned me and kissed my neck. Then cuddled me, " Goodnight Frankie.." was the last thing he said before a beeping sound awoke me. It was 9:00 a.m..
I still had to get clothes and take a shower and go to school for my class at 11:00. I shut the alarm off and rolled away from Gerard. Grabbed my lastnights clothing and got ready. I quietly walked out the door and ran home. It took a half hour before i finally made it back. I took a shower and got ready. It was past 10, so i left and walked slowly to school. Tryin to figure out and process everything. What am I gonna do? When a familiar hand grabbed my face than pecked me. She smiled, " Awe! I missed you sp much! You should of called me! " " Oh sorry, i just needed rest. "
" Hope you got enough rest! Your birthday is tomorrow! " she giggled and grabbed on to me as we walked. " " Fuck, it's halloween tomorrow.. My birthday. Fuck me" " tomorrow.. "
She winked, and i shifted uncomfortably. And kept a steady pace to my locker.

Friends were hugging and talking around me and grabbing on to me and trying to grab my attention. But, i didn't know what to do or say.

I walked to Chemistry and sat down and friends gathered around me, and ifelt like i needed space and i noticed Ray sitting with a blonde guy in the back. The blonde guy was the one starring at me the first day of school when he sat next to me. So i got up and sat down next to Ray, and we talked. We didn't talk about partys or anything just shiit we liked and i met bob and we all decided to hang out at lunch. So i was happy, my friends weren't though. They looked mad and they gave me the stares i used to get from the group of people im hanging out with now. Zack tried to stop me in the hall but i said we can talk after lunch in class, so he left with my friends. Me, ray, and bob met up with mikey and a few girls who were girlfriends with the boys, and then Gerard showed up. He looked different. He was wearing a black leather jacket with a black sweater and shades. Actually he looked like Gerard. I probably just admired it. We walked to the park and hung out and all talked. I chose not to get to close to Gee because i didn't want anybody seeing us and that getting back to Nikki or any of them. So i stayed between Bob ane Ray. I couldn't tell if Gerard was looking at me or not with his black shades but he sat there quietly smoking. 

By the end of lunch, i decided i didn't want a big party. I wanted to hang out with them. So we all decided to meet back at Gerard's after school to plan for halloween and my birthday!

I walked quickly to the music room. I remembered Gerard was in that class too, but i didn't want him talking to me when Zack was there so i ran there straight to the back. Where Zack sat there playing to the guitar. " Ayoo Frankie Boy! " " Aye, Zacky! I sat down with him. And itold him i was busy with my family tomorrow and couldn't make it to the party. " but, we planned out a big thing! Your not coming? "
" well, family first.... You know? "
" awh well ok, but ill txt you the address if you decide to show later. "
" aiight.. " i looked up and noticed Gerard looking at the two of us whispering and stuff. I couldn't read his face expression well. After class ended he was the first to leave. I didn't see him anywhere so i decided to walk back to his place and wait until everyone got there in a hour. I stopped at a coffee shop to kill time. 

When it was past 3:30 i walked to his house and waited on the steps and i saw them approaching. I smiled as everyone smiled back.. Except Gerard. Who looked away and grabbed his keys, he walked past me and unlocked the door than took off to his room.
I sat onthe couch not gonna make a big deal of this. He didn't even come up for 15 minutes. So i decided to go see him, i was so scared and curious at the same time. Gerard just sat there on his bed starring at a sketchbook. 
" Gee, what's wrong? "
It took awhile but the answer came out..
" You are..."
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