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Chapter 31

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Recap: Kurama defeated Kaito over the new game. The group found Yusuke, who had to pick out the imposter in the group. Master Genkai revealed her reasoning behind the excursion.

Genkai continued her explanation of the tunnel and Koenma called to chip in his two cents as well. There was an opening in Mushiyori City where insects were rampant and people were gaining powers, like the three boys that Genkai was training. The insects and humans with powers were an indication that the issue had already progressed to a stage two. Stage three meant demon energy in the streets and low level monsters running around, while stage four would allow both B and C class demons to pass easily. When he calculated the growth rate, they had been given a time limit of three weeks until stage four would happen.

Koenma was doing his best to help out, but the Kekkai barrier they had erected would only keep out A and S class demons, since it was so far spread. Kuwabara started raging about how he couldn’t see Koenma and had no idea what was going on. So, Genkai explained it to him summarily after she went to return Kaito’s soul to his body.

“Toguro was only a B class demon.” Koenma explained.

“What?!” Yusuke yelled hysterically. “There’s gotta be something we can do! Can’t you close it up or something?”

“The only way is to stop the hole’s creator. To make this hole at all, one would place a psychic at the center point. Stop the psychic, stop the hole.” Koenma explained.

Yusuke started to hype himself up, along with Kuwabara, so Genkai got him to settle down by flipping him into the air.

“What is this, be bitchy day?!”

“Here’s a brilliant concept, learn from your mistakes!” Genkai yelled back. “You need to learn about your opponent’s powers before you get in over your head and die, dimwit! We need to know how many fighters they have, who their leader is, and the true nature of their power. Without this information, attacking would be suicide.”

Hiei interjected. “Koenma, if these fools are done, I have my own question. In what class do you rank me?”

“Hiei.” Kurama scolded.

“What? It’s a fair question. If those Spirit World lackeys are going to place a letter on me, then I deserve to know.” he shot back.

Koenma took a moment to answer. “Very well, Hiei. Toguro was an upper B, but by the end of the Dark Tournament, you were ranked in the mid B class.”

“Underestimate me even now?” Hiei asked.

“It should make you feel better to know that when you fought against Yusuke, you were an upper D class. In less than a year, you’ve made quite the jump.” Koenma replied.

“What about her?” Hiei pointed at Komeko.

“That is, quite frankly, none of your damn business, Hiei.” Komeko answered. “And if you tell him, Koenma, you know what will await you.”

Komeko eyed the screen threateningly and Koenma sweat-dropped. “My lips are sealed.”

“Probably too weak to even grace the scales.” Hiei taunted.

Komeko let the jab fly right off her. “You’re not worth the time.”

“That’s enough, children!” Genkai scolded them both.

Hiei walked to the door as Yusuke called his name. “You already have your fox, your hound, your clown, and your hag. I’m a moot point. I don’t intend to hinder your cause, but I’m not helping it either.”

“Coward, real men help when they’re needed.” Kuwabara said.

“Save that idealism for your fairy tales.” Hiei left.

“So, what now?” Kuwabara asked.

“We move into the city at sunrise and begin scouting. These three will go with us. They could be of some use. Now, the next job for all of you is to get what sleep you can. In the morning, we’ll divide into two groups, so we can cover more territory. Until we know more, no one goes home and no one leaves the group. Good night.” Genkai finished.

“We’re all sleeping in this freaky house, but I didn’t bring my special pillow. Botan, would you pet my hair until I fall asleep?” Kuwabara asked quietly.

“Yukina wouldn’t appreciate that!” Botan slapped him.

“I mean in a mom kind of way.” He defended.

Komeko smiled at their conversation. It was nice to see them act funny even though something this big loomed over the city.

Komeko mulled over the facts that had been laid out for them as she sat around the edge of the group. Sleep evaded her busy mind, but she wasn’t too bothered, since she felt safe watching over everyone. She was no stranger to the Makai, but she knew the kind of chaos that would happen if it were unleashed to those who did not.

Kurama stirred from his resting place on the couch and walked over to her. The sun was starting to rise and the light outside was dusky.

“Couldn’t sleep?” he asked.

“Not really. Don’t you need more? I’m fine. Go, get some more rest.” She said as she pushed him gently back towards the couch.

She couldn’t deny that it was cute to see him look so groggy.

“I’m afraid I can’t sleep anymore right now. I feel quite worried about the task ahead of us. I also admit that I feel worried for my mother.”

She put her hand on his shoulder in comfort. “We’ll find out who is behind this. If spending time with you all has taught me anything, it’s that we’ll get things settled. The fun and undecided part is normally getting there.”

She smiled at him and he returned it. His hand came up to rest on hers, returning the comfort.

Komeko, dressed in a pair of jeans and a gray jacket, Botan, Kuwabara, Kaito, and Kurama all worked their way into Mushiyori city. The sky above them was maroon and clouded while they stood in a very vacant field.

“This is dumb. It’s just a field. Are you sure this is the center of that distortion thing?” Kuwabara asked.

“I don’t see any big tunnel.” Botan noted.

“Unless he’s invisible or looks like grass, the psychic is not here.”

“No, a distortion zone always takes the form of a circle around its creator. Right now, we’re standing on the circle’s center. The psychic has to be here.” Kurama answered. “We just have to think that if the man’s not here on the surface…”

“Then, obviously, he must be below it.” Kaito finished.

All five stared at the grass beneath them.

“Underground?” Kuwabara questioned.

Feeling eyes on them, Komeko and Kurama ran quickly behind the group. Whoever was there before was gone now and they left no scent.

“This is weird.” Komeko said. “I know I smelled them and I know that we both felt them, but there’s nothing now.”

It was unnerving that there was nothing to follow at all. The others ran up to them.

“The question is what saw us?” Kurama said.

“What?” Botan asked.

“Someone was watching us?” Kaito asked.

“We better play it safe.” Kurama said.

“I couldn’t get anything on whoever it was either. Someone’s masking their scent and that bothers me. There’s very few ways to do that normally and it’s even harder to hide it from a Tsuiseki demon. They obviously know quite a bit about us.” Komeko added.

“I’ll tell Koenma about this, but I think we should meet back up with the others and figure out who is following us.” Kurama said.

They had trudged their way into the city again.

“Eeeah!” Botan yelled, grossed out by the insects.

Komeko swatted one of them that got too close to her face. “Nasties.”

“I’m sure this has gotten even worse since we got here. I need one of those zapper porch lights.” Botan continued.

“What’re they talking about?” Kuwabara asked.

“There are Makai insects here. You can’t see them.” Kurama explained.

“They have doubled from yesterday.” Kaito added.

Botan brandished a fly swatter and began slapping at the bugs around them.

“If our follower has so abandoned us, I would believe it to happen because they decided to focus their attention on Yusuke.” Kaito deduced once Kurama said that their stalker was absent.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine. They’re with Genkai.” Botan said cheerfully.

“Right, that’s stopped things from happening before.” Komeko added.

Botan whacked her with the swatter.

“Hey, that’s gross!” she shouted.

Komeko noticed one of the insects land on Botan’s shoulder and smashed it with her palm.

“Ew.” Botan said, giving it a funny face.

Komeko wiped her hand on Botan’s shoulder. “That’s what you get for me saving your life, ingrate.”

A police siren went driving by them, which they dutifully followed. They stopped at once when they saw Yusuke’s spirit energy fly into the clouds.

“Urameshi’s spirit gun!” Kuwabara yelled.

“Well, Kaito, you were correct. Yusuke’s team is definitely in a fight. What do you say we check ourselves into the hospital?” Kurama questioned.
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