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Needing It Badly

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He had to get it one way or another. This was just the only possible way. It's never happened this way before. For him to get what he wanted, what he craved for. He walked to the normal spot where ...

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Frank walked down the street in the dark, hoping that his dad won't realize that he has snuck out of the house late at night again. He could only imagine the beating his father would just love to give to him.

This isn't the first time Frank had snuck out of the house late at night, that's for sure. There's also been times when he didn't succeed for sneaking out of the house. He's gotten in trouble before after coming home on a late night. Hopefully tonight won't be one of those nights.

Frank walked down the road with his hands in the pockets of his black tight jeans, looking behind him occasionally to see if anyone had been following him with their suspicion to find out what this bad ass teenage boy was up to now.

He walked to the normal spot where him and Andy always meet up at when Frank needs what he aches...

And Andy has what he wants, because it's what he craves. Frank stood at his and Andy's meeting spot, not surprised that Andy is fucking not on time again.

Maybe he'll be late, he has just forgotten. It's hard to tell with this guy. Frank leaned against the brick wall inside of the dark alleyway and waited for Andy to get his ass over here with his shit.

Frank sighed and sat down on the ground, all snuggled up inside of his big oversized warm hoodie he wore out on nights like this. He held his knees up to his chest, hood up and looking like a little ball of cuteness all snuggled up close to himself. He pressed his forehead against his knees and closed his eyes. He went into deep thinking and got lost in his deep thoughts, sitting outside in the dark all alone in a fucking alleyway.

He waited and waited for Andy to show up, hoping that it won't be a long visit. He just wanted Andy to come, give him what he needs, Frank to give him the money, and leave. He fiddled with his skeleton fingerless gloves he was wearing while he waited. 20 minutes went past. Frank was starting to drift off. He was startled at the sound of a motorcycles engine being revved up. Thank god that woke him up. He wouldn't want to sleep in a dark alleyway like this one. Who knows what could happen to him. Frank finally decided to pull out his phone and dial Andy's number while fiddling with his shoelaces on his converse shoes.

"Hi, uh, Andy. I'm here, um, at the alleyway waiting for you to bring me my...-"
"Shit. Yeah, one second, Frank. Fuck. I'll be there in a few," said a very tired deep voice.

"C'mon man. You didn't forget again this time, did you?" I asked. "No no no... Yes. I fucking forgot, okay? Sheesh. Lay off my back. I've remembered more times than I've forgotten," Andy said.

Frank rolled his eyes and doubted that was true. "You know what, Frank? I can't give it to you tonight. I'm really fucking tired and I had a long day and-" Frank shook his head and sighed.

"Yeah okay whatever," Frank mumbled. "Kay, kid. Why don't you come over to my house and I'll give it to you here, okay?" The drug dealer said.

Frank thought about it for a moment, not trusting the thought one bit. He's already creeped out enough just being around the guy. But being inside of his house? That's a bit scary.
Frank gulped and said, "Y-yeah. Okay. I'll come on over..." Andy told Frank his address and they both ended the call.
Frank walked to Andy's house and walked up the steps and knocked on the door quietly. He's never been to Andy's house before. Never knew the thought would even occur to him. He waited and looked down at his feet, rocking back and forth a bit with his hands behind his back and his dark hair falling over his face.

He sucked on his lip ring and looked up when Andy finally answered the door.

He let out a laugh when he saw the worried and scared facial expression on Frank's poor little innocent angel face when he wouldn't step inside of his house as he motioned Frank to come in.
Frank looked up at Andy and smiled nervously. Andy's black hair was a bit all over the place. Heh, bed head... Frank thought. Andy's eyeliner was smudged around his eyes.
"Don't be afraid of my house. It's not scary," he chuckled. He sounded drunk. Frank took a step forward and took a glance inside of Andy's house.

Andy raised an eyebrow and looked down at Frank with suspicion. Frank looked up at Andy and chuckled nervously. He slowly walked inside of the not-so-frightening house into Andy's living room and Andy shut the door behind them once Frank came into his house. He saw a few empty beer bottles lying on the ground. Andy's been drinking again... of course.

Andy locked the door and winked at Frank. "So, what brings you here?" Andy asked. Frank blinked. "Oh, right. Hah. I know what you're here for. One second." Andy walked out of the room and disappeared into a different room.

Frank could hear things shuffling around. Andy came back stumbling into the living room that Frank was standing in, holding a bag of cocaine. He held it out to Frank and Frank pulled money out from his pocket and gave it to Andy.

Andy took the money from Frank and Frank took the bag of cocaine from Andy, but Andy kept his grip on the bag.

Frank looked up at Andy and whined, needing the cocaine badly at this point.
"It's not enough money," Andy said with a grin spread across his face and his wide blue eyes about to pop out of his head.
"How do you know it's not enough money? You haven't even counted it yet," Frank spoke quietly.
"I could feel it," the drunk Andy said, holding the money in one hand as it's all snug in his fist.
"What?" Frank said. What a fucking crazy man, Frank thought.
"It isn't enough money. I don't need to count it to see if it's enough or not. I can feel it when it's enough or not, Frank."
Andy chuckled darkly. Frank furrowed his eyebrows with his mouth slightly open, thinking that this guy is totally lame and not knowing what to say at this point.

"See you later, Frank. Hopefully next time you'll have enough fucking money to buy this off of me."
Frank stared at Andy for a while, confused. "It has to be enough money."
"No cocaine for you, Frank," Andy said while taking away the bag of cocaine.
"What the fuck? I wait forever for you in the alleyway, I come all the way to your house, and you tell me I can't have my cocaine?" Frank sneered.
"Yes, you little shit. Now get lost. I have things to do..."

Frank sighed. "Andy, I am not leaving your house until you give it to me." Andy stared into Frank's eyes, feeling like daggers were being shot at him.
"Andy, please! I need it! I was waiting at the alleyway forever for you and you never showed up! So I had to call you to see what the deal was and now I'm at your place and then-..."
"And then Andy gave you the fucking cocaine but poor little Frankie doesn't have enough money for the cocaine, so Andy took the cocaine back from Frankie, and now poor little Frankie is on his knees, begging for the shit he's addicted to," Andy said while chuckling.

"Andy, please. I need it! I know I don't have enough money this time, but next time I swear that I'll pay you back twice as much!" Frank said. "I know you like when I give you the money on time so that you won't have to hunt me down for the money when I don't pay you back for a while and kill me-..."

"Like I did with the other dudes?" Andy asked. Frank looked up at Andy, to see if he was serious. Andy looked back down at Frank, serious as can be.

Oh fuck, he was serious...

"Stop torturing me. This is ridiculous. Come on, I need to get home soon."
"I won't be needing the money this time, Frank," Andy said darkly while ruffling Frank's hair. "I want something else. Something else in return if I give you this bag of cocaine."

Frank stood up slowly. Andy gave Frank back his money that supposedly wasn't fucking enough. Frank shoved the money back in his pocket, confused for what Andy was asking for.

"I don't have anything else for you, though..." Frank said.
"It's the only other way though, Frankie," Andy said while running his fingers through Frank's soft hair.

Frank tilted his head, looking up at Andy's devilish look on his fucking face.

Frank was afraid of the thoughts running through this crazy man's head.

Andy caressed Frank's cheek. He gripped onto Frank's hair and whispered in his ear, "Get down on your knees, babe."

Frank swallowed hard and Andy placed his hands on Frank's shoulders and pushed him down on his knees. Andy stood in front of Frank, his crotch right in front of Frank's face. Andy looked down at Frank, tilted his head, and smirked. Frank stared at Andy's crotch. "Well come on, don't just stare at it!" Andy said while slapping the back of Frank's head. Frank looked up at Andy, hoping he doesn't actually need to do this for drugs.

"This is ridiculous," Frank said. Andy shrugged. "Okay, get the fuck out then," Andy said while pointing to the door. Frank looked at the door and sighed, knowing he must do this for the cocaine. He'd do anything for the cocaine, right? Even if it does involve sucking Andy Biersack's dick...

Frank turned his head to face Andy's crotch again. Frank placed his hands on Andy's belt and swallowed hard. He fiddled with his belt and undid the belt buckle. He unbuttoned and unzipped Andy's pants. Andy watched Frank do so, and smirked, knowing he's going to get what he wanted from Frank, and Frank is going to get what he wanted from Andy.


"That was fucking amazing, babe," Andy said while ruffling Frank's hair. "Quit it. I'm not some fucking dog," Frank muttered. Andy pulled Frank into a tight hug after Frank got up off his knees. Frank didn't bother hugging Andy back. He just wanted his fucking cocaine. "Hug me back, babe. Please... I know you didn't want to do that, and you didn't have to -..."

"Fuck you," Frank spat while pushing Andy away from the hug he was giving him. "I did have to do that. It was the only way to get what I needed. Other than giving you money which turned out to be not fucking enough. I sucked you off to get what i need. My cocaine. Speaking of my cocaine, where the fuck is it? I deserve it now, don't I? I've been a good boy, haven't I?" He spat.

Andy blinked. He pulled his pants back up. He ran a hand down Frank's side and placed his hand on Frank's bony hip. He gripped onto Frank's hip and moved his other hand up Frank's shirt and ran his hand down Frank's chest, down his ribcage sticking out, his stomach, and then to his belt. Frank swallowed hard and backed away from Andy, pushing his hands away.

"I just want my cocaine, Andy." Frank said sternly.
"Shh, baby." Andy pulled Frank closer to him and put his hand on Frank's thigh. He dragged his hand up and grabbed Frank's crotch. "It's your turn Frank," he whispered.
"Oh, no no no. Not me." Frank tried pulling Andy's hand off of his crotch, but Andy just squeezed his crotch.
"Let's get those tight pants off of you," Andy whispered in Frank's ear.
"Andy, no. I only want my cocaine!" Frank yelled. "Andy please. I just want my fucking cocaine. That's all!"
Andy began rubbing Frank's dick through his pants and he wrapped his other arm around Frank's waist.
"Hug me first," Andy said.
Frank let out a huge sigh and he wrapped his arms around Andy's neck. "Can I have my drugs now?"

"No..." Frank felt so vulnerable, so week now. Frank managed to squirm out of the hug.
"Frankie get back here," Andy said. "No. I've done what you wanted me to do. Now you have to give me my fucking cocaine," Frank spat.

"But baby, I don't want you to leave so soon," Andy said in a strange sweetheart voice. "Andy, give me the fucking cocaine and I'll get the fuck out of here." Frank glared at Andy. He was getting pissed off now at this moment.

"Frankie you are so impatient, baby. You can't wait for only 15 more minutes?" Andy asked hopefully.
"What the fuck are we going to do for 15 minutes?" Frank asked very impatiently.
Andy stood there. He didn't quite know how to reply. He was just lonely.
Frank crossed his arms and tapped his foot, waiting for the pathetic answer that Andy was about to give him.

Andy just stood there, looking down. He had zoned out.

Frank grew more impatient. He decided to find the cocaine and get the fuck out of here. Frank walked past Andy and searched for his cocaine. He looked at the couch and found a bag hiding underneath a pillow. He lifted the pillow up, grabbed a bag which thankfully was the cocaine, grabbed his sweater, and walked to the fucking door.

He unlocked the door when suddenly he felt eyes staring at him from behind his head, burning into his skin. A shiver ran down his spine. He spun around and found Andy standing closer to him, an evil grin slapped onto his face. It made Frank feel so small and weak. Andy's bright blue eyes iced into Frank's eyes, controlling Frank to stare right back into those beautiful eyes.

Andy leaned over and kissed Frank's lips softly. Frank just stood there, silent. Andy began to move his lips against Frank's and he slipped his tongue into Frank's mouth. Frank stood there with his eyes wide open, not moving his lips along with the kiss. Andy wrapped his arms over Frank's shoulders. Frank was unable to escape now.

Frank pulled away, suddenly feeling very tired. He just wanted to go home. He's had enough "fun" with Andy. Andy kissed Frank again, and Frank moved Andy's arms off of him and he moved away from Andy. "Please Andy. Let me go now. I'm done. I need to get home. Please let me go," Frank pleaded. Andy chuckled darkly and forced another kiss. He put his hands in Frank's back pockets, pulling him closer. "Please don't grab my butt," Frank whined.

Frank put his hand over Andy's face before Andy kissed him again. He pushed Andy's face away and tried to squirm out of Andy's hold, but Andy kept his hands in Frank's back pockets. Frank shut his eyes tightly, feeling afraid and angry at the same time. Andy kissed Frank's neck softly and whispered, "Alright, you can go now babe." Frank let out a sigh of relief and opened his eyes as Andy took his hands out of Frank's back pockets. Frank put on his sweater and put the cocaine in his over sized pocket in his over sized sweater.

Andy opened the door for Frank. He walked outside quickly without saying goodbye.
Andy shut the door and just stood there, staring at the door, serious as can be. He wanted to murder someone.
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