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Chapter 33

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: Everyone was rescued from the hospital. A few days later, Kurama disappeared without a trace and Kuwabara showed up from a battle, with four guys he dragged back with him.

Komeko woke up before almost everyone else that morning and relaxed on the balcony in her sleep shorts and tank top. It had rained through most of the night and she brought a cup of tea out with her to ward of the light chill in the air after offering one to Genkai.

She was still mad at Kurama for just up and leaving yesterday. It unsettled her that he didn’t want to inform anyone of his intentions – not that they may be malicious, but just secretive. It also made her think that she may not have the grounds she thought she did for such an argument. Who knew if he even considered them very close? They had been through a lot together, but maybe what she felt was a bond, felt different to him. Her mind was bogged down with the different scenarios and insecurities.

Her mental vacations, lately, had blinded her enough that she didn’t notice Kurama’s eyes watching her from the other side of the glass. He took another sip of his tea and moved back into the other room.

Komeko sighed before getting up to make herself some breakfast.

Komeko munched on some toast, standing on the far side of the room, as she, Yusuke, Keiko, Genkai, Botan, Shizuru, and Kurama waited for the blonde man that Kuwabara had drug into the apartment with him to wake up. He did just that with a major groan as he clutched his chest.

“Welcome back.” Yusuke said.

“You’re Yusuke.” He said in awe.

“That’s right, Goldie, and that’s my bed you’re sleeping in, thanks to the human freight train who drug you in last night so we could stitch you up.” Yusuke replied, pointing over at Kuwabara’s snoring form.

“Bro finally did something helpful without his girl being around.” Shizuru said.

“His companions, your victims, have survived as well. They informed us all of the encounter with you. Then we erased their memories so they would not be burdened by the darker truths.” Kurama added.

“Like a human fighting for the wrong side.” Yusuke said. “Kuwabara saved your life after you tried to kill him. You think your psychic pals would have done that? You owe him big. So, start talking.” Yusuke advised.

Seaman began to explain his view and the video tape that he saw. He called it Chapter Black.

“Chapter Black. Amazing. It’s legendary. Hiei’s wanted to get his hands on it for years. It’s a piece of intelligence supposedly kept in the deepest depths of Spirit World’s records department. Over its millennia of existence, the human race has committed very heinous crimes against others and their own. This tape is a compilation. It’s supposed to be thousands of hours long.” Kurama explained. “I knew well of the tape’s existence, but never imagined it being significant in this case.”

Seaman continued his description of the tape and his misery speech. Yusuke freaked out on him, kicking the chair out from underneath. Seaman came back with more examples of what he had seen. They argued before Yusuke broke into the younger human’s senses.

“You know what Kuwabara said last night when I asked him why he dragged your lame ass all the way here? He told me that you were crying out to him, that you needed to be saved. Does that fit your description of the human race?”

The blonde looked awe-struck at Yusuke’s words.

“I thought it was a pretty stupid thing to say at the time, but now I see how scared you are and I kinda follow. A big oaf like Kuwabara, he’s got that bully look you must hate, but he cared about you. Bet you weren’t expecting that.” Yusuke added, stance nonchalant.

Seaman wept, face down towards the sheets. “Every night I see them, those victims on that tape. I’ve always seen myself like them, but then, in my nightmares, I’m the one holding the weapons. You know, like all along, it’s been me doing those terrible things and I feel dirtier and dirtier. Like I need to make up for something, but I don’t even know what. It’s like I’m the bully. I’m sorry.”

The breeze swept the room and Komeko watched the boy as the others left. She placed a plate of food in front of him, while Botan put a comforting hand on his shoulder. At least he’d be able to fill his stomach once he calmed down.

She moved onto the balcony, leaning on the frame. She listened to Kurama’s explanation about his absence yesterday and how he believed Koenma knew the identity of the person behind the tunnel, but before he finished, Yusuke was pissed off and yelling at Koenma through a communication device.

They gathered around to listen to Koenma’s side of the story.

“Cut to the chase, pal!” Yusuke yelled.

“As you wish, Yusuke. The name of the master mind is Shinobu Sensui.” Koenma said.

Komeko and everyone else stared at the screen as Koenma explained. Sensui was a previous detective for Koenma and he had stolen the Chapter Black video. Yusuke stood angrily after Koenma hung up, determination all over his face to stop the crazed man.

Komeko’s attention honed in on Koenma while he sat at the head of the table. Sensui had been a very gifted human, not unlike Kuwabara. He even had a strong sense of right and wrong. He was sent on a mission to seal up a hole between the worlds that the Black Black Club had organized. The objective was simple enough, but he walked in on human’s torturing demons when he got there. It corrupted his moral understanding of black and white. Sensui’s reaction was guided by his anger and he ended up killing every human present at the ritual.

This was nothing new to Komeko. She knew of the torture that both humans and demons alike were guilty of. She was exposed to it herself, while she was in the Demon World. Even the battalion she was with did torture training, so that they would know what they would face. A past she’d rather forget, but something that would never leave her. Even if you glue things back together, you can still see the cracks left behind - which sounded like what happened to Sensui as well.

“Sounds like this guy couldn’t hold himself together.” Komeko added when Koenma explained that he chose Yusuke for his lack of thinking.

Everyone’s attention flew to the window as they spotted Sensui and another man on the building across from them. Obviously, he had been listening this whole time. The man next to Sensui held his hand out and Kuwabara sensed him aiming at Mitarai, Seaman, in the other room. He raced over and saved the boy’s life for the second time.

“I’d guess that’s Sniper.” Komeko commented off-handedly.

They read his lips and found out that the two wanted someone amongst them. Understanding hit them when Kuwabara raced from the rooms. Yusuke ran straight after him. The others followed as fast as they could, but Komeko remained upstairs to make sure the girls were okay. She wouldn’t leave them, not now.

“That sniper outside is a real pain in the ass.” She said to Shizuru before looking at the girls in the room. “Where’s Keiko?!”

“She went to get bandages.” Botan answered.

Komeko looked outside the window and down on the group. She could see Keiko as clear as day from where she stood. A groan left her throat and she looked at the others in the room.

“You guys stay down in here and be careful. I’m going down there.”

“Komeko, wait!” Botan yelled, but she was already gone.

Her legs pumped as she ran down the spiraling stairs and onto the sidewalk. She peeked out from behind the building and took off at a run to be beside Keiko. Puu cooed in her arms.

“Stay behind me. I won’t let them get to you, Keiko.” Komeko told her.

Keiko nodded, but kept her eyes on the fight regardless. Yusuke was propelled backwards by a kick from Sensui, but he got back up easily. Komeko saw Botan lean out a window a second later. She scrambled away from it as Sniper sent more shots their direction, but it angered Komeko to the core. She couldn’t focus long, because a blast of energy was headed their way. They dodged easily enough, but it went on to the room. Komeko covered Keiko and Puu behind her before they ran back up to the apartment together.

Shizuru ran past Komeko while she was bringing Keiko back.

“Where are you going?!”

These girls made her want to pull her hair out.

“Kuwabara’s in trouble!” she yelled, stopping for a second.

“You guys need to stay in the apartment. There’s an ex-spirit detective and a sniper on the roof. What part of that means go play in the street?!”

Astounded, she was torn between making sure Keiko got back into the apartment and making sure Shizuru didn’t get hurt more than her shoulder already was.

“I need to let Kazuma know that he’s the one they want.” Shizuru said, leaning on the building for support.

“If you both promise me you’ll go back inside and stay out of danger, I’ll do that. Just keep low and stay away from the windows. Yell if you need me, I’ll hear it.” Komeko said before darting off after the rest of the gang.

She tracked their scent down to a very large building that was unoccupied besides the gang and Sensui. She watched the man jump out of a broken window and followed behind them. The sound of a motor cycle came to her senses and she ran into Kurama.

“Kurama!” Komeko called out before Sniper landed on his bike.

“Komeko!” Kurama yelled as Sniper aimed one of his marbles at her.

In seconds, she was torn on her reaction. If she moved, then she would open up the area behind her, where many humans stood. If she stayed, she would take the hit. Mind made up, she held her ground and glared at the dark haired man. His bullet shot out and nailed her in the arm. She groaned with the hit and many of the humans gasped. Sniper took his chance to leave.

Kurama ran over to her and asked if she was okay. “I’m fine. It’ll heal. I’m more worried about Kuwabara. He’s the one they’re after. If you’ve been split up, that’s their reasoning. We have to follow them.”

Komeko took off quickly and Kurama followed behind her.

They appeared only too late as they watched two guys in a truck drag Kuwabara out into the street. Yusuke shot his spirit gun, but realized afterwards that Kuwabara still on board. Sensui stopped the shot with his own, easily. The power blew back on them harshly, heated.

“On the bright side, Kuwabara is okay.” Kurama added.

They both sweat-dropped as Yusuke took off avidly after them on a stolen bike.

“I don’t know if we should try following them or checking on the girls. They’re way too spunky for me. We need to teach them a few moves if they’re going to insist on making me insane like this. I’m only one demon and I can’t be everywhere at once.” Komeko ranted, slightly discombobulated.

“I suggest we run back to the apartment. We’ll regroup and conquer.”

Komeko nodded and they left.
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