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Raina makes herself at home in Anita's head. [Raina/Anita]

Category: Anita Blake - Rating: R - Genres: Drama - Characters: Anita Blake, Raina Wallis - Warnings: [V] [X] - Published: 2006-07-13 - Updated: 2006-07-13 - 206 words - Complete


((Get out of my head, Anita snarls--

(Naked, on the floor. Face down, right cheek pressed against scuffed tiles. Raina's naked breasts are pressed against Anita's back; she's letting her weight rest on Anita, and she's fucking heavy, and Anita is panting for air. One hand is twisted in Anita's hair, and every time Anita twitches, she can feel claws graze the base of her skull.

Raina's claws scrape across Anita's flank. The smell of fresh blood mixes with the scent of sex. It hurts--but Anita's had worse, and Raina is moving against her, mouth hot and sharp between Anita's shoulder-blades.

"I'm going to eat you alive, little girl," Raina growls. She presses Anita's legs further apart, claws at the seam of Anita's pants. "I'm going to make you scream."

"Fuck you, you sadistic bitch," Anita says.

"That's the spirit," Raina answers, laughing.)

--and pulls the trigger, Raina's blood and brains splaying across the white walls of Anita's bedroom.))

"Better luck next time," Raina says. Her breath smells of blood and rotting meat and the grave. Coarse fur, and claws, and rage settle more comfortably into Anita's mind.

"Bitch," Anita says.

Written for femslash_today's porn battle; the prompt called for Raina/Anita, and claws.
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