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Frerard oneshot. Based off the song Snuff by Slipknot.

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I reach up to the top shelf of my wardrobe, picking up the small wooden box.

I set it down on my bed and open it, the hinges creaking slightly. It hasn’t been opened in a long time.

Everything’s still inside.

I pull out the pile of paper; every single letter. I kept every one.

I flick through them. Some are written in bright red ink; some in smudgy pencil, some are written tidily; some are scrawled so quickly that they’re barely legible, some are pages long; and some are barely a paragraph. The signature at the bottom is always the same though.

Lots of love,
Frankie xo

I don’t bother reading the first letter, but I read those words several times through, wishing that they had really been true.

At the time they made so much sense, now they just confuse me.

You helped me through everything; when I couldn’t even afford to feed myself, let alone pay the rent on my flat you let me camp on your sofa; when I was living off of drugs and alcohol you were always there for me, pouring the bottles down the toilet and sticking the tablets in the bin; and when I was inches away from committing suicide, who talked me out of it?

Oh yes, it was you.

You were just asking for this, Frank.

You were asking for me to fall hard for you.

It's almost like I was on top of a twenty story building and you were at the bottom, waiting to catch me, but then when I jumped you walked away, so that I ended up crashing hard onto the pavement and breaking into a thousand tiny pieces.

I sort through the letters, searching for that last one.

Ah, here it is.

I’m sorry.


The blue ink is smudged across the page. I’m not sure if the tears belonged to me, or you.

Perhaps it was both of us? It was so long ago, I can’t quite remember.

Maybe it was just a day? I don’t really know any more.

Nothing really seems real now that I don’t have you.

I hold the letter to my lips, and I can almost feel a kiss ghosting them.

I was already broken.

Those three words destroyed me.

Ohai there! I was listening to Slipknot, and I wrote this based off of my interpretation of the song Snuff. I don’t think it makes much sense, but that’s just what I felt like when I was listening to the song. Rate and Review? :3
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