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Valerie In Underland

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"I've actually been called the 'emo Alice in Wonderland"... And for Valerie Laura Mottborough, the relationship was almost uncanny. In it's own, special way...      

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  Chapter One: If You Look In The Mirror

Right. Let's clear something up - I'm not a grumpy person. I'm usually quite cheerful when I want to be. But when you wake me up, bad things are going to happen. I mean, come on - bad things will ALWAYS happen if you wake any woman, let alone a crazy pink-haired chick up with a shrill cry of-


And thar she blows, motherfucker. But I don’t think that last bit was in Moby Dick. Anyway, with that horrifying wake-up call, I managed to open one eyelid open to find my mother standing there. And she was holding a long-sleeved, creamy pink top. What.

"Put this on," she said brightly, hurling the thing at me. She stormed over to my closet and started rummaging furiously through it. Meanwhile, I was sitting in my bed with a pink shirt hanging over my face.

"God, Valerie, do you not own any NORMAL clothes?" Mom asked, pulling out pair after pair of ripped skinnies. "Anyway- we have a garden- VALERIE! HOW DARE YOU FALL BACK ASLEEP!!" Jeez, what is it with this woman? Can't I sleep if I want to?

"I wasn't asleep," I retorted, poking my head out from under the quilt. "I was resting my eyes." Mom shook her head and stalked out of the room. Finally, I thought. I laid my head on the pillow and happily wandered back into the land of sleep, when-

"Val? It's Reality here, you gotta get up."

I know that voice. I huffed and opened my eyes and bam, my sister's standing in front of me. A shy little thing by the name of Ria-Lize. Her long, curly, soft brown hair sorta proves it. I used to have the same hair colour, until I got hold of some hair dye. That hair dye happened to be pink. So, long story short, I have pink hair, which I ended up adding black and white streaks to. It's cut all choppy and odd and I've actually been called the 'emo Alice in Wonderland'. Don't ask why- I don't resemble her in any way, shape or form. But Mia Wasikowski is hot... Yeah, random lesbianism there. Anyway- to get back to the matter at hand...

"Well, reality can fuck the fucking fuck off and lemme get back to sleep." I mumbled.

"Valie, please! Mom's gonna go apeshit on your ass if you don't get up," Ria whined. She yanked my quilt off my bed- holy shit, I didn't think she had enough strength in her!

"You can take my rubber hobo, hanging by its neck from a pine tree, but you can never take my dignity!" I crowed, standing up on my bed in all my boxer-shorted glory.

"Jesus, Val, get down. You'll scare any passing rabbits."


"I hate sunlight," I hissed, yanking my hoodie over my hair.

"I still can't believe you're wearing that, Val. I mean, despite Mom's angry rage? Despite having a lamp thrown at you?" Ria giggled. Usually, she was extremely shy but around me, she was fucking talkative. I shrugged.

"Meh. Lamps will never hurt me," I proclaimed, grinning wide.

"You're cheesy." Ria laughed and poked my arm.

"I know, Ria, I know," I smirked. I spotted a drink and leapt to it, screaming: "LIQUID! LIQUID! WHEREFORE ART THOU LIQUID!" Mom looked over at me, eyes narrowed, like she was telling me to 'start acting like a young lady and less like, oh, what's his name, ugh.. one of those made-up boys in that band, Back Fail Bribes'. How dare she insult them. I shrugged, cracking open the can and raising it to my lips. My eyes scanned over the garden for anyone remotely interesting to talk to, and hiding behind a hedge, I saw a dude. A dude in a waistcoat, holding a pocketwatch, with a troubled expression on his face. His hazel eyes were clouded over with confusion and worry. He looked up from the small watch and my eyes met his. His mouth opened slightly and he bounded away- like a rabbit. I threw my drink to the ground and grabbed Ria's arm. 

"Ria, you always said you wanted to find someone like you- I think I just saw him!" I tugged her along as I ran towards the dude. 

"GIRLS!!!" Mom hissed at us, narrowing her eyes. I shrugged and kept on running.

"Valerie, where the fuck are you taking me?!" Ria cried, hair falling into her face.

"I swear I saw some random dude here!" I protested. Then- there he was. Standing there with his little watch. This time, I heard him mutter something.

"Can't be late, mustn't be late, mustn't be late!" His gaze flickered over to my sister and I, then he started running again.

"WAIT!" I bellowed, dashing after him. Ria started running beside me, hair turning into something that a bird would typically use to nest in. We turned a bend and came to a dead end. Heehee, that rhymed. Well, I guess was not quite a dead end - there was a rather large hole in the ground. And since I'm a fearless bastard, I got on my hands and knees, and looked into the hole.

"Val, I'm not sure about this..." Ria mumbled.

“Come on, Ria!” I said, leaning further down into the hole. That’s when I felt something sharp between my shoulder blades... pushing me?

"VALIE!" I heard Ria cry. I heard a frightened shriek and saw my sister's figure falling, falling, falling...

A/N: So, here you have the first ever chapter of Valerie in Underland. I have to acknowledge two people though:

-My beta, BleedingValentine, who is not only my beta, but provided me with THREE characters. You're amazing, okay. :3

-My girlfriend, NoWaitILied, for just being amazing and yeah. Love you, baby.

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