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I'd Be So Lost Without You

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You're the only thing that makes this world bright enough to live in. In this world of cold cruelty, you are the one who can keep me warm. I'd be so lost without you, Pete.

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I almost fall to the ground as a hyper mess of bassist jumps on my back. He clutches his legs around me as I try to shake him off. He pulls off my trilby to place it on his own heavenly head.

"Onward Stallion." He giggles as he points towards the red mustang we were headed for. I tip my head around to look into his full of life, hazel eyes.

"I am not a horse, Peter." I say in a playful tone. Despite my sentence, I begin galloping for no reason than to bring out that beautiful smile my Pete has.

We reach the car that seemed so much closer when I wasn't carrying a heap of Pete on my back. He jumps from me to the driver's seat of his other horse.

"I don't know what I'd do without you." Pete says with a goofy grin.

"You'd have to walk everywhere." I smile as I pull the seat belt around me. He took my hand in his and brought his loving browns to meet my curious blues.

"I mean it, 'Trick. I'd be so lost without you." I stare into his honest eyes and smile. I bring my other hand around to rest on our intertwined ones.

"I don't think I'd even be alive if I had never met you. You're the only thing that makes this world bright enough to live in. In this world of cold cruelty, you are the one who can keep me warm. I'd be so lost without you, Pete."

He looks into my glass-shielded eyes once more before turning around to start the car.

"Damn dude. You should be the one writing the songs." I laugh and he turns to face me again. "I love you, yanno that, right?"

"Yeah, I know. But I love you more."

"Not possible, 'Trick."

He leans forward, eyes closed, waiting for me to complete the kiss. I find this to be the perfect opportunity to steal my hat back off his precious head and leave him with nothing more than a peck on his nose. At this, he pouts his lips and I feel the need to kiss them too. Satisfied, he pulls out the apartment complex parking lot and onto the busy road.

At the stop light, he grasps my stubby hand and brings his beautiful eyes to rest on my unworthy ones.

"I really do love you." He says with and uncharacteristically shy smile.

That's when the car hits us. 95 miles an hour, the drunk slammed into the driver's side. Pete was killed instantly. They say I'm lucky. Lucky to be alive, but I'm not. Call me ungrateful or whatever you please, but this was not luck and I'm definitely not alive.

Everything's grown dark. There's no warmth in Pete's hand to protect me from the harsh winds of the world. Without my Pete, I am lost.

I'm stood sniffling, not caring that the dirt from the freshly filled grave is ruining my brand new dress shoes. I pull my trilby down over my eyes to hide my tears. Hide from who, I don't know. Everyone left hours ago. I didn't know where to go. I sniffle again trying to stop the tears. I tip my hat down even further until I can smell where Pete had worn it not only two days ago. It is a sweet scent of his cinnamon shampoo and that unexplainable "Pete" smell.

Pete. Pete

I bring my watery eyes to rest on the same name that is so plainly carved into the stone. I brush away one of the millions of bundles of flowers as to see the III of his name fit for the prince that he is- was.

I can't believe he's gone. Everything had been going so well. The band had been picked up by a major label and we all had been putting so much effort into our upcoming album. Especially Pete. I had finally plucked up the courage to hold his hand and tell him exactly how I felt about him and for some reason he felt the same for me. It was all so perfect. Then he was taken from us. Taken from me.

I sit down on the dirt that covers my Pete and let my brain replay the memory from those two measly days ago. I just wish I could have responded to him. Maybe I can just replay the memory until I get to respond.

"I really do love you."

if any of you are still waiting for Too Damn Pretty, I'm working on it. I did have it written out. But I got rid of it. Looking back, it was probably a bad idea, cause it wasn't that bad. But I hated it that night so I burned it alive...Ryan Ross refrence anyone?
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