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The Auditions Are Over

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The auditions were finally over. I looked over at the clock - 11:00 a.m. It had seemed like it had taken a lot longer than that. Most of the auditions were quite short, it was the conversations inbetween that took up most of our time. We gave the director the list of the 5 girls we had chosen to be on the show, and made our ways to the cantine. Both me and Dru walked ahead, in sync, talking about the auditions. "I kind of feel bad on the girls that didn't make it in," Dru said, speaking my exact thoughts.
"I know. It's worse knowing they're all fans. I just wish we could have kept everyone," I added. Dru nodded in agreement. We kept up the conversation, commenting on the preformers. But I couldn't help looking behind me - at Stefan. He looked as if he was dragging himself along. His eyes were blank, no emotions showing through. I shuddered, looking back at where I was walking. I couldn't get used to why Stefan looked like this.
"He looks shattered," Dru commented, glancing behind him. He must have noticed me looking at Stefan.
"He looks more than shattered," I corrected, "what's happened?" Dru shrugged, neither of us had a single clue why he was like this, and he probably wasn't going to tell us anytime soon.
"He was with Tia last night...because I'd asked him if he wanted to come to the recording studio. But he rejected." I looked at Dru, shocked. Tia was Stefan's ex-girlfriend. They had broken up because she constantly slagged off me and Dru, even too our faces, and Stefan was getting sick of it. I shook my head. Dru did the same.
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