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Short killjoys fic. My first one ever, so it kinda sucks. It came to me in a daydream. It's super suoer cheesy, but hey, I'm a cheesy person.

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There were no superheroes. There weren't superhuman people roaming the country, who were unbeatable and unstoppable and saved the world.

But there were the Fabulous Killjoys.

Everyone knew the Fabulous foursome, who always seemed to be causing trouble for BL/ind. Everyone knew them. Everyone loved them.

Lindsey had never met the Fabulous Killjoys, but from what she had heard of them, they were the world's superheroes, champions of the killjoys.

They weren't really that different from Lindsey herself, a killjoy. But their reputation had painted them as so much better. All the killjoys wanted to believe it so badly. They all needed a superhero.

Lindsey thought of this as she roamed the Zones on her motorcycle.

She loved riding her motorcycle. Lindsey felt like she was the most free thing in the world, like if she went fast enough she could leave any troubles or worries behind, and go to a place where everyone was safe.

But she always ended up stopping before she could find out.

Lindsey sped on and glanced around her. There was nothing but sand and desert plants and the road ahead of her.

As she continued she saw a flurry of clothes and bodies about 200 yards away on her right. White uniforms and ugly masks. A blue jacket and dirty jeans and red hair. All fighting and punching and not stopping.

A group of Dracs had surrounded the most Fabulous Killjoy of them all.

Party Poison.

Lindsey scanned the horizon. There was no one to help Party Poison, and he was clearly struggling. She slowed her bike about 60 yards ahead and stopped it, throwing it into the sand.

Lindsey wasn't a superhero. She wasn't a Fabulous Killjoy. She was just a killjoy.

But she could be Fabulous when she wanted to be.

Lindsey sprinted towards the fight, her helmet still on. As she ran she grabbed the violet gun strapped to her hip.

She began shooting.

Some of the Dracs turned around and came towards her. She started shooting at them, one by one. Only half of them remained once they got in fighting range.

Lindsey fought like a vicious animal. She tore through them, delivering punches and kicks quickly and instinctively. She eventually made her way to Party Poison, who was beating the last standing Drac.

Once that Drac was on the ground, Poison looked up at Lindsey, grinned, and offered her a high five.

Lindsey slapped her gloved hand against his own gloved hand. It made her smile.

She took her helmet off with both hands, resting it between her arm and torso, and shook out her hair. She looked into Poison's eyes and extended her hand.

"I'm Lyn-Z," she said, not concealing the huge smile on her face.

"Party Poison," he replied, awe and respect written on his face. He shook her hand and didn't let go. "You're my hero, Lyn-Z."

Lindsey turned her head away, and her smile turned ridiculously large, almost splitting her face. "Like a superhero?" she asked him, her eyes returning to meet his.

Party Poison couldn't keep her infectious smile off of his own face. "You're better than a superhero," he told her.

Lindsey beamed. "Do you want a ride anywhere? I've got a bike about 60 yards back."

"I don't really need to go anywhere. I'm just kind of wandering."

"I'm just wandering, too. I don't have much of a destination."

They were silent for a few seconds until Lindsey asked, "Well, do you want to wander with me?"

Poison blushed and smiled. That is so cute, Lindsey thought.

"Lyn-Z, anytime you want."

They walked to the bike. Lindsey put on her helmet and got on the bike, Party Poison behind her. He put his hands around her waist and they were off.

Even Fabulous Killjoys need superheroes of their own.
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