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It's Seasonal

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"Don't you ever talk or laugh? Come on, man, you need to sometimes. Nobody would mind, and besides, it's seasonal."

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Dear Gerard,

Okay, I admit it. I suck.

Yes, I know who you are and what you look like.

BUT I DO NOT WATCH YOU. I did not see you get into that one fight, and I do not monitor everything you do. I swear I don't.

Please don't get all pissed off at me again. If you do then I'll probably get pissed, too, and it'll take us weeks to stop arguing again. For awhile we could actually talk. At first I hated your guts but I don't anymore and I don't really want to argue.



Dear Anthony,

Sometimes when I get your letters you seem pretty smart, even when you get on my nerves now and then, but other times you either seem like a perfect straight-A homophobe who's trying to attack me, or a wimp, or just stupid.

And when I read them, they'll just outright piss me off, or else they'll be a frustration or a distraction, and sometimes an amusement. And sometimes they'll just be a combination of the first three, like your last one.

Just when I stop hating you, you do something… and, well, I start hating you all over again.

This is really stupid. God, it really is. So I'm not going to waste any time getting angry over something as stupid as a pen pal project. I don't hate you and I'm not pissed off.

Well, not very much.

But if you're going to be watching me, at least tell me what you look like so I know who you are.



Dear Gerard

I told you I don't watch you!

That's a lie, actually. Right now I'm watching you. But I honestly do not make a regular habit of it. I swear that's the truth. You're wearing black pants with a lot of chains, and a short-sleeved black shirt with letters across it that I can't read from here. You're wearing your choker and biker gloves- the kind with the tips cut off. But you're not wearing a jacket or anything even though it's December and it feels like it's freezing. I'm shivering even though I've got a coat on right now, so I can't imagine how you must feel even though you appear perfectly calm.

You're standing far away from the others who are hovering near the door. Don't you ever talk or laugh? Come on, man, you need to sometimes. Nobody would mind, and besides, it's seasonal. We get out for Christmas holidays tomorrow, aren't we? Lighten up. Happy Holidays and all that.

I'll get back to you in January. Goodbye until then.



Dear Anthony,

You're right, it's freaking freezing outdoors these days and I couldn't find my jacket this morning. I may have looked ok out there, but it felt like I was developing frostbite.

You stalker. Watching me. Stop watching. I mean it. I don't like to think of you watching me and me not knowing that you are or which one of the crowd you are. It's nerve-racking. Even though you say you aren't, I can't help feeling that you just are all the time.

Yeah, happy holidays, back at you. It's all good for you to tell me to lighten up, but I know the holidays are going to suck at my house, so… gah. Never mind. Doesn't matter. I'll survive as long as I can find my jacket (I think it's somewhere in my closet, maybe) and have your stress ball to sock at people passing by my window.

Talk to you in January.



Hey Crazies! How are you all? Just a heads up, I think I'll post the first week of each month at the least. I'm disorganized with getting things done. 

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