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Tired Eyes

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Inspired by CosmicZombie's 'The Ghost of You'

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So I said I might post some songs/poems on here cus honestly I've written more of them than stories XD
This was inspired by CosmicZombies story, the ghost of you ( because honestly that piece of writing gets me blubbing everytime XD
The one line that really stood out to me when reading it was 'All you can see are the monsters' and when I get blubby I write songs :3


All you can see are the monsters.
The black sky isn't here anymore,
nothing is real when all you can see are the monsters

They're gripping your clothes
Wrapping themselves into the folds,
Waiting to rip you apart and paint pretty pictures on your broken red skin.
Waiting to tear your heart out your weak chest and offer it back to you,
on a gleaming golden platter.

All that's there are the monsters.
They're in your head
In your body
In your heart.
They'll never let go,
you can tell.

They're sharp jagged hands are already buried in your flesh,
deep enough to anchor you down.
So deep.
There's no escaping now.

It's too late.
Your struggles just make them more powerful.

Give up.
Give in.

Close your tired eyes and let them take you away...

Well thar we go :3 Now you all now how much of a dark mind I have XD -mwuahahahahaaa-
Tell me what you think and whether you think I should continue to put my songs up xxx Keep Running
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