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11. Date #2

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*sorry :( forgot it was Monday because I didn't go to school

Annie's POV 
Who in the world could be knocking this early in the motherfucking morning? I check the clock on my night stand. Oh shit! It's 11am already? Crap. I get up and yell, "in a second!" go in the restroom and wash my mouth real fast. I step out and look through the peep whole... What the fuck.. 
"hello Annie, is Edith here?" it's Harry. 
"good morning, yeah she's here but she's still sleeping. But c'mon in." he steps inside and looks nervous. 
"something wrong?"
"no, I'm fine. Um.. I'll just come back till she wakes up.." he grabs the door knob. 
"are you sure? You don't want to stay and drink coffee with me? C'mon, I don't bite! Well, not you since you're with Edith." 
He chuckles nervously. "alright fine, I'll stay." 
"yay! Let me just brew some coffee and I'll be in the restroom okay? You make yourself at home." 

Harry's POV 
Annie goes inside her kitchen, turns on the brewer and heads to the bathroom. I here the shower turn on. 
I'm all alone here, nervous, waiting for Edith to wake up. I pace around till I can't take it anymore and take a peek at Edith. I don't step fully inside the room but I stand by the door staring at her sleep. She's facing the other way and covered with the blankets. Then I hear the bathroom door open. 
"whoa. Stalker much?" she says. 
"oh no! I'm sorry."
"it's okay dude. It happens. I know you really like her." she walks into the living room and I follow. 
"how do you know?"
"c'mon dude, it's noticeable."
"you think so?" we sit as she pours the coffee into our mugs. 
"of course. But it's not a bad thing. It's cute."
"hmm okay. Hey um, can I tell you something?" I look back at the hallway to make sure she isn't coming. 
"sure." she sips her coffee. 
"okay so, I want to take her out on a date and uhh.. Ask her to be my girlfriend." she puts down her mug and smiles. 
"I'm sure she'll like that."
"yeah I'm sure. Where are you taking her?"
"to the beach. I have the whole day planned out. We're going to have a picnic and listen to music and have a nice walk on the beach. It's going to be perfect!"
"sounds very romantic."
"it is. It really is." I smile widely and imagine a romantic scene with Edith. I am interrupted by someone speaking and it isn't Annie.
"Harry? What are you doing here?"
"oh, I came to visit."
"I'm sorry I was asleep." she comes closer and sits on my lap planting a light kiss on my lips. 
"what are you guys talking about?" she asks. 
"stuff." Annie answers leaning back on the couch. 
"hmm okay, well, I'm gonna shower. I'll see you in a bit." she kisses me once more and gets off my lap. She enters the shower as we hear the shower running. 
"do you think she heard?" I ask impatiently. 
"nah, she's a deep sleeper."
"oh.. Okay."
"so tell me about yourself Harry." 
"well uhh, I'm 29. I'm a dancer. Artistic director of AV Contemporary Dance Co. I'm half American and Russian. Um, my full name is Harry James Carson and.. I'm a Libra.."
"oh cool, I'm a Libra too. You're 29?"
"yeah.." I answer nervously. 
"oh.. Well your cool. My mother is part Russian too."
"really? What part of Russia?"
"oh cool. My mom is from St. Petersburg."
"I went there for the summer like 3 years ago."
"really? I did too."
"no way."
"yeah!" we laugh. Annie is a cool chick. Very easy going. 
We continue to talk about beautiful places in Russia and all over the world. I can really tell she's a fine artist; just by the way she describes things. She gave me a well illustrated picture of the beaches in Costa Rica. It's my dream to go there. 
Soon after, Edith comes out drying her hair with a towel. Annie looks at me and cocks an eyebrow as she exits the room. Edith gives her a questioning look. 
"so Edith, are you busy today?"
"no why?" she sits down. 
"I was wondering if you'd like to go to the beach today."
"I'd like to. But.. I don't really the beach." 
"uhh.." I don't know what to say now!!
"but we can go. I'll do it because you look like you really want to go." she giggles. 
"but if you don't want to.."
"no it's fine. We can go." she smiles so sweetly it makes my heart melt. 
"so I'm going to get my stuff ready." she walks backwards and turns around to enter her room. Annie comes out with a smile. 
"were you listening?"
She nods. I squint my eyes. 
"you knew didn't you?" and she bursts laughing. 
"why didn't you tell me before?!"
"I thought if you found out on your own it would be funnier."
"you're a bitch." I say jokingly. 
"thank you." I sit back down on the couch and Annie joins me as I wait for Edith to get ready. 
Edith steps in the living room wearing flats with the English flag on them, denim ripped shorts and I white V neck. She has her black hair tied in a bun and is wearing some sun glasses and carries a beach bag. Her light tanned skin makes her look stunning in white and denim. 
"ready?" she says. 
"yeah. Let's go." we walk to the front as we say goodbye to Annie. 
"have fun you guys!" she yells and closes the door. 

"are you getting in the water?" she asks as I start the car. 
"I dont know, maybe. Are you?"
"maybe. I brought my bathing suit for in case. Did you?"
"yeah. It's in my bag."
"it's freaking hot and you're wearing jeans?"
"I know, wrong choice but I have some cargo shorts in the back seat. I'll change over there."
When we arrive, the sun over here is even hotter. I really want to change into my cargo shorts. We look for a spot to put our stuff down and find a nice cool spot by a lifeguard hut. We lay out a blanket and I put up a large umbrella that I brought with me and we settle down. 
"want to look for a restroom to change?" she says. 
"nah, I'll change here." I get up and slip off my jeans. I forgot I was wearing my tight men briefs and everything was showing right in front of Edith. How embarrassing. She smiles and looks down. I slip my cargo shorts and sit back down. 
"sorry. I forgot I was wearing those."
"it's okay. They're sexy anyway." she kisses me and lies down. 
"are you hungry?" I ask also laying propping up on my elbow. 
"nah, I'm full. I just want to enjoy the view right now. Come, lay next to me." and I do as she says and we look up at the sky. 
"you know Harry, I hate the beach but, I'm having a good time." 
What? Is she being sarcastic? We barely got here and we're not doing anything!
"um, are you serious?"
"yeah. I mean, just being here with you.. Makes me feel good." she turns on her side and hugs my waist. 
"I'm having a good time too." I kiss her head and close my eyes as I enjoy her touch on my stomach. 
A few minutes later of laying here like this, she sits up. Which ruins the moment. 
"hey... Let's swim. I hate swimming but I want to swim now." I sit up too and just watch her take her shirt off. She wears a bikini top under.
"c'mon!" she says and faces me.
"okay." I take my shirt off and change into my trunks. She takes her shorts off and pulls me with her and we run inside the water. At first, the water is freezing but then it gets warm as I get use to the water. Before I notice, she's already swimming out to sea. 
"hey! Wait up!" I yell and swim after her. I catch up and we're both floating in the deep.
"oh my god! I haven't been to the beach in so long I forgot how much fun it is." she splashes some water on me.
"hey!" and I do the same. Then she starts swimming back and I chase her. We end up in the shore when she starts splashing me again. I run and grab her arms and waist as I smash some sand in her face. We hear some kids in the background go, "damn!" she gasps and is shocked as she wipes the sand off her face. I get ready and grab some more sand. 
"oh... My... God.... You did not just do that." 
"I think I did." and I throw her another ball of sand and it lands on her shoulder. 
"you want to play like that? Fine." and she grabs some sand and throws it at me. It lands on my stomach. She keeps doing it non stop and it doesn't give me the chance to block myself and throw her sand. I am able to grab some sand and I face her when a ball of sand hits my face. I am blind for a second and then I feel her tackle me and I hit the ground hard. She smashes some more sand on my face and all over my upper body. She wipes some off my lips and kisses me. 
"don't mess with me." she gets off me and starts running again. I get up and wash the sand off me. When I look for her, I find her sitting down where we have our stuff so I walk back. 
When I arrive, she's laughing her guts out. 
"I gotchu good!" 
"yeah yeah, shut up. I'll get you back." 
"aha." she throws me some dry sand this time and she starts running towards the beach again.
"oh god." I run after her and when I reach the shore she's already mid way. I swim after her and when I reach her, she's floating and smiling so I smile back. She swims towards me and hugs my neck so I place my hands on her waist. She looks me in the eye and kisses me deeply. I feel her legs wrap around my waist. 
"right on dude!" I hear someone say and I open my eyes to find a hippie riding a surf board and I smile. She lets go of my lips and turns around to face this guy. He nods and smiles and swims away. 
"awkward." she says facing me. 
"yeah." then I close the space between us again and continue what was interrupted. 


The sun was setting and people were leaving. As for us--In my point of view--our day was just getting started. We had already eaten all the sandwiches I brought and all was left were the chips and soda. 
We had put our umbrella down and cuddled under the evening sky. 
"are you feeling okay?" I open my eyes. 
"yeah, why?"
"just. Are you full?"
"not really."
"let's dance yeah?" she sits up. 
"yeah. I miss ballet. Let's dance c'mon!" she gets up and pulls me up with her. 
"fine." we step out into the sand and start slow dancing without any music. She rests her head on my shoulder. 
"I've had the most fun today."
"yeah. I miss being out. I'm always just.. I dont know. I hated the beach before but now.. I like it." she looks up at me. We hear a low guitar play and we turn around towards the direction it's coming from. 
"hey. Don't mind me, just playing my guitar." it was the same hippie dude sitting on top of the lifeguard hut. Edith laughs and says thank you and we keep dancing. We spice it up a bit and we improvise some contemporary ballet. She runs towards me and I grab her, spinning her. She leans her back on me, giving me the chance to lift her and so I do. She arches her back, Brings her legs up to a passé in the air as she extends her arms to a fourth position. I bring her back down and she steps away doing a grand jeté as I get on my knees and extend my arms as if calling her back to me. She runs back and I pick her up again. I am able to hold her up long enough to kiss her and then I bring her down. 
That was are final move and the hippie guy claps for us. 
"that was wonderful! Beautiful!"
"thank you." we both bow and hug. Then we head back to where our things are laid out. 
"that was great!" she says. 
"I know! I normally don't like ballet but wow, you made it fun." we sit back down and I look in the picnic basket and take a bottle of champagne out. 
"ohh, fancy." I pour us a glass. 
"listen Edith, These past two weeks have been great thanks to you. It has been a great joy meeting you and I'd like us to go to the next level. Edith, would you be my girlfriend?" she widens her large light brown eyes and puts her glass down. 
"oh man.. Hold on." she smiles and dives in the water. Oh no, she hates me! She screams and runs back. 
"what was that for?!?" 
"the ocean told me yes." and then she starts laughing. 
"of course I'll be your girlfriend." I sigh in relief and laugh with her. I pick up my glass. 
"cheers." and we touch the tip of our glass. 
We set down our drinks and lay again under the stars cuddling and enjoying our company. 

We head back home a half hour later after counting how many constellations we can find. Before getting in the car, we have hot make out session and then we go home. 
We sit in my car outside her house and just talk about random things. 
"can I tell you something?" she says playing with my hawaiian bracelet. 
"I don't want to go home."
"where do you want to go?"
"to your house. I want to stay over with you." I smile, "okay well, off to my house." she kisses my cheek. I start the car and make my home.
In my house, we lay in bed and look up at my skylights lisenting to music. We just somehow can't keep our hands off each other. 
"I am so happy to be your boyfriend Edith."
"I'm happy to be yours." she kisses my neck. 
"I have to admit, not only did I think you were beautiful for all these years but have also had a crush on you." 
she chuckles. "really? Wow. You must be a happy man now that I'm your girlfriend."
"I am. I've been waiting for this day all my life."
She yawns, "I'm getting tired. It's been such a long day."
"I know, want to turn off the music?"
"no it's okay. Let's just sleep like that." she brings the cover over us. 
"goodnight Harry."
"night." and we sleep with our bodies close together for the rest of the night. 

Edith's POV
I am honestly going to say, I did have a lot of fun today. The beach was really fun. I haven't had that much fun at the beach since I was 16. 
And that question at the end of the day took me by surprise. I didn't see it coming. And I was.. Happy.. And it felt.. Good.
Harry is something different and he makes me feel all bubbly inside every time I'm with him. He makes me forget about everything in the world and makes me think only of us. I'm actually happy and excited to be his girlfriend. 
I think this might just be my way out of this heart brake I've been holding for 7 years..
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