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to the children

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actually a serious thing

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hey hi sup yo andy here wazzappenin unpopular opinions about to be droppin all over dis bitch

i dont like mcr or fob anymore i come here for the drama i heard bout all over this place

confesh time: im a huge immature douchfuck troll who types shitty on purpose because im lazy

(Seriously, I could type like this if I wanted with no effort. I'm an adult. I went to school.)

and what yall gotta realize is that there are thousands of douchfucks just like me n judge n whoever else is trolling the page

people are gonna be mean to you

people are going to shit on you and your feelings

the world doesnt give a single fuck of an ounce of a care about your feelings

in the words of the unflappable tyler durden: your not special your not a beautiful or unique snowflake your the same decaying organic matter as everything else

i get that you guys went through tough shit some worse than others but your fucking alive chalk it up to mcr or god or whatever but your alive n thats pretty fuckin good you got somethign to believe in

just quit paying so much mind to people who get off on fucking with you seriously im a huge twat i do that on purpose for fun

tl;dr this is stupid plz just calm yo titties n grow up a lil jeez
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