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Chapter 13: Welcome to the Family.

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Alright. Here is the update I promised. Seriously though my timing sucks. I'm really sorry guys.

We sat in the tree. Finally perfect. Mikey and Alicia have confessed they were dating. Not like we didn't already know.
"I'm serious guys. This needs to stop" Alicia explains. Mikey went into the house to grab more coke and we were all currently discussing Mikey's unicorn obsession.
"No. He's been in love since first grade when he thought there was a unicorn in our grandma's attic" Gerard spoke up. Resting in my lap.
"He's not kidding" I exclaim as Bob burst out in laughter. Suddenly Alicia gets a text and she reads it silently. Then standing up, grabbing her bag, waving goof-bye to all and climbing down quickly.
"What was that?" Bob asks.
"I don't honestly know" Gerard is so confused. Like the rest of us.
"IMMA FOLLOW HER!" Bob yells and runs down the ladder. I threw him a walkie-talkie we kept in the tree-house. He has to report everything he sees.
We sat patiently waiting with the device in our hands when Mikey came back up the ladder.
"She left bro. Bob is following her" I spoke. Mikey sits on a bean-bag frowning but then Bob comes on the walkie.

"Shes down the street guys. She just met up with some guy"

Mikey frowns, Gerard pulled him onto his lap and he was hugging him.

"Umm. She just kissed his cheek. Now they're walking away"

"Follow her Bob" Gerard yells into the device.

It's all we can hear from the walkie before Alicia's voice comes onto the walkie.

"Mikey? Mikey.. Stupid thing. Mikey listen to me baby. It-It's not what Bob told you. Please call me"

He ripped the walkie out of my hands and took a deep breathe before shutting it off and throwing it out the door.
"Dude. That was mine" I proclaim looking out the window to see where it landed.
"Sorry bro" I wave my hand to pass it off. He tears up and Gerard and I must stop ourselves from calling her and yelling at her for cheating on her friend.
"No. Gerard please" Mikey calls as Gerard pulls on his shoes and climbs down the ladder.
"Gerard stop and think what your doing" I call and run down after him.
"Fuck" He turns to face me.
"Don't you think thats what I did Frankie? He's been hurt to much in his life. We're all he has. I'm not letting some girl he loves wreck it" Gerard turned and kept walking. I ran up to his side.
"Then I'm coming too" We called back to Mikey an walked down the street to where we last heard of Bob.

We saw them. Bob, Alicia, and this boy. Gerard walked up to the group and went face to face with this guy.
"Who the fuck do you think you are helping her cheat on my little brother" this guy took a step back and stared at Alicia for help. Bob stood up.
"Stop Gerard. It's really not what you th-"
"OH! Then what is it? Your cheating on him with Mikey?"
"NO GERARD! don't you see. I love your brother. Bu-but this is my brother. Jack. Jack is picking me up, we're going away for a few days. Jack is saving me from my dad. We're going to look at houses together. I WOULD NEVER CHEAT ON MIKEY! I love him" Alicia starts crying and Gerard pulls her into a hug. He whispers apologies. We heard voices behind us as we were all hugging the sobbing teenage girl. We turned around to see Jack and Mikey shaking hands. Alicia walked over to the skinny, fragile boy and wrapped his waist into a hug.
"You love me?" Mikey squeaks out.
"For a while now Mikey" She kisses his lips.
"Se-seriously? Alicia I love you too" She smiles and they stand there for about another 2 minutes sucking off one another's faces.
"Jack? I'm really sorry dude" Gerard goes up and places his hand on Jacks' shoulder. Jack accept s and we all walk back to our house.

We climb into the tree-house, pop in hands, and conversation flowing.
"So Jack. How old?"
"Good. School background"
"Drop-out. Year 12. Saving this little one" He pulls Alicia into an awkward side squeeze.
"Frank? Enough with the question" Gerard giggles wrapping his hands around my waist. We were lap-in-lap.
"JACK" Alicia squeaks out. He bit her ear for fun. We burst out laughing as she attempted to smack him.
"STOP IT! I STRAIGHTENED THIS ONLY THIS MORNING! 2 HOURS ALICIA" We all stared at this boy who was fixing his hair.
"NOT ANOTHER ONE! ALICIA WHAT DID WE TELL YOU ABOUT THE WHOLE STRAIGHTENER OBSESSION?" Gerard yells. Mikey and the rest of us burst out in laughter.
"So. Alicia? Why didn't you tell us that you were moving out with Jack?" Bob pipes up.
"We didn't wanna say just incase people got the wrong idea" Jack answers.
"Where ya moving too?" I ask. Alicia stands by the window and points to the "For Rent" sign across the road.
"See right there?" She smiles. We all nod.
"Right there" We all congratulate them and giggle about the lasting relationship for her and Mikey.
Now he won't be so lonely anymore.


"No Gerard. You fucking retard.. THERE" Bob points to the tree.
"SORRY" Gerard calls out in annoyance.
"Well. Merry Christmas fun starts now" I giggle as Gerard comes up behind me.
We were in Alicia's new house. Setting up the Christmas decor when Jack walked into the room.
"Good job guys"
"Thanks" Alicia smiles as Mikey grabs her into a hug.
Gerard's mother and mine were in the kitchen making dinner for tonight. After all it was Christmas Eve. We decided here was better because there wasn't as many people.

Alicia and Jack were happy living across the street. Mikey and Alicia had gotten jobs to pay for a new car, Bob got a job at the Music Store. Gerard and I were happily not working.
Mikey smiled as the parents walked into the room with the food.

"Good. Now that your all here" He stood up and tapped his glass for effect. We laughed as the empty, plastic cup broke all over his plate.
"Whatever. Now as you all know, Alicia and I have been official for about 3 months. We are 17 years old and I just want to say. We practically live together here. Well, when we got the jobs our plan was to pay for a car. But Alicia baby. We won't get the car" We all look around.
She was so confused.
"Nope. I took all that money and bought something even better"
"MIKEY!" She yells out. Mikey and I are smiling because I know what's coming up next. He got on one knee and she started crying.
"Stop being such a girl. No seriously, stop crying. I'm not proposing" She frowned and he wiped away the tears.
"Alicia, baby. These are promise rings" She burst into tears again as he opened the little navy box to show 2 silver rings.
"Oh god. Mikey y-yes. Yes I'll be yours" she stutters out.
"YES! So.. Your my bitch now" his mother reached across the chair and smacked her son in the back of the head. She was also crying.
"Sorry babe" He kissed her tear stained cheek.

We ate dinner, trying to cross the fact that they were kissing every 10 seconds.
"So. Gerard? Where's my ring?" I smiled.
"In the store" We all laughed.
"Dick" I whispered under my breathe.
"Get over yourself Frankie" He kissed my cheek to hear the "Awe's" come from everyone else.

We all walked into the living room. Wine in our hands. Jack and I were finishing our congratulations when Gerard stood up in the middle of the room. Tapping the glass so hard it broke and he sent white wine spilling onto the floor.
"Is it a Way-Brother thing?" Alicia laughed.
"Yup" I smiled.
"Fuck you. Now, as you all know. Frankie was in that retarded talent contest thingy ma-bob, and won. So, as a reward I bought him this" Gerard smiled at my accomplishment and ran into the kitchen.
Yes, I won the contest and got the money for the school. I played "The Fray: How to Save a Life"
The judges thought it was amazing that I started crying half way through.

He walked out of the kitchen holding a brand new acoustic guitar. I teared a little as he handed it to me.
"Gerard. It's amazing"
"Better then a ring?"
"Way better" I Smiled and kissed his warm lips.
My mother demanded I play a song.
"Wait. Guys, I got something for Gerard" I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out a little box.
"What's this?" he asked as I handed him the box.
"You remember when we were on our first date? and you handed me that old shell?"
He opened the box to find the shell on a string. It was a necklace. I tugged a similar string around my neck to show the other half. He started crying.
"Frankie. The-it's amazing" I grabbed the string and ran it around his head. It looked amazing, shining against the greasy, raven black hair.
We kissed again and I looked over to see everyone smiling, the women were crying again.
"You guys are adorable'
"Look, they stick on together. Adorable"
"Oh my baby Frankie is getting so big"
"Marriage. Baby name's next?"
"Awe. You guys are like unicorn love" Everyone turned to look at Mikey who was smiling.
"What? I Can't get into this action" I shook my head.
"No Mikey. No-Just no" Gerard laughed.

Necklaces, Guitars, Rings. Friends, Family, New homes, New hopes, New days.
This is what it's came to.

I've stopped seeing Kevin. My mother informed me the other day that he was killed by an inmate when they found out he abused a child.
He's gone.
Gerard and I have been happy together for 4 months.
Alicia and Mikey are now promised to one another.
Jack and Alicia are happy in their own little house.
My mother and Gerard's mother are now practically best friends.
Also, my father has taken a great liking to taking my key to the tree house and watching football with Gerard's uncle on Sundays. Because he can't at my house.
The 2 are ridiculous.

~~~~~~~~~Time change: 20 years later. Christmas Eve.~~~~~~~~~

we sat waiting in the Way house. Waiting for Alicia to finishing cooking with the mothers.
My father and Gerard's uncle sat around the TV watching some Christmas movie.
Mikey and Jack had found a liking to talking about his book he wrote.
Yes, Jack wrote a book on his adventure in life. Just changed some names and places around. It was actually quite amazing.
Gerard an I sat happily on the couch watching little GeeFo run around on the carpet.
Yes, Mikey and Alicia had a son.
His name was actually Frank Alexander Gerard Way JR. but everyone called him Geefo. He was atleast 6 now. He had all of Mikey's features, tall, skinny, fragile. But Alicia's attitude, aggressive, agile, so straight forward about things.

Yes, Mikey and Alicia were happily married now.
Gerard and I were on our 6th year of marriage.
Gerard was writing a comic book for some company, and I was a music producer. My own company.
We came along way from when we were 17.
We are all atleast 37 now, happily married, with kids, with family, with dreams to come.

We were happy. Everyone had accomplished things. Everyone had families, and still growing.
All that's left to say is this.

Gerard and I wear those necklaces everyday.
Mikey and Alicia wear the promise rings as their wedding rings.
Frank JR. was playing guitar like his uncle.
Gerard and I were thinking of adopting a little girl.
All I have to say is that if you have dreams, or a love, or anything in the world you have to take your hopes and dreams and make them fucking real. Make everything fucking real.

This is Frank Iero-Way signing off. Remember everyone.
You are what you wanna fucking be. No one can change that.

So tell me guys. How was the ending. If your wondering, I honestly don't know what would happen to Ronnie and them. Well, sweet ending eh?
Sorry if you don't celebrate X-Mas but I do, soo.. Sorry again.
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I love you guys.
Kinda sad this is over. But I Didnt know where else to go. so here ya go.

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