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I'm overly tired and overly stressed

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I need to vent; don't hate i'll delete it when I wake up

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I've been lying to myself
-Thinking I'm fine
-Thinking I still have friends
-Thinking I'll get good marks
-Thinking the depression is fully gone
-Thinking i'm not the fuck up I really am
-Thinking high school is diffrent than my old school

So; I was going to post a thingy here about how good my first couple days of high school have been...then I realized..
They've been shit
I have no friends (I'm not kidding, nobody talks to me or gives a damn if they knew me before), I have no classes with any of my friends (well gym, but they avoid me) and the three I have with guys from my school..they act like they don't know me...

Now please dont go "well it was only your second day because I have something to go off of..."
I have a re-do course for grade 9 math with 9 kids including me...only 2 knew each other previously...and everyone (except me) is buddy-buddy
Yea...I'm just the loser with neon pink hair

Above all that my parents are using me, and lying to me (they promised to take me to a concert..they bought themselves tickets), they promised me backstage tickets to Marianas Trench in october..they buy backstage passes (500 on top of the ticket price) to the concert they're going to and say "You cant see that stupid emo boy band, you saw them once already"

I'm sorry, like I said..its going to be deleted...I just had To get this off my chest so I could get some sleep..
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