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Class Ring

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Pikey Fluff short, but cute.

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Mikey wasn’t sure why he wanted a class ring, but he did. It’s silly, because school is a place of torment for him. Then again, he loves learning. Maybe it’ll be a symbol for him later on in life. A symbol, proving he survived high school. I asked my parents if they could purchase a ring for Mikey, as well, but they said no. It was pretty selfish though, really, because we’ve got the money to spare. But I’m not letting that stop me, no. Mikey Way will get his class ring, because I’ve got a plan. I’m gonna make that shy little smile appear on his face. I’m going to make him blush and smile. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll work up the courage to kiss him.

When we ordered our rings in class, I had Mikey size his finger. He complained about it being useless, since he wasn’t getting a ring. I also had him look at the different stones and designs for the sides, to which he also protested. I didn’t mean to bring him down, looking at things he couldn’t have, but I guess he didn’t notice me filling in all of his answers on my order sheet. A skinnier design, silver with a light blue gem. A unicorn on one side, and a bass guitar on the other. Engraved on the inside, it will say “For My Mikeymouse.” He just sighed and put his order form in his backpack, and we burned it later that night. He was so upset that he wasn’t getting a ring. I almost told him about my getting him one, but I couldn’t ruin the surprise. So I just comforted him with a few cups of coffee and playful flirting. But today’s the day. Our rings come in today, at lunch.

The lunch bell rings and I hurry out of class. I run to Mikey’s classroom, waiting with a wide grin.

He walks out and smiles at me, “Hey’re here fast...and grinning.”

I nod, “Yes, I am. No time to waste, c’mon!” I grab his hand and run to the school lobby, running to avoid a long line.

He sighs as we stand in line, “Did you have to bring me?’

“Of course I did! Who would I talk to while I wait in line?”

He leans against me and scrunches his nose, “Don’t start whining when I get bitter.”

I grin, “Trust me, you won’t.”

Mikey raises an eyebrow, “I’m already bitter, Wentz.”

“Ooh, serious voice.” I smirk as we move up in line.

Mikey rolls his eyes, “Did you really have to drag me along?”

“Yes, now shush!” I reach the front and grin at the man handing out the rings.

“Name?” He asks.

“Michael Way.” I grin more.

Mikey glances at me, “What?”

“Shh.” I nudge him gently as the man holds up a small box.

“Here you are.” He says in a bored voice.

“Thanks!” I take the ring and grab Mikey’s hand, running outside with him. I run to our tree. A large oak tree at the front of the school. The spot we met. The place we’ve deemed our own ever since. The place we meet at lunch and the place we go before school starts. We sit underneath the tree and enjoy the shade. We’ve cried here, and we’ve laughed here. We’ve hugged here, and damn it we’re going to kiss here.

Mikey blinks up at me, confused, “Pete why did you say my name?”

I grin and open the box, taking out the ring. I look over it and make sure it’s perfect. Once I’ve decided it’s worthy to touch Mikey’s finger, I take his hand and slide it on his finger. He blushes and looks at the ring. He gasps softly.

“P-Pete this is the ring I was going to get..”

I smile and nod, “Yeah, it is.”

“B-But how?”

“Simple, my parents said they’d only pay for one ring. They never said I couldn’t choose who’s.” I grin at him.

“Y-Your parents are gonna be so angry...”

“They’ll hardly notice, and if so? So what?”

Mikey blushes lightly and smiles at the ring, “You...You did this for me?”

I nod, “I’d do anything for you.”

He looks up from the ring, to me, “I...thank you doesn’t even come close...”

I smile, “Slip if off for a second and read the inside.”

He raises an eyebrow, but does as he’s told. His eyes light up as he reads the words inside. A large smile is making it’s way onto his face, he whispers softly, “P-Pete I...”

I lean forward and tilt his chin upwards a bit, “I love you Mikey.” I kiss his lips softly.

He kisses back and wraps his arms around my neck as I hold his waist. I smile into the kiss and hold him close, wishing I never had to let go. I wish the two of us could kiss forever. He pulls back slowly and beams at me. Even though the kiss was broken, I have a feeling Mikeymouse and I will be kissing many more times, for the rest of our lives. He’s my Mikeymouse, mine forever.
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