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"Religion's a confusing mess." (Song, R & R? CosmicZombie liked this :D)

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We have so many gods
But silence is your only one.
Religion's a confusing mess
Electricity flowing from your soulless stones
Oh, the dead belfry
(The dead belfry, dead belfry)

Smother yourself in ivy veins
Don't grow on the spot he fell
Let your unhealthy spirits wander
Let yourself fall to rack and ruin
Reminiscing of the days,
With the iron chains.

Weighing down prison feet
You miss the days with
The endless nights,
You miss the smell of blood and sweat
Was he pushed?
Did he fall?
Or did he jump?

A/N: So, this is about the unconsecrated cathedral at Port Arthur. I wrote this a while ago, but sent it to CosmicZombie first because she's my writing idol and I wanted to know her opinion. She loved it, and said I should post it, so I did. The stories in it, as I explained to Lucy, were:

"My favourite place was the unconsecrated church, mainly because of the stories. In the far left corner, a man was murdered. A convict by the name of Joseph Shuttlecock was working on building the church when another convict, William Riley, struck him in the head with a pickaxe. He did this numeral times, until Shuttlecock died. On top of the building, another convict was working. No one saw in, but the next moment, the convict was lying on the ground, dead. Was he pushed? Did he fall? Or.. did he jump? Which leads me to my next point- it is said that "ivy will not grow on a murdered man's blood". Ivy grew on the building, but the plant didn't grow where the man had skidded down the side of the building."

So, rates and reviews would be amazing. I love you all x
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