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HELP? :(

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Why would anyone do this?.......

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I have been on FicWad for almost a year now, so this may sound like a stupid question, but I am honestly confused.

I logged on a few minutes ago to check if I got any reviews on the new chapter I posted yesterday of 'I Think I'll Blow My Brains Against The Ceiling'. I was looking through the pages on the MCR section and couldn't find it anywhere, so I went on my profile, and apparently someone rated the story as a "Train wreck" and now it doesn't show up on the MCR page any longer.

I know how the rating system works, I rate others stories all the time, but how is it possible that just because one person rated down my story no one can see it now? I wouldn't be upset if I thought the rating was fair, but it's not. I have received nothing but positive feedback on this story since I began writing it in December, so it doesn't make any sense to me that someone would come out of the blue and rate it down like this.

Can someone explain to me how this works? Is no one going to be able to see the story when I update it anymore? I feel like such a noob, but this has never happened to me before and I don't know what to do. I've had a really crappy day and this just made it a thousand times worse.

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